Captain Benoslau was a Union of Independent Republics army soldier and member of the Fifteenth Furlin Cavalry. He was the commander sent to accept the surrender of Anvil Gate.


Siege of Anvil GateEdit

"But we were talking..."
—Benoslau's last words after Hoffman faked his surrender and attacked Benoslau and his men

During the Siege of Anvil Gate, Benoslau commanded the Fifteenth Furlin Cavalry. When the commander of Anvil Gate, Lt. Victor Hoffman, contacted Major Toly and offered surrender, Toly accepted, and sent Benoslau to accept the surrender of the fort. Benoslau led his company of two hundred men to the gate of the fort, which opened for them. Hoffman greeted Benoslau, who was shocked at the devastation of the city. Once he recovered, he saluted Hoffman and told him that the Union of Independent Republics respected his decision to surrender the fort, and asked for his formal surrender. Hoffman handed him his Lancer and surrendered the fort, and then asked Benoslau if they could go somewhere private to discuss the treatment of his men and the few civilians that had not evacuated. Benoslau agreed, and ordered his company to begin spreading out and secure the town. As Hoffman led him through the city, Benoslau was horrified by everything he saw. Once they reached Hoffman's office, Hoffman asked if he could keep the radio to his men open, and Benoslau allowed him to, and offered him a bottle of water. He and his assistant then began getting the formal documents prepared for the surrender, and offered to transfer any wounded or sick Gears to medical stations instead of POW camps, but was interrupted when he heard Hoffman whisper something. He asked him what he had said, but was blown across the room by an explosion. He crawled on the floor to try and reach his sidearm, but was unable to find it. Benoslau saw Hoffman standing over him with his own weapon drawn, and was horrified that Hoffman had broken his word. Hoffman then shot Benoslau twice, killing him.[1]


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