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A fetus inside a birthing Creche

The Birthing Creche was a program established by the Coalition of Ordered Governments to put members of the female populace into a series of breeding "farms",[1][2] facilities where they’d be impregnated in order to repopulate the Human race.

History[edit | edit source]

Following astronomical loss of human life upon the outbreak of the Locust War, the COG Chairman, Richard Prescott, was forced to establish the Birthing Creche program alongside the other provisions brought forth by the COG for the war effort. Under the Fortification Act, all males were placed in the Armed Services and women in "war work", which often consisted of non-frontline roles such as pilots, medics, or factory workers. The majority of the women and girls who did not participate in the aforementioned roles, but were able to be impregnated, would (both voluntarily and otherwise) be sent into the ”farms”.

Women in the Birthing Creche were given extra rations over a non-serving male,[3] and doctors gave young girls hormones at age ten so they could begin menstruation.[4] The women would be impregnated through artificial insemination or sexual intercourse. Ideally, the goal was to have the women become pregnant with genetically strong offspring, and so the women in the farms were often partnered with Gears.

This system would prove to be deeply flawed, as the farms were hostile and abusive environments towards the women and girls kept there, such as the farm in Jilane. The farms would be liken to prison facilities in stock, and rape by the farms’ staff would be a common occurrence. Women would even be “offered” to the most decorated Gears, and undergo artificial insemination forcefully. The abuse lead many of the women traumatized, like Molly, and, to a lesser extent, Alexandra Brand. Women who were found to be unable to get pregnant (“barren”) would be sent away to contribute to the war effort in some other capacity, such as combat roles.

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