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The South Islands were known to house gigantic animals and were notorious for its insular gigantism. The island of Pahanu is no different, being home to several megafaunas that dwarf even a Brumak in size. The poorly studied Beast of Pahanu is one such of these creatures.

The animal had an elaborate skull structure, with bone stretching back to form a brilliant frill. This frill is dense and the skull is adorned with three stubby horns. There is no mistake that these creatures used their skull for both offense and defense.

The vertebra of the creature was long and thick, which was used to support the animal's heavy skull and long neck while its long limbs support its gargantuan weight across the jungle canopies of Pahanu. The beast lived alongside large mammalian carnivores and the animal itself was a potential carnivore given the presence of canines.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The beast is a direct reference to dinosaurs and may in fact, be Sera's own living dinosaurs.
    • The skull bares resemblance to a Ceratopsian whilst its spine resembles that of a Sauropod.
    • The jungle location and remains of large beasts maybe a indirect reference to Skull Island of King Kong.


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