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Bastions were Guardians possessed by the Leech. Unlike their non-infected counterparts, these infected bots acted as support units, generating a kinetic cocoon-like shield around their allies rather than themselves.[1]

While this makes taking down a Bastion relatively easier compared to either a Guardian or a Sentinel, an enemy shielded by a Bastion such as a Scion would become invulnerable and therefore, an exceptional threat.[2]

Bastions lack any weapons compared to their non-infected counterparts and should be the first to be targeted due to its utility.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Concept art for the Bastion showcased multiple transformations depending on its role as drawn by Cesar Rizo. [3]
  • Unlike the shields of its non-infected counterparts, a Bastion's shield fully encompass its designated ally.
    • Their shields are also invincible. It is unknown how the Swarm manage to improve the shielding technology, or whether it is just gameplay mechanics.
    • The shielding bares resemblance to a Locust Shell.
  • The way of shooting through the energy shield and without harming who is inside it, by bouncing the ammunition, resembles propeller-driven aircraft before the Jet Age. These planes had a system, Synchronization Gear, allowing the bullets to pass through the propellers and therefore, not endanger the integrity of the plane. From the way the Bastion's shield fluctuates, it is understood that it can work in three ways:
    • The first: the shield is turned on and off, so that the outgoing ammunition leaves the shield and the incoming ammunition from the enemy's does not harm them.
    • The second: that the Bastion makes the intensity of the shield fluctuate, second by second to avoid damage to the one inside the shield.
    • The third: not only a shield, but up to two shields, which are synchronized, one turns off and the other turns on, so that it can fire and avoid the incoming shots.


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