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"We're not saints. But we are gonna win this fucking war and I'd rather have you on the winning side."
—Marcus Fenix to Tai

The Battle of Irohma Island took place during the Pendulum Wars, between South Islanders and their COG allies against the UIR.

Order of Battle[]

Main Battle[]

Indie troops attacked the main tribe defenses via an amphibious landing, overwhelming the tribal forces with their superior technology. They reached the home village of Tai Kaliso, and wiped out everyone there, maiming many of the bodies.[1] The 26th Royal Tyran infantry fought the UIR on the island. At least fifteen Gears were killed on the island of Irohma.[3]

Tai's revenge[]

While the main battle went on, Tai was using guerrilla tactics against the UIR forces, and was able to stalk and kill an entire enemy squad in a matter of seconds. However, he later discovered what the UIR had done to his home village, and was consumed with grief. He continued to track and kill enemy soldiers, until he encountered Cpl.Marcus Fenix of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry, who had come to the island to repel the UIR invasion. Marcus offered to Tai an opportunity to join the COG as a Gear and gain revenge on the UIR for destroying his home, an offer which Tai accepted.[1]


"The body dies. The deed endures."
—The Irohma Memorial Wall in the Plaza for the Tyran Dead, Halvo Bay

After the battle for Irohma, the COG erected an onyx slab in the Plaza for the Tyran Dead. Fifteen Gear soldiers were named on the slab for their contribution to the battle.[4]


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