Brothers to the End is the fifth chapter of the third act of Gears of War 3.


The chapter starts with a cutscene in which the Stranded you met in the previous chapter leads you to a sick Stranded. Suddenly, two Formers break through a window and kill both of them. Destroy the two attackers and prepare quickly. Hammerbursts and Retro Lancers are placed in a stand and there are also a few ammo boxes.

As you leave the area, a large number of Formers rush you from all sides. Once they're dealt with, pounding sound will occur in the boarded tower. Another surge of Formers breaks the boards and rushes towards you. Continue proceeding along the way, killing the Formers that appear. As the firefight ends, head through the path until you reach the church.

As you near the graveyard, a cutscene occurs where Dom places his COG Tag and Maria's necklace on her parent's tombstone. The fuel lever is put on, and now you need to deal with another surge of Formers rushing from the church. Once they're all dealt with, go into the air shelter area and proceed your way to the elevator. As you leave the elevator and back to Dizzy and Jace, a large number of Locust begin their attack on you.

Deal with the Savage Boomers first, as the Boomshots can easily kill you on harder difficulties. Let the grapplers come up, since some of them carry useful Boltok Pistols. After a short while, Lambent begin to enter the fray. Watch your back since Formers jump from behind. Stalks begin to appear and begin to drop Lambent Drones onto the battlefield. Once enough are dealt with, a final cutscene begins where Dom sacrifices his life to allow the others to escape.


  • Air Raid Shelter Sign: When you drop down into the air raid shelter in the church, go left all the way to the back and look on the left hand wall.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Brothers to the End" achievement.


  • Strangely enough, during the cutscene, the Lambent Delta Squad kills don't explode, nor is there any Imulsion leaving them.
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