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The Battle of Edlar Farm was a battle between the COG and the Lambent at Edlar Farm on Vectes.

Order of Battle[]


With the increasing threat of contamination, the COG began evacuating farms in the contamination's path and moving the herds to Merris Farm. Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago were helping evacuate one such farm, Edlar Farm, when tremors were felt and twenty five Lambent Stalks appeared from the nearby woodlands with their polyps.


Marcus and Dom began battling the polyps, but were becoming overwhelmed quickly so they called for help. KR-239 was close and quickly responded, using its guns to attack the polyps while Augustus Cole and Damon Baird attacked with their Lancers before the Raven dropped them off. The group took out most of the first wave, but a second wave showed up and moved erratically and didn't charge straight in, making them harder to hit. Baird was nearly attacked from behind, but was saved by Dom. Finally KR One-Five showed up and used a flamethrower to eliminate all of the stalks and polyps.


Unfortunately a side effect of the flamethrower was that Edlar Farm's entire crop of wheat was burned to ash. Also, six of the farm's cattle, including a bull and pregnant cows, ran off with the farm's dogs chasing them. Marcus refused to let the farmers go after them, but promised to send Bernie, a former farmer, to retrieve them later. As a result of this attack, Colonel Victor Hoffman decided to evacuate Pelruan.

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