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The Beached Imulsion Rig was an Imulsion rig that was beached in Halvo Bay by the Sinking of Jacinto City.


Locust War[]

"How did that get there?"
"Tidal wave, after you sank Jacinto. The wave was twenty stories high. Carried it in from off-shore.
Baird and Paduk discuss the rig

The Sinking of Jacinto City created a tidal wave 20 stories high that struck and partially flooded Halvo Bay. The tidal wave also washed ashore and beached this Imulsion rig. It subsequently became the home to a group of survivors led by Garron Paduk.[1] It was prone to tremors, but nothing that alarmed the survivors who called the rig home.[2]

Lambent Pandemic[]

"Paduk, your house is like a horror movie."
Baird after seeing all of the Formers

In 17 A.E., during the Lambent Pandemic, the remaining Imulsion and Imulsion vapors inside the rig caused many of the inhabitants to turn Lambent, becoming Formers. The survivors retreated to a safe haven in the Seahorse Hills and left a flare on the rig's roof so that any survivors who came back to the rig could signal for an evac.

During the Mission to Halvo Bay, Damon Baird, Augustus Cole and Clayton Carmine encountered Paduk while searching for a boat to reach the island of Azura. Paduk began leading the group towards the rig, pointing it out in the distance and explaining how it had ended up beached on the Halvo Bay coast.[1] As the group neared the rig, they encountered Formers outside and in the lower levels before taking a lift to the rig's deck.[3]

Inside the main part of the rig, the Gears found it filled with Imulsion, vapors and Formers. Locating gas masks, they were able to fight their way to the roof where they discovered the flare. After activating the flare, Baird, Cole, Carmine and Paduk fought off Formers and a Savage Locust assault on the roof with the help of a heavy weapons locker located nearby. The Gears were able to hold out until a King Raven arrived to evacuate them, leaving behind the Locust and the Lambent fighting it out on the rig's roof.[2]

Any surviving Lambent as well as all of the rig's Imulsion were wiped out by Adam Fenix's Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon around a day after the Gears' visit.[4]