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The three surviving members of Back-Four telling Kilo Squad to hold the Embry Armor room.

"Any and all reinforcements to the East Wing! Black-Four is getting hammered over here!"
—An Onyx Guard soldier requesting backup for Black-Four

Black-Four was an Onyx Guard infantry squad that fought during the Destruction of Halvo Bay. They were stationed at the Museum of Military Glory before being completely wiped out by General Karn and his soldiers.

Squad History[]

Locust War[]

Destruction of Halvo Bay[]

"You! Hold this room. There's something big out there!"
— A member of Black-Four ordering Kilo Squad to defend the East Wing.

Black-Four was one of the squads charged with defending the Museum of Military Glory. After wave upon wave of Locust attacks, they fell back to the East Wing.

The three surviving members of the squad were eventually relieved by Kilo Squad, allowing them to join the fight outside the museum. They were presumably wiped out when General Karn assaulted the museum. [1]


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