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"God almighty!"
COG Commander, upon witnessing the first use of the Hammer of Dawn

The Battle of Bonbourg took place in the last days of the Pendulum Wars between the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the Union of Independent Republics. The first combat use of the Hammer of Dawn occurred during this battle.

Order of Battle[]

Gears pinned down in Bonbourg.

Using the Hammer of Dawn[]

When a COG battalion in Bonbourg became pinned down in the city by a bombardment of the UIR Third Fleet, Gen. Bardry Salaman decided to use the battle as the first combat usage of the Hammer of Dawn. When the local COG commander called for reinforcements and air support to help turn the tide of the battle, he was informed that it would be arriving shortly. The Hammer of Dawn was then used to take out four UIR ships in a matter of seconds, which caused the rest of the fleet to break off their attack and retreat.[1]


The use of the Hammer of Dawn caused the UIR to realize they could not win the war, and Premier Yori Deschenko began peace negotiations with the COG.[1]


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