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The Battle of Haldane Hall was a mission during the Lightmass Offensive in which Delta-One, led by Sgt. Marcus Fenix, was directed to retrieve a three-dimensional map of the Locust tunnels in the Outer Hollow that was located in Haldane Hall and created by Sgt. Fenix's late father, Professor Adam Fenix. The data would direct the Lightmass Bomb to locate the heart of the Hollow and destroy the Locust stronghold and end the war. After navigating East Barricade Academy, Delta-One were met by Locust forces defending the estate and were ambushed by additionally wave of Locusts after successfully entering the estate and retrieving the tunnel data.


The Lightmass Offensive originally was to use a Sonic Resonator, but when activated, it failed to map the entirety of the large, complex Hollow tunnel system. During the Mission to Lethia Imulsion Facility, Cpl. Damon Baird found a Geobot that had its own three-dimensional tunnel data map, and, according to Lt. Anya Stroud, had more tunnel data than the resonator. Col. Victor Hoffman ordered a source on the Geobot, and Lt. Stroud triangulated the source to Haldane Hall and was programmed by Professor Adam Fenix.

Realizing that Professor Fenix was in possession of a full map of the Outer Hollow, Command ordered Delta to infiltrate Haldane Hall and retrieve the data. Upon arriving at East Barricade Academy, however, the escorting KR Two-Five was shot down by Nemacysts, and briefly turned the operation into a rescue mission for the survivors of KR Two-Five, while battling the stationed Locust army. Upon arriving at KR Two-Five's crash site, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago split from Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole tending to the survivors. Both eventually made their way through East Barricade's campus to Haldane Hall.

Order of Battle[]

Battle of the Courtyard[]

Upon arriving at the stair entrance to Haldane Hall, Sgt. Fenix radioed Cpl. Baird to inform him of their arrival. Cpl. Baird copied and agreed to meet in the courtyard, but warned of a large Locust presence in the estate. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago were then attacked by a squad of Theron Guards, Drones, and Boomers guarding the estate. After traversing the staircase and eliminating the guarding Locust, Delta regrouped in the courtyard - only to be fired at by Locust from within the house.

Lt. Stroud alerted Delta of a sizable Locust presence inside the estate. Cpl. Baird revealed that there was a broken APC behind the estate, and given the parts and time available, he was certain to be able to fix it. Sgt. Fenix ordered Cpl. Baird to keep fixing at the APC with Pvt. Cole covering him in the backyard while he and Pvt. Santiago enter the estate and retrieve his father's tunnel data. Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole complied and went to the backyard while Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago eliminated the scouting Drone.

Entering Haldane Hall[]

Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago entered the estate. Upon entrance, an Emergence Hole opened in the west wing of the house. After defending against the Locust troops emerging, the Hole collapsed. Possibly due to a gas line being broken, the Emergence Hole caused a large fire in the west wing. Upstairs, stationed Locust opened fire while Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago fought from the other side of the banister. After neutralizing the Locust threat in the main part of the estate, Cpl. Baird gave a status report on the APC, to which Sgt. Fenix ordered him to continue fixing it.

Surmising his father's laboratory must be near his office, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago returned to the first floor and went to the east wing where his office was located. However, more tremors occurred and an additional Emergence Hole opened in the east wing. The two eliminated the threat and found Professor Fenix's office. Down the hall from his private office was a barred entrance to the wine cellar. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago entered the wine cellar, where they were met a few Locust Drones trying to also locate the laboratory. Reaching the end of the wine cellar, Delta-One reached a dead end. Meanwhile, Cpl. Baird reported that he fixed the APC and came back to defend the house.

Locating Fenix's Laboratory[]

In the wine cellar, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago were unable to locate the laboratory until Sgt. Fenix noticed a loose wine rack in the far corner of the room. Pushing on the wine rack, it rolled into the wall and revealed the sealed entrance to Professor Adam Fenix's laboratory. Sgt. Fenix attempted to open the door, to no prevail, and ordered JACK to rip it open. While JACK worked on the door, the Locust Horde began their second ambush on the estate.

Locust forces emerged in the wine cellar and attacked in three waves of Locust Drones and Wretches. After eliminating the Locust, JACK was able to open the door to the lab. Upon entering, power was restored to the lab and Sgt. Fenix ordered JACK to find his father's terminal and locate the tunnel data. Connecting to Command and Lt. Stroud, JACK pulled up the tunnel data. To the horror of Lt. Stroud and Command, the tunnels were more expansive than they originally thought as Sera's crust was revealed to be honeycombed with Locust tunnels.

Sgt. Fenix then requested Lt. Stroud to download the data onto JACK, but Lt. Stroud revealed the file was too big for its bandwidth. Sgt. Fenix then requested that JACK form a data disk to transfer it to later insert into the Lightmass Bomb. Lt. Stroud complied but warned it would take a while for JACK to transfer the data. While waiting, Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole were at the front of the house on the second floor defending the estate from the invading Locust and requested for assistance. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago complied and returned upstairs.

Defending the Estate[]

Arriving upstairs, the west wing was almost completely ablaze. Cpl. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago regrouped with Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole on the second floor overlooking the front courtyard through a massive hole in the façade. Cpl. Baird requested that Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago secure the house while he and Pvt. Cole defend the APC until JACK finished downloading the data. After returning to the APC, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago defended the house. A Boomer with a battering ram destroyed the front doors and allowed Locust troops to enter the estate.

A group of Drones, Therons, and Boomers entered the Fenix Estate, in which Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago were able to eliminate them. However, more Locust troops were attacking from inside the estate. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago attempted to enter the inner courtyard, but the door was blocked. Upon flanking through the attic space, they discovered the doors were blocked with planks and that an Emergence Hole was opened. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago eliminated the Drones and Emergence Hole in the inner courtyard and destroyed the planks on the door. The two returned downstairs and went through the inner courtyard.

Evacuating Haldane Hall[]

Lt. Stroud then informed Delta that JACK had finished retrieving the data and was returning to the rear courtyard. In the back of the house, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago were met by Drones, but were able to eliminate them. Entering the courtyard, the APC was at the far end with Cpl. Baird starting the engine. As Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago began to cross the courtyard, two Boomers appeared and an Emergence Hole opened in the courtyard. Meanwhile, a Brumak arrived from the east wing of the estate and was headed towards the APC.

With little time left, Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago fought their way through the two Boomers and squad of Locust troops from the Emergence Hole in the courtyard, while being covered by Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole. Shortly after, the Brumak arrived in the rear courtyard. Delta then retreated into the APC while JACK hurried to regroup with Delta. Unable to wait, Sgt. Fenix began to drive the APC down the road as the Brumak chased them. JACK was able to catch up with the APC and station itself within its own rear compartment of the vehicle. The Brumak fired a blast of rockets at the APC, but missed. As the APC drove through the tunnel, the Brumak was cut off.


Delta Squad was successfully able to retrieve the tunnel data from JACK and managed to escape Haldane Hall and the Brumak. Delta would then be directed into the neighboring city of Timgad where Delta is to board a train, the Tyro Pillar, at Timgad Station, on which the Lightmass Bomb is located and to be deployed on. Arriving in East Timgad, Delta had to cross Timgad Bridge into West Timgad where the train station was, however, the draw bridge was up and the electricity out. Forcing Delta to repair the bridge.

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