"What have they done to my Markza!?"
"A sniper rifle with no scope? Ha! Those grubs are real geniuses!
Garron Paduk and Augustus Cole, upon seeing a Breechshot for the first time

The Breechshot is a straight-pull bolt-action rifle that saw action during the early days of the Locust War. It was built around the UIR Markza rifle. The main purpose of the Breechshot was for hunting Brumaks.[1]


The Breechshot is used as a large-caliber infantry rifle, alongside the Hammerburst II, and carried most notably by the Rager. The rifle is fed from an internal, 4 round capacity magazine. When empty, a clip of 4 new rounds are inserted from the top. The rifle is cycled manually by pulling the bolt straight back, ejecting the spent cartridge. A new round is then chambered when the bolt is pushed forward again.

The Locust re-purposed large amounts of UIR weaponry to create Breechshot rifles, most notably the Markza rifle.[2]

Breechshot Exacution

Garron Paduk utilizing the Breechshot's blade.


Execution with this weapon involves standing the wounded enemy up, then swinging the gun by the barrel like an axe, slicing the enemy's head off with the bladed pommel.

Behind the scenesEdit


Concept art of the weapon.

  • It's possible that the four-shot Longshot seen in the original OverRun trailer was a Breechshot before its visuals were worked out.
  • The Breechshot reloads very similarly to the real world M1 Garand rifle. After the weapon fires its last round, the weapon wheezes; this is similar to the famous 'ping' heard from the Garand. It is also similar in the fact that it loads from the top by pushing a clip of rounds directly into the weapon.



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