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The Battle Trawler or COG Trawler was a class of fishing vessel used for trawling commercial fish en-masse. Although a civilian naval vessel, the Coalition of Ordered Governments had repurposed these vessels for military means, as the COG start to run out of key resource and supplies to construct true and proper warships.


Lambent Pandemic[]

A Battle Trawler was one of the three key ships that made up the CNV Sovereign. It served as the main fishing vessel and a key combat vessel in times of crisis. During the Lambent Pandemic, the Battle Trawler was heavily damaged by sprouting Lambent Stalks and the Lambent Leviathan. The Trawler, along with the Raven's Nest Class and the COG Tanker, was destroyed when the Lambent Leviathan exploded. [1]


The modified COG Trawler in the CNV Sovereign, was meant as a powerful close-to-medium range warship which was used to protect the largely under armed Raven's Nest Class Helicopter Carrier. In return, the Raven's Nest Class would use its King Ravens and other stored aircraft to defend the Trawler from enemy aircrafts and long range assaults.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Major modifications have made the Trawler into a heavily armed cruiser. These modifications were so drastic that very little resembles the original civilian fishing trawler it once was.


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