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In 9 A.E. Zeta was one of the squads assigned to evacuate Ilima hours before a Kryllstorm arrived. After using the Hammer of Dawn to destroy a Locust attack on a small COG checkpoint, they pushed further into the city to assist Echo Squad, but were too late. They found Jace Stratton hiding in a vault from a Locust attack at Ilima Savings and Trust. They destroyed 3 Seeders by collapsing a building onto them. As the evac caravan arrived, a Brumak burst through the remainder of the building and destroyed one of the Armadillos. Zeta managed to destroy the Brumak, but the explosion from its Imulsion tanks destroyed the rest of the building. Zeta traveled to Ilima High School in the hopes of finding Jace's "father", Dr. Gregory Wisen, and any other survivors. Instead, they found it overrun with Locust, Wretches, Serapedes, and a Berserker which they dealt with before leaving to head to Dr. Wisen's orphanage, the Children's School of Hope.

RAAM effortlessly kills Alicia Valera.

Having lost contact with Control, Zeta traveled to Ilima City Hall where three more Seeders were stationed and blocking communications. Fighting their way into and through the building, Zeta was able to use the Mobile Command Center to use the Hammer of Dawn to kill the Seeders and reestablish contact with Control. Determined to save the people at Wisen's orphanage despite the Kryllstorm nearly being upon them, Zeta convinced Walker to divert the last APC there while they continued on foot.

Cyclops assisting General RAAM against Zeta-Six.

Zeta traveled to the orphanage and found several survivors, but before they could be evacuated, RAAM, the General of the Locust Horde, attacked and stabbed Valera through the torso with his blade, and almost killed Jace who had returned aboard the APC that arrived to evacuate them. Zeta and Jace tried to divert some of the fire away from the orphanage by circling the area, managing to kill the two Mauler Elites and a Theron Elite which greatly angered RAAM. After killing Valera, RAAM confronted the rest of Zeta Squad supported by various Grenadiers, Cyclops and dozens of other Drones from the E-Holes. However, the Gears were able to close the holes, and took advantage of whenever RAAM directed his Kryllshield away to fire upon him relentlessly. RAAM eventually had enough of this, and when his Reaver returned, he took back to the sky, flanked by two other Reavers. As they assaulted the Gears on the ground, RAAM's flanking Reavers were eventually killed, and his Reaver was shot down as well. He crash-landed behind the orphanage, and his left leg was badly wounded and stuck. As he attempted to pull it out, Lt. Minh Young Kim appeared in front of him, determined to get revenge for Valera. As Kim charged at him, RAAM managed to call a shield of Kryll to defend himself, but Kim continued trying to get through it. Cpl. Michael Barrick arrived and pulled him back just before RAAM directed hundreds of Kryll at them.

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