"I didn't quit. If it looks like I offed myself, it's not 'cause I was scared. Just didn't wanna give a grub the satisfaction of finishing me off."
—Packer, in a letter he wrote during the defense of Tollen Dam

Sergeant Boyd Packer (CSID: 100225-NJ6YK-WZ) was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army that fought to hold Tollen Dam during the Locust War.


Battle at Tollen DamEdit

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, Packer was part of a large COG force sent in from Speyer, Tollen, and Fort Reval to hold Tollen Dam from amassing Locust forces, whose presumed goal was to destroy the regional power grid for the surrounding area and cities. Packer and the other Gears holding the dam were quickly besieged by the Locust. They gradually ran out of supplies and rations, and although Delta Squad was dispatched to exfiltrate the defenders, they were unable to break through the Locust lines. Too weak to even lift his Lancer, Packer radioed Delta, telling them to leave, but Delta refused. Packer wrote a letter, hoping someone would get it to his parents. Packer eventually decided to shoot himself with his sidearm, not wanting to give a grub the chance to kill him. The Locust ultimately overran the dam, killing any remaining defenders and succeeding in destroying the power grid.

27 years later, during JD Fenix' journey through Tollen Dam, Packer's letter would be found alongside his skeleton, and collected by JD.[1]



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