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"This is it, Delta. We pull this off - we end the war."
—Sgt. Fenix before storming the palace.

The Battle of the Royal Palace was the most major battle during Operation: Hollow Storm and one of the most pivotal battles of the Locust War. The two objectives of Operation: Hollow Storm were to destroy the Locust stronghold, Nexus, and kill their leader, Queen Myrrah. Delta-One had managed to locate Nexus and broadcast it for the Gears to drill down in the Grindlifts in order to take the fight to the Locust Horde's home. The next objective was to kill Queen Myrrah - as Delta-One began to infiltrate the Royal Palace in order to end Queen Myrrah's reign and the Locust War once and for all. The operation was a failure, as Queen Myrrah evaded execution, but Delta-One learned of another alternative to end the war, as intel files recorded by Professor Adam Fenix indicated that sinking Jacinto City would flood the Hollow with seawater and drown anything underground - another way to end the Locust War by flooding their home. The Royal Palace and Nexus was later destroyed in the flood as the humans were successful in sinking Jacinto.


Order of Battle[]

Entering the Royal Palace[]

Infiltrating the Command Center[]

Skirmishes in the Great Hall[]

Dual in the Throne Room[]

Delta-One then entered the Throne Room of the Royal Palace. Queen Myrrah waited patiently while guarded by Ketor Skorge. She then stood to address Delta-One and informed them that were the first and would be the last humans to ever enter the Royal Palace. Sgt. Fenix then confronted Queen Myrrah about her plans to flood the Hollow and destroy Nexus. Queen Myrrah confirmed her plans and reassured Delta-One that despite them killing the Riftworm, they would still be able to sink Jacinto City as Queen Myrrah sent the entire Locust army to Jacinto in order to keep the humans from sinking Jacinto themselves. Queen Myrrah asked Sgt. Fenix if he truly was the son of Professor Adam Fenix, and revealed that she personally knew his father and heard a great deal about his son. Queen Myrrah then exited the Throne Room and ordered Ketor Skorge to destroy the humans. Sgt. Fenix then ordered Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole to chase after Queen Myrrah and kill her while he and Cpl. Santiago dueled with Ketor Skorge. Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole attempted to chase after Queen Myrrah. However, she managed to board a Reaver at the end of the bridge in the Reaver Pens and escape.

Meanwhile, Ketor Skorge used his agility to jump onto the royal chandelier, cut it from the ceiling with his Dual Chainsaw Staff, and crashed it onto the floor below in order to incapacitate Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago. The two survived, and Ketor Skorge charged Sgt. Fenix into a Chainsaw Duel. Sgt. Fenix was able to use his Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle Chainsaw Bayonet against Ketor Skorge's chainsaw staff and pushed it away, allowing Sgt. Fenix to cut the chainsaw staff in half. Ketor Skorge, now it two chainsaws at hand - used them to cut the stalactites from the ceiling and the pillars in order to kill Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago. Charging Sgt. Fenix a second time, Sgt. Fenix was able to push Ketor Skorge away and destroy one of the two chainsaws. Ketor Skorge then went behind the pillars and began to shoot at him and Cpl. Santiago with his Gorgon Submachine Gun, while also throwing Ink Grenades and summoning Tickers. Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago were able to evade his attacks and repel the Tickers. Ketor Skorge then charged Sgt. Fenix one last time, and Sgt. Fenix was able to destroy the last chainsaw of Ketor Skorge. Unarmed and wounded, Ketor Skorge summoned his Hydra mount into the Throne Room, boarded it, and escaped.

Escaping the Royal Palace[]

After the battle with Ketor Skorge, Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago regrouped with Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole, who were at the rear of the palace without Queen Myrrah. Cpl. Baird revealed that Queen Myrrah escaped on a Reaver. While Cpl. Santiago suggested chasing after her, Sgt. Fenix ordered that they forget the Queen and instead head back to Jacinto City and help prepare to sink it before the Locust can evacuate. Without proper transportation, Cpl. Baird suggested using the two spare Reavers in the Reaver pens. Sgt. Fenix agreed - but as they approached the Reaver Pens, Ketor Skorge and his Hydra attempted to destroy the bridge using the Hydra's rocket pod. Despite destroying the bridge, Delta-One survived. Pvt. Cole piloted one Reaver with Sgt. Fenix manning the guns, while Cpl. Baird piloted the other and Cpl. Santiago defended the rear. Delta-One then began to escape the palace on the Reavers.



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