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Bunker is a multiplayer map in Gears 5. It is set in a ruined Pendulum Wars-era military base, and is the largest arena-style map included with Gears 5 at launch.[1][2]

Easter Egg[edit | edit source]

There is an easter egg where you would need to break 43 bottles and jars thoughout the map in a certain time limit. Once you have successfully shot all bottles/jars, there would be a kickable box around the right lookout area in the Pariah Spawn, that allows you to gain entrance to a ledge. Here, you will see a UIR APC chasing down a COG Armadillo, until the maps' Missile Artillery starts to fire its payload and destroy the UIR vehicle. After which, every player would spawn a rusted COG Gear helmet regardless of their faction until they are killed. [3]

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GEARS 5 Easter Eggs - COG ARMADILLO & HELMETS on Bunker Multiplayer Easter Egg!

UIR APC and Armadillo Easter Egg

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