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"War has to have some rules. And he broke too many."
—Baxter to Lt. Da Silva, in regards to Captain Victor Hoffman

Major Baxter was a Gear officer in the 26th Royal Tyran infantry of the Coalition of Ordered Governments army.


Baxter telling Hoffman that the UIR execute commandos as if they were spies.

Sarfuth-Maranday Border[]

In the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars, Baxter was stationed with the rest of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry along the Sarfuth-Maranday border. He commanded the detachment of the unit stationed at Camp De La Croix, with Captain Victor Hoffman under his command. After he and Col. James Choi received information from intelligence that the UIR was planning to attack Sarfuth from the Maigar Pass, Choi came up with a plan to counterattack the UIR forces at Reinne. After Lt. Da Silva examined the intel, Baxter had Hoffman meet them in his command tent. Hoffman examined the plan, and thought it would be better to use airborne troops for the ambush, but Baxter informed him that radar would pick them up on approach. Hoffman suggested they take out the UIR radar station at Gralia, and cut through neutral Maranday to reach it in time. Baxter was skeptical that Choi would approve, but Hoffman pointed out that the Indies did it all the time. Baxter told him not to get caught, and reminded him that his commando team would be executed if caught, since they would be considered spies under the Bonbourg Convention. As Hoffman left, he suggested that Baxter read Brigadier Dudley's ideas on establishing permanent special ops forces. Baxter was dismissive of the idea, and believed that if Dudley had his way, regimental discipline would fall apart. Da Silva remarked that Hoffman had done well holding Anvil Gate with those tactics, but Baxter believed that Hoffman had broken to many rules of warfare to do so. Baxter later joined the rest of the 26th RTI in mobilizing for battle from the camp once Hoffman and his men succeeded in their attack.[1]


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