"Bruce, be a dear and rip this door!"
Victor Hoffman ordering Bruce

Bruce, or Brucebot, was a JACK Bot that took part in Operation Leveler.


Operation LevelerEdit

During Operation Leveler, Bruce was one of three bots that accompanied the commando team into Aspho Point to download the data on the Hammer of Dawn. Bruce went with Blue Troop, and cut the power supply to the radio mast, cutting the facility off from the UIR forces.[1] Bruce then went to the second floor of the main facility and joined up with another bot, Joe, and the two of them were directed by the third bot, Frank, on which computer terminals to go to.[2] When the Gears began the extraction from the operation, Bruce and the other bots were sent out on their own over the water,[3] and they were safely picked up by Sea Ravens.[4]


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