"One of our best weapons. Boosh is Gorasni for boom!"
Garron Paduk to Kilo Squad as they discover the weapon

The Booshka was a semi-automatic, drum-loaded grenade launcher manufactured by the Union of Independent Republics during the Pendulum Wars. It was also used near the beginning of the Locust War.[2]


Like the GZ18 Markza Sniper Rifle, the Booshka was a UIR-made and used during the Pendulum Wars, possibly manufactured by the Gorasni due to its name. But in the aftermath of E-Day, it was also used by the Coalition of Ordered Governments for a short period of time before fading out of existence.

It's possible that the Locust Horde based their own Boomshots and Digger Launchers off the Booshka, given their similar design and functionality.


The Booshka was a semi-automatic grenade launcher that fired ricocheting, high-explosive projectiles with a delayed fuse, that was fed from a three-round drum. While it wasn't as powerful as the Locust Boomshot, its Imulsion-filled projectiles were still very dangerous to groups of enemies. In addition, the ricocheting capability of the projectiles allowed the user to reach enemies at awkward angles. Grenades fired directly at an enemy will explode on contact.


The Booshka's execution involves lifting the downed enemy up, then using the barrel casing to break his/her neck.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The reload animation for the Booshka is the same as the Lancer.
  • Grenades fired from the Booshka can close Emergence Holes.
  • The -shka suffix resembles the dimuntive suffixes in Slavic languages, pointing to the Booshka being the smaller cousin of the Boomshot gameplay-wise.



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