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The Battle on the Tyro Pillar was the final battle of the Lightmass Offensive that successfully launched the Lightmass Bomb into the Outer Hollow and destroyed the Locust tunnels. The Coalition loaded the Lightmass Bomb onto the Tyro Pillar, as a large Imulsion sinkhole in Timgad Valley would provide its launch site when the destroyed train bridge would send the Tyro Pillar into the Imulsion lake. The Tyro Pillar was also boarded with dozens of Gears and was planned to make a stop at Timgad Station where Delta-One would provide the tunnel mapping data for the bomb. However, the train was boarded and hijacked by Uzil RAAM and his personal Blight. Murdering all the Gears and passing through Timgad Station, Delta-One was still able to board the Tyro Pillar, eliminate all Locust on board, and delivered the Lightmass Bomb.


When the Lightmass Offensive was being devised, the course of actually launching and detonating the Lightmass Bomb would be complex and difficult as it was underground. It was then discovered that a large sinkhole in Timgad Valley was turned into an Imulsion lake, and that the sinkhole would be able to deliver the bomb deep into the Hollow. Because the sinkhole was under a destroyed train bridge, the Coalition loaded the Lightmass Bomb onto the Tyro Pillar, guarded by dozens of Gears. The train departed and seen off by Sgt. Jonathan Harper and Cpl. Michael Barrick. The Tyro Pillar was scheduled to make on stop at Timgad Station to receive the mapping data from Delta-One to direct the Lightmass Bomb into the heart of the Outer Hollow.

Order of Battle[]

Hijacking the Train by Uzil RAAM[]

Through a captured Gear, Uzil RAAM learned of the Coalition's plan for the Lightmass Offensive. He sent one Blight to Timgad City to prevent Delta-One from reaching the train, while Uzil RAAM personally led another Blight to locate the Tyro Pillar. While Delta-One was trapped in Timgad, Uzil RAAM and his forces were able to locate the Tyro Pillar and board the train. On the train, the Locust began to kill the Gears and throw them onto the tracks.

Uzil RAAM then managed to reach the locomotive and took out the conductor, thus hijacking the Tyro Pillar. Uzil RAAM then put the train on full-speed to not only pass through Timgad Station, but to quickly rid of the train and Lightmass Bomb before reinforcements could arrive. Meanwhile, Delta was able to restore power to Timgad Bridge and cross to reach Timgad Station. Although they were separated from Delta-Two, Delta-One managed to board the rear of the train as it passed through the station.

Arrival of Delta-One[]

Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Pvt. Dominic Santiago managed to board the rear of the train, while Cpl. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole missed the train fighting off the Locust forces at the station. Delta-Two was later picked up by Col. Victor Hoffman on KR Four-Two. Delta-One then began to traverse the rear of the train - guarded by Drones, Grenadiers, and Therons. After eliminating the stationed Drones and securing the rear of the train - a Berserker managed to board the Tyro Pillar. The Hammer of Dawn was inoperable as the Locust unleashed Nemacysts to create Kryllstorm, inking the skies and blocking the targeting laser. Sgt. Fenix managed to improvise by disconnecting the carts and sent the Berserker on the derailing end of the train, killing it.

Delta-One then continued as a large squad of Reavers spotted the train and began their aerial attack. After eliminating several more troops on the train, Lt. Stroud advised Delta to climb onto the roof where two Troika Heavy Machine Guns were located. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago each took a Troika as they shot down numerous Reavers attacking the train. The Reavers continued to follow the train into the tunnel. However, Lambent Wretches had also boarded the train four cars ahead and were cutting power in an attempt to disconnect Delta from the front of the train. As Reavers continued to attack from the side, Delta-One fought through packs of Lambent Wretches and attacking Reavers until they reached the end of the disconnecting power, derailing the remainder of the train behind the locomotive.

Final Battle of Uzil RAAM[]

Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago were fast approaching the broken bridge and Imulsion sinkhole. As they arrived to the Lightmass Bomb to deliver the mapping data, Uzil RAAM arrived with his shield of Kryll as the Kryllstorm was initiated. However, Col. Hoffman arrived with KR Four-Two. While Col. Hoffman and Cpl. Baird armed the side guns to attack the air-supporting Reavers, Pvt. Cole manned the Ultra-Violet Turret that temporarily interrupted Uzil RAAM's Kryll shield. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago then opened fire on Uzil RAAM while he fired back with his Troika and direct control of Kryll.

However, Delta-One managed to stay within the light as they also received assistance from KR Four-Two. While KR Four-Two fought the supporting Reavers, the sky was swarmed by Kryll, Delta-One continued to battle Uzil RAAM. By interrupting Uzil RAAM's Kryll shield with UV light and explosives, Delta was able to open fire and kill Uzil RAAM - ending his fourteen year reign as High General of the Locust Horde. After Uzil RAAM's death, Pvt. Santiago boarded KR Four-Two while Sgt. Fenix remained on board to complete the mission. Sgt. Fenix then plugged in the mapping data into the Lightmass Bomb and activated it.

Deployment of the Lightmass Bomb[]

"Earlier today, your Gears successfully deployed the Lightmass Bomb. We have destroyed the enemy stronghold. This war has exacted a heavy price from all of us, it has torn our world apart. But you have my word: we will rise again."
—Col. Hoffman's victory speech.

After Sgt. Fenix entered the mapping data and activated the Lightmass Bomb, KR Four-Two began an extraction. However, the train began to approach the destroyed bridge and Imulsion sinkhole at full-speed - with additional speed by disconnecting the rest of the train. While KR Four-Two lowered itself above the Tyro Pillar, Pvt. Santiago attempted to reach out for Sgt. Fenix, but the King Raven was unable to remain steady.

As the train entered the bridge, the King Raven barely managed to fly inside and low enough for Sgt. Fenix to finally be able to jump and grab Pvt. Santiago's hand. The Tyro Pillar then derailed and plummeted into the Imulsion sinkhole. The Lightmass Bomb was then deployed and directed by the tunnel data. The Lightmass Bomb then penetrated the Outer Hollow and detonated, killing untold masses of Locust and Hollow Creatures. As Timgad Valley collapsed, Col. Hoffman assisted Sgt. Fenix inside the King Raven, on course to Jacinto.


"They do not understand. They do not know why we wage this war. Why we cannot stop. Will not stop. Why we will fight and fight and fight. Until we win... Or we die. And we are not dead yet."
—The Locust Queen on why they never will give up.

The deployment of the Lightmass Bomb, destruction of the Outer Hollow, and collapse of Timgad Valley were witnessed by Queen Myrrah. While initially grief-stricken, she became more determined than ever to retaliate and destroy the humans. She would later do so as the Lightmass Bomb awakened the Riftworm, a gargantuan creature capable of giving the Locust Horde the ability of sinking entire cities. This gave the Locust the strength they needed to continue and destroy Jacinto. Meanwhile, the Imulsion evaporated from the explosion caused a pollution of Imulsion fumes in Timgad and caused an epidemic of Rustlung. The only true victory of the Lightmass Bombing was the extinction of the Kryll, allowing humanity to be free at night.

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