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Bloodied Vanguard after losing the Gorgon Front.

"The Bloodied Vanguard have quite a reputation."
—Uzil Sraak

The Bloodied Vanguard was a blight in the Locust Horde that fought during the Lambent War. It was commanded by Vold RAAM along with Skorge, and consisted of hundreds of Drones, Boomers, Kantus and numerous Theron Guard.

Unit History[]

Lambent War[]

Losing the Gorgon Front[]

Seven cycles after the onset of the Lambent War, the Bloodied Vanguard had been ordered by Uzil Sraak to secure and hold the Gorgon Front in the Outer Hollow. However, an outpost on the Front came under heavy attack by Lambent forces. Unable to hold the outpost, the Bloodied Vanguard instead decided to destroy it and the Lambent using explosive canisters, with Vurl Jermad firing the shot that decimated the outpost. After the battle, Skorge told the Bloodied Vanguard of a vision he had seen; that the blight would rise from the ashes of this battle and that conquest and glory would soon be upon them. Jermad assessed the strength of the blight before it followed Vold RAAM and Skorge into the Inner Hollow and to the doors of the Royal Palace. RAAM, believing the war to be lost, attempted to speak with Queen Myrrah herself. He was instead met by Sraak, who would not be swayed, and the Bloodied Vanguard was sent back to the Gorgon Front in the South Hollow.[1]

While in the South Hollow, the Vanguard come under attack by a Corpser sent by Sraak. Using a combination of supressing fire, Bolo Grenades, Boomshot firepower, the Bloodied Vanguard are victorious, in which Uzil RAAM dealt the final blow by driving his Serrated Knife into the Corpser's head.

RAAM and Skorge at the start of Emergence Day.

The Bloodied Vanguard emergence in Jannermont.

Defending the Temple of the Trinity[]

After defeating the Corpser, the Bloodied Vanguard head into the Expansion Hollow, where RAAM meets with Vold Karn. As part of a deal with RAAM, Karn's blight cedes ground to the Lambent, allowing a massive horde to encroach further into the Hollow; however, many of Karn's troops are killed and the survivors are forced to retreat to the Temple of the Trinity. With the temple nearly overrun, The Bloodied Vanguard make a timely arrival, raining down a huge volley of boomshot and rifle fire. RAAM then finishes off the rest in close quarters combat, saving the temple.

The Vanguard are later seen in celebration, possibly due to RAAM's ascension to the rank of Uzil.

Locust War[]

Emergence Day[]

The Bloodied Vanguard take part in the First Battle of Jannermont, leading the assault. Uzil RAAM places Jermad in charge of the blight, instructing him to lead the Vanguard on a Search and Destroy mission. To enslave their quota, as part of a deal with Ukkon, and slaughter the rest.


Known Members[]

Foot Soilders[]