The Battle for Anvil Gate was a significant battle between the COG, the Locust Horde and the Lambent, 18 months after the Sinking of Jacinto. Although the battle was relatively short, it was one of the larger conflicts in the closing days of the Lambent Pandemic.

Order of BattleEdit


After Delta-One hijacked a Gas Barge from the Deadlands, they rescued Dizzy from an ammo depot where he was scavenging for ammo and supplies for the fort. After battling the Queen’s Guards at the ammo depot and shooting three hostile Gas Barges and several Reavers, Delta-One and Dizzy left the depot on their Gas Barge. Flying towards the fort, they spotted a massive force of Savage Locust heading towards the fort. While trying to contact Colonel Victor Hoffman via radio, Queen Myrrah and her Tempest attacked them and shot them down, causing them to crash outside the fort. Several Gears from Anvil Gate, led by Hoffman, surrounded the crashed barge only to find that Marcus Fenix and his Gears were in the Barge. Hoffman was surprised to see that Marcus was alive; he took Delta back to the fort to prepare for the upcoming attack.

Defending the GatesEdit

"All personnel, prepare the last resort, I repeat, prepare the last resort!"
Bernadette Mataki ordering all personnel inside the fort to prepare the "last resort" during the battleWith Bernadette taking command, Hoffman, along with Delta-One and several Gears, took defensive positions on the front gate. A large force of Savage Grenadiers assaulted the fort, with Reavers giving them air support. Delta-One was able to hold the front gate from the overwhelming attack until a Siegebeast was used to destroy the front gate. With an open way into the fort, Bloodmounts poured into the fort where several Gears along with Delta-One took positions on the catwalk, raining fire down on the Savage Locust below. The Gears used a propane trap that was over the second courtyard and detonated it over the Drones below. But another wave of Savage Locust attacked the fort, and Maulers and Grinders entered the courtyard. The Maulers used their shields as cover while the Grinders covered them. They eventually breached the second gate, forcing Delta-One and the rest of the garrison to retreat to the garage to hold their position for a final assault. A massive wave of Savage Drones poured into the third courtyard. Colonel Hoffman ordered “final resort” to be used. It was a massive Imulsion tank, which was dropped onto the courtyard. After it was dropped, Hoffman ordered all his Gears to open fire on the tank. The Imulsion tank exploded, taking out all the Savage Locust but leaving the fort on fire. Bernadette ordered fire teams to put out the flames before they destroyed the fort. After regrouping from the Savage assault, Marcus asked Hoffman if he still had A2897. Hoffman said he still had the disk but had never opened it. Marcus told him that he had the key and that Chairman Prescott had given him the key and was dead. Delta Squad now had the tools they needed to find Azura. Bernie barged into the room, telling them that a group of Gears led by Sam and Anya were trapped outside the walls of Anvil Gate by the Savage Locust.

Lambent AttackEdit

After Sam and Anya were rescued, several Lambent Stalks burst from the ground. They released dozens of Drudges and Lambent Drone to hamper the Gears' retreat to the fort. The situation was further complicated when a Lambent Berserker arrived on the battlefield, killing at least two Gears and throwing a truck. The rescue team successfully returned to the fort with Anya and Sam, just as Baird announced that the Hammer of Dawn was kicking in. The blast from the strike killed everything outside of the fort, except for the Berserker, which survived a direct hit. The Berserker then jumps over the wall and engages Delta-One. The Berserker is gunned down from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest cavity that opened when the Berserker started charging toward her targets. The fort suffered minor damage as a result of the battle with the Berserker and the explosion afterwards.


Having secured the fort, Delta and Colonel Hoffman gathered together to finally decrypt A2897 and find out about Azura. Getting what they needed from the disk, Delta splits up, with half heading to Endeavour Naval Shipyard to get a submarine while the other half heads to Halvo Bay to get a ship and reinforcements for an attack on the island. Even though Delta offers them to come, Colonel Hoffman and Bernie choose to remain behind and defend Anvil Gate from any further threats. While Delta is fighting on Azura, the fort comes under attack again and is nearly overrun. However, Adam Fenix's Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon activates, killing all Locust and Lambent and saving Anvil Gate.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Though at the E3 2010 demo the battle seems to be during the day, the actual battle occurs during the night and with some changes.
  • This is the first and only time the COG has faced a Lambent Berserker.
  • During the battle, both the Savage Locust and the Queen's Guard are seen cooperating to breach the defenses of the fort. It's unknown whether this was only a temporary alliance or if there hasn't been any conflict between the two factions at all.
  • The battle somewhat resembles to the Battle of Helm's Deep, both takes place during night, the offenders came in with a big force to destroy its primary objective, to smash through the gate and siege the fort
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