"JD, finish it."
—Kait Diaz, after seeing the Hive Beast collapse.

The Assault on the Tollen Dam was the first major encounter of the Swarm War. The clash between the human force consisting of surviving Delta-One members as well as a group of Outsiders: two former Gears - James Dominic Fenix and Delmont Walker - and Kait Diaz, born an Outsider, and the Swarm was aimed at saving Kait's mother, Reyna Diaz, who was abducted with the rest of their Outsider community a few hours earlier. The attack took place hours after the discovery of the Swarm's existence at the Tollen Dam and its surroundings.

Order of BattleEdit

Storming the HiveEdit


The Hive Beast

In the matter of minutes, JD and Kait, supported by Sam's KR, manage to break through the base of the dam at 09:11 and enter the drained reservoir where after repelling a few barrages of cankers, they're attacked by a large creature, capable of launching quills from its tentacles as well as gestating cankers in its chest. As they tear it's tentacles off, the beast manages to shoot the King Raven down. None of the people on board are killed, but Marcus tells JD and Kait they are under attack, meaning they will have to finish the fight on their own. JD asks Baird about the choppers condition, then rips the main rotor off and uses it cut the beast's legs off. Without it's tentacles and legs, the creature collapses and JD deals the final blow by driving the rotor into its skull.

Finding ReynaEdit


Gears discover Reyna's fate.

Gears regroup outside the cave, then enter the heart of the hive only to find Reyna attached to the Swarm's biomass, partially transformed. Kait asks Marcus if he knew, he confirms but says he did not know they would find something like that. Reyna tells them that if she is freed from the network, she will die and asks her daughter for a mercy kill. JD objects, saying Reyna cannot ask Kait to kill her, but Kait stops him and asks him to leave so she can have a final goodbye with her mother. When Kait and Reyna are alone, Reyna asks her daughter to take her necklace. Kait starts to cut her mother off the biomass and as she continues, she breaks down. Reyna begs Kait to continue and only then Kait is able to finally euthanize her mother.


Kait learns her mother's secret.

As Kait exits the cave crying, JD and the others rush to her to comfort her. Marcus remarks that this war is only beginning and JD should take Kait to some safe place. She responds by saying she does not need protection and Marcus - knowing the pain of loss and the trauma caused by it - tells her she needs time to deal with the death of Reyna, not protection. She shows them her mother's necklace and declares it belonged to her grandmother, a woman she never met. Only Kait is able to see the medallion's reverse - the symbol of the Locust Horde[1].


Following the battle, the group buried Reyna and decided to look for shelter, supplies and communication equipment in an old Outsider stash Kait visited once with her uncle, Oscar[2].

Even though the mission was technically a failure, as the Gears were not able to rescue Kait's mother in time, it had great strategic meaning. By investigating a second burial site, Marcus, JD, Del and Kait confirmed that most - if not all of them - are infested by the Swarm, which indeed is connected to the Locust.

The battle was also the first instance of Mina Jinn's forces clashing with the Swarm, thus confirming its existence to the COG, which finds itself at war with an old enemy. That also means the outsiders were not responsible for the kidnappings, which allowed a ceasefire and potential cooperation between the human factions against the Swarm. The Swarm also revealed their ability to infect DeeBees and turn them into hybrids like Rejects and Stumps, which puts the new COG at a huge disadvantage as most of their armed forces in 42 A.E. consists of DBs.

Reyna giving her necklace to Kait also revealed the possibility of Queen Myrrah having a successor. That piece of information is currently known only to Kait Diaz. Reyna being Myrrah's descendant was most likely the very reason the Swarm was interested in her.


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