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The Bot-Transport Cart is a troop-carrying vehicle that ran on rails. These vehicles were built by DB Industries as a way for the Coalition of Ordered Governments to quickly and easily transport DeeBees and supplies within in and out of Settlements.[1]

These transports could carry up to six Shepherds or six humans from point A to point B. They were unmanned self-driving vehicles that could easily be commanded to act as an unorthodox chauffeur if given special access.[2]


Raid on Settlement 5[]

During an Outsider Raid on Settlement 5, James Dominic Fenix, Delmont Walker, Kait Diaz and Oscar Diaz faced several of these Bot-Transport Cart in Settlement 5.[3] After successfully stealing a Fabricator, the team found themselves trapped and cornered by Shepherds who were anticipating their return from the Fabricator Tower.[4]

They were about to be captured when a out of control Bot-Transport Cart rammed and destroyed all of the Shepherds. Another Bot-Transport Cart suddenly drove by and mysteriously opened itself to the team, asking them to "Get in!".[5] It turns out Damon S. Baird was behind the suspiciously behaving Bot-Transport Carts.[6]



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