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The Battle of Anvil Gate was a significant battle between the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army, the Locust Horde and the Lambent during Victory Day. It was one of the larger conflicts in the closing days of the Locust War and Lambent Pandemic. The Locust Horde and Lambent launched an assault on Anvil Gate of Anvegad, Kashkur. The garrison held one half of the remaining COG Army following the disbandment of the COG in 15 A.E. The battle of Anvil Gate was nearly lost until Sgt. Marcus Fenix, Delta Squad and Professor Adam Fenix activated the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon in Azura, destroying the Lambent and neutralizing the Locust Horde. The battle of both Azura and Anvil Gate was commemorated in Victory Day.


After Delta-One hijacked a Gas Barge from the Deadlands, they rescued Dizzy from an ammo depot where he was scavenging for ammo and supplies for the fort. After battling the Queen’s Guards at the ammo depot and shooting three hostile Gas Barges and several Reavers down, Delta-One and Dizzy left the depot on their Gas Barge. Flying toward the fort, they spotted a massive force of Savage Locust heading toward the fort. While trying to contact Colonel Victor Hoffman via radio, Queen Myrrah and her Tempest attacked them and shot them down, causing them to crash outside the fort. Several Gears from Anvil Gate led by Hoffman surrounded the crashed barge only to find out that Marcus Fenix and his Gears were in the Barge. Hoffman was surprised to see that Marcus was alive. He took Delta back to the fort to prepare for the upcoming attack.

Order of Battle[]

Defending the Gates[]

"All personnel, prepare the "Last Resort", I repeat, prepare the "Last Resort"!"
Bernadette Mataki ordering all personnel inside the fort to prepare the "Last Resort" during the battle.

With Sgt. Mataki taking command, Col. Hoffman, along with Delta-One and several Gears, took defensive positions on the front gate. A large force of Savage Grenadiers and Drones assaulted the fort with Reavers providing air support. Delta-One was able to hold the front gate from the overwhelming attack until a Siegebeast was used to destroy the front gate. With an opening into the fort, Bloodmounts poured in while Gears assisted by Delta-One took positions on the catwalk, raining fire down on the Savage Locust below. The Gears used a propane trap over the second courtyard and detonated it over the Drones below. Another wave of Savage Locust attacked the fort. A squadron of Maulers and Grinders entered the courtyard. The Maulers used their shields as cover while the Grinders covered them. They eventually breached the second gate, forcing Delta-One and the rest of the garrison to retreat to the garage to hold their position for a final assault.

A massive wave of Savage Drones poured into the third courtyard with numerous Boomers blasting the final set of doors open, allowing the Locust to successfully breach the interior fort. Col. Hoffman ordered the “Last Resort” to be used. It was a massive Imulsion tank which was dropped onto the courtyard by Sgt. Mataki. After it was dropped, Col. Hoffman ordered the Gears to open fire on the tank. The Imulsion tank exploded, killing any Locust caught outside. Once all of the remaining Locust were killed, Sgt. Mataki ordered the fire teams to put the flames out before they destroyed the fort. After regrouping from the Locust assault, Sgt. Fenix asked Col. Hoffman for A2897. Col. Hoffman said that he still had the disk, but never opened it. Sgt. Fenix revealed he had the key, given to him by Chairman Richard Prescott before he died. Delta-One now had the tools that they needed to find Azura. Sgt. Mataki barged into the room, alerting them to a group of Gears led by Pvt. Samantha Byrne and Lt. Anya Stroud were pinned down by the Locust outside the perimeter.

Lambent Attack[]

Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Cole took a truck from the garage to rescue Lt. Stroud and Pvt. Byrne while Sgt. Mataki and Cpl. Santiago provided covering fire along the walls. As the rescue truck arrived at the scene, a Savage Boomer launched a Digger at the driver, killing them and flipping the truck over. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Cole survived the attack, but were unable to save Pvt. Jynx from getting his arm ripped off and beaten with it to death by a Savage Grenadier. Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Cole assisted Lt. Stroud and Pvt. Byrne in eliminating the Savage Locust. As Delta-One returned with the survivors to Anvil Gate, several Lambent Stalks erupted, bringing several Lambent Polyps, Drones, and Drudges.

As the Gears were caught in a three-way firefight between the Lambent and Locust, Sgt. Fenix ordered Cpl. Baird to start the Hammer of Dawn. Cpl. Baird replied that it was going to take sometime, suggesting Delta retreat inside as soon as possible. As a fourth Stalk emerged, a Lambent Berserker emerged from the Stalk and immediately killed two Gears before flipping a car at the others outside. Sgt. Fenix immediately ordered Cpl. Baird to fire the Hammer of Dawn. Cpl. Baird fired the Hammer of Dawn, but was not able to fully control it. Delta barely managed to retreat back into the fort. Any remaining Locust and lesser Lambent forms outside the fort were killed by the Hammer of Dawn strike.

Sgt. Fenix, believing that the Lambent Berserker was dead, attempted to return everyone back to their normal duties when the gates began to get pummeled in. The Lambent Berserker soon jumped over the gate, revealing herself to be still alive. Sgt. Mataki, Lt. Stroud, Pvt. Mataki, and Col. Hoffman retreated to the back of the fort while Sgt. Fenix, Cpl. Santiago, Pvt. Cole and Cpl. Baird attacked the Lambent Berserker. When charging after Delta, the Lambent Berserker's chest plate opened to reveal a vulnerable opening to her Imulsion-infested heart that they managed to exploit. While spilling Imulsion fumes upon being wounded and jumping around the courtyard, the Lambent Berserker was then fatally wounded and exploded upon death.


Having secured the fort, Delta and Col. Hoffman gathered together to finally decrypt A2897 and learn about Azura's location. They discovered that Azura is a secure island that is camouflaged and protected by an artificial maelstrom called the Adaptive Atmospheric Manipulation System. Cpl. Baird found that the only way to enter Azura was to go under the hurricane. Col. Hoffman suggested using the CNV Adamant docked at the Endeavor Naval Shipyard in Halvo Bay. Cpl. Baird raised his concerns about it not being sea-worthy, empty on fuel, and without a driver. Pvt. Dizzy Wallin offered to join the mission as he was ex-Merchant Navy and could fix, drive, and fuel the ship. In need of fuel, Cpl. Santiago offered to detour via Mercy or Char, both Stranded settlements home to Imulsion refineries Mercy Fuel and Griffin Imulsion Corporation. Pvt. Byrne voiced her worry about Mercy, due to it being the hometown of Cpl. Santiago's late wife. Cpl. Santiago assured them that he could handle it, and that getting the fuel was more important.

The following morning, the people of Anvil Gate prepared Delta Squad for their journey. Col. Hoffman and Sgt. Mataki revealed that they were staying behind, as they did not surrender Anvil Gate during the Pendulum Wars and wouldn't allow it to be taken by the Locust or Lambent, as well as being too old for a mission like this. Sgt. Fenix then led the convoy to Mercy and Char, along with Lt. Stroud, Cpl. Santiago, Cpl. Stratton, Pvt. Byrne, and Pvt. Wallin. Realizing that they will need reinforcements for when they take Azura; Sgt. Fenix ordered Cpl. Baird, Pvt. Cole, and Pvt. Carmine to the task of finding back-up, transport, and weapons. Pvt. Cole suggested returning to Halvo Bay due to old comrades Pvt. Garron Paduk and Cdt. Sofia Hendrik were leading a large Stranded group there. Cpl. Baird initially refused due to their personal history at Halvo Bay, but reluctantly agreed. Sgt. Fenix then led the convoy to Mercy through the nearby city of Concord.

Final Battle[]

"I know you're medics, but we need everyone on that wall! Now!"
—Col. Victor Hoffman ordering all able bodies to defend Anvil Gate.

The following day, the Savage Locust eventually began their assault on Anvil Gate. They created a wildfire in the Anvegad Plains and brought an entire army with them. The Siegebeasts launched projectiles in the battle, causing extreme damage to Anvil Gate. As the battle progressed, the non-combat roles are ordered by Col. Hoffman to engage the fight and defend the wall. The combat medics are called to the front and assisted Sgt. Mataki on the right side of the wall while Col. Hoffman defended the left side with the path between them still blocked with the ruins from the previous battle. Thousands of Drones and Boomers are on the battlefield as several Locust Drones began to grapple Anvil Gate's walls and invade the garrison. The COG soldiers, medics and civilians used turrets and detonated the explosives planted on the battlefield to defend the garrison, killing dozens of Locust Drones and Boomers. A Siegebeast launched a projectile again onto Anvil Gate, destroying the blockage and allowing passage to the other side of Anvil Gate. The Locust Drones began to grapple and overrun the left side of the wall along with a pack of Wretches. Sgt. Mataki ordered the rescue and assistance of Col. Hoffman.

Col. Hoffman and Sgt. Mataki as the war ended.

After reaching Col. Hoffman, the COG medics and soldiers began to repel the Locust and Lambent on both sides with the Lambent Drudges invading as well. The Locust brought several Brumaks with them. The COG was able to destroy some of the Brumaks on the battlefield, but the Locust and Lambent onslaught continually attacked the garrison. The Locust brought the Corpsers with them who began to climb onto Anvil Gate, ensuring that the Locust would occupy Anvil Gate and destroy it along with everyone inside. Anvil Gate was nearly overrun and could potentially be lost to the enemy for the first time in history. Just as the Locust and Lambent began to overrun Anvil Gate, the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon was activated at Azura by Professor Adam Fenix. Multiple blue waves of radiation pulsated across Sera including the Anvegad Pass as the radiation passed through the battlefield. The Lambent were vaporized into ash and all Locust creatures collapsed and began to crystallize. While the wildfire destroyed much of the forest, Anvil Gate was secured as the rest of humanity was now that their enemies are vanquished and the Locust War and Lambent Pandemic finally ended after the long seventeen years war.


"But against all odds, a brave group of soldiers led by Marcus Fenix finally ended our Locust nightmare."
—First Minister Mina Jinn on the Second Battle of Anvil Gate and the end of the Locust War.

Anvil Gate was secured as Azura was and the humans occupying both, ensuring the survival of the human race. At some point, the humans from both Azura and Anvil Gate reunited and began to rebuild. Lt. Anya Stroud would become the First Minister of the newly reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments while Col. Victor Hoffman would remain as the Chief of the COG Defense Staff. The COG rebuilt the capital as New Ephyra. Twenty-five years after the end of the war, Victory Day was made into a holiday as Col. Hoffman was in attendance with Pvt. Augustus Cole and Pvt. Samantha Byrne as First Minister Mina Jinn commemorated the sacrifices of the men and women in the COG Army, and the battles fought including the Second Battle of Anvil Gate.

Behind the Scenes[]

The Battle of Anvil Gate during the day in the E3 2010 Demo.

  • The Battle of Anvil Gate was used in the E3 2010 Demo. Originally, the battle was to take place during the day.
  • During the battle, both the Savage Locust and the Queen's Guard are seen cooperating to breach the defenses of the fort, though this was most likely due to Myrrah returning to the Deadlands to instill hope back to the Savage Locust.
  • In the ending of Gears of War 3, the fort is under attack by Lambent forces, though in the prologue of Gears of War 4, the fort is under attack by Locust forces when the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon is detonated.


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