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The Battle of Ragani took place in Ragani, Kashkur during the Invasion of Kashkur in the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars.

Order of Battle[]

UIR Scouting Party[]

Indie's scouting out Ragani before the ambush.

"Come on, there's only three of them! Finish it!"
—Adam, after the first UIR APC was destroyed

Shortly after the Battle of Shavad, Howerd Company under the command of Captain Adam Fenix arrived in Ragani to defend the city from an approaching force of eight Indie vehicles, in order to keep the highway open for the Andius Fusiliers Regiment. When four APC's approached the companies position on the outskirts of the city, Adam gave the order to open fire, and Cpl.Collins fired an RPG at the lead APC. He missed, and the APC opened fire on the Gears, taking out part of the building they were in. Collins next two shots took out the lead APC and another one, and the remaining two retreated. Adam was confused as to where the remaining vehicles that had been reported were, and contacted Col.James Choi, who informed him that the APC's had just been a scouting party, and that at least twenty more vehicles were on their way, including tanks. Adam and his company then began building more defenses, and Lt.Helena Stroud began making Molotov Cocktails to use against the tanks.[1]

Collins throws a molotov at a Pariah Tank.

Arrival of the UIR Column[]

"Stroud here, Captain. The Andians are taking over. Job done."
—Helena, to Adam after the Andius Fusiliers arrived and began destroying the UIR armor

When the UIR vehicles arrived, a Pariah Tank led them, and it opened fire on the Gears, killing several. Pvt.Kinnear began tending to the wounded, while Adam and Collins began working their way towards the tank to use the Molotov's on them. Helena organized the attack on the rest of the UIR armor, and used an RPG to take out part of the Pariah's tracks, blocking the road the UIR was using. The smoke from the explosions created a cover for Adam and Collins to get close enough to the tank to drop the Molotov's into its vents, lighting the inside on fire and killing the crew. As they retreated back to their lines, Adam was shot in the leg by a UIR machine gunner, but Collins was able to carry him to safety. Kinnear began treating Adam's wound, and the Andius Fusiliers arrived and began destroying the remaining UIR vehicles.[1]


"And now we go and do it all over again. Another pointless battle. Another bereaved family. Another year of war. And the UIR does exactly the same. Someone has to break the cycle. Someone has to create weapons so powerful that if politicians want to wage war, they'll face the same death as the men and women send to fight it. A deterrent. A damn big deterrent. I can Build a deterrent that'll bring governments to their sense. An orbital weapons system. That's my duty now."
—Captain Fenix envisioning the Hammer of Dawn

Ragani remained in COG hands, and the Andius Fusiliers were able to use the highway in the city to reach Lakar, which greatly pleased General Brode. Ten Gears were killed during the battle, and cemented Adam's thoughts that the entire war was a waste, and that the current tactics were only throwing the lives of the soldiers away. He retired from the army and joined the Defense Research Agency, hoping to create weapons to end the war using the threat of total destruction.[1]


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