Sergeant Burkan was a Gorasni soldier who became a Gear when the Republic of Gorasnaya joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments.


Interrogating the StrandedEdit

Fifteen years after Emergence Day, Burkan assisted Commander Miran Trescu in interrogating three Stranded Insurgents that had been captured. He brought one of them, fifteen year old Nial Enador, into the hospital room, in a restraining arm-hold, where Nial's father and another Stranded, Edwin Loris, were being interrogated. When they refused to cooperate, Trescu shot Loris, and threatened to shoot Enador if Nial didn't cooperate. Nial tried to escape from the arm-lock, but Burkan held on, and eventually Nial broke down and agreed to cooperate. Trescu took Nial away, and told Burkan to clean up the mess that Loris had left on the wall.[2]


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