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"There's a fine line between an overdevloped sense of responsiblity and arrogance, Colonel."
—Brode to Col. James Choi, describing Captain Adam Fenix

General Brode was a Gear officer who operated out of Lakar and directed the Coalition of Ordered Governments army against Union of Independent Republics forces during the Invasion of Kashkur.


Brode and Col. James Choi study maps at Brigade HQ at Lakar.

Commander at Lakar[]

During the Invasion of Kashkur in 17 B.E., Brode was stationed at Lakar, the HQ of the 6th Brigade. He forced Col. James Choi to send Howerd Company, depleted of half its strength after the Battle of Shavad, to the city of Ragani in order to defend it from Union of Independent Republics armored units. He and Choi later met in the command center, and Choi told him he disliked the decision, and begged him to send air assets to assist the Gears, but Brode insisted they didn't have any to spare. Choi believed that if the situation was so bad, they should pull back, but Brode told him that the Chairman wouldn't allow it. One of the comms operators then informed them that the commander of the Andius Fusiliers Regiment had contacted them, and reported that they had linked up with Howerd Company and that Ragani was secure. Brode was impressed with the company's commander, Captain Adam Fenix, but also recognized how dissatisfied he seemed all the time. He wondered if they should promote him, but Choi told him that ambition was not what drove Adam. Brode disagreed, remarking how Adam always seemed to think he knew better than them. Choi corrected him, saying that Adam thought that it was himself who ought to be able to do better. Brode didn't care what the reason was, and decided that Adam would be more useful in the Defense Research Agency, designing weapons for the COG. He resolved that if Adam didn't take the post voluntarily, he would have to be persuaded to take it.[1]


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