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The Bike Guy[2] was an Indie saboteur who tried bombing the Imulsion pipeline on the Sarfuth-Maranday border.


Sarfuth-Maranday Border Incedent[]

Three years before Emergence Day, the Bike Guy attempted to sabotage an Imulsion pipeline along the Sarfuth-Maranday border. While he was planting a bomb on the pipeline, Padrick Salton of Three-Zero tried getting a shot on him, but something spooked the Bike Guy, and he ran for his snow-bike. His bike was shot up by Carlos Santiago, who then, along with Marcus Fenix, chased the Bike Guy across the border into Maranday. Carlos tackled him, but when the Bike Guy reached inside his jacket, Carlos stabbed him in the neck.[3] His body was then taken back to the Gears' base, and handed over to the COG Intelligence Agency, along with the explosives he had attempted to plant.[4]


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