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The Assault on Mount Kadar was an attack launched on Mount Kadar during Operation: Hollow Storm in an effort to reach Nexus in the Inner Hollow.


After Coalition High Command realized they blindly sent thousands of Gears into the wrong part of the Inner Hollow, Chairman Richard Prescott personally declassified an intel file on the New Hope Research Facility where it was believed that the old decommissioned COG outpost contained information on the exact location of the Locust Stronghold, Nexus, and possibly intel on Queen Myrrah as well. Delta-One was sent personally on the mission, led by Sgt. Marcus Fenix.

In the facility, the former Director of New Hope, Dr. Niles Samson, maintained his presence in the form of a semi-sentient security system to watch over the facility. After navigating the security systems, Delta-One uncovered genetic experiments done to human children sick with Rustlung known as Sires. After activating an old video log, Dr. Niles Samson revealed that he was being shut down by Chairman Monroe and was planning on transporting several of the Sires and his staff to Mount Kadar. Due to the belief that the Sires were progenitors of the Locust Horde, it was deduced that Nexus must be where they took the Sires inside Mount Kadar.

However, Queen Myrrah was aware that the humans had reopened New Hope in an attempt to find Nexus and sent a small army to destroy Delta-One and the facility. Delta-One managed to escape, but Queen Myrrah and her army were then made aware that they were coming to Nexus with the intention of invading them from the surface.

Order of Battle[]

Incursions of Delta Squad[]

After escaping New Hope, Delta-One arrived in Kadar Valley in the early morning hours within a Centaur. The Coalition was made clear that Nexus was somewhere beneath Mount Kadar, and the assault was underway with hundreds of Derricks and thousands of Gears headed towards Mount Kadar to prepare for launch. However, the exact location of Nexus was unknown, and Delta-One was ordered to personally enter Mount Kadar through a cave entrance at the end of an old logging road and to locate Nexus then activating JACK's beacon to mark the exact location.

The Locust Army was aware of Delta-One's arrival and sent numerous troops to meet with them. The Locust Army then used Nemacyst as mortars against Delta, especially when crossing the frozen lakes that surrounded Mount Kadar. Delta-One was then successful in terminating the three Seeders responsible for the Seeder mortar attacks and continued to the end of the logging road where a large barricade guarded by Locust soldiers defended a large cave entrance inside Mount Kadar. Delta-One was able to defeat the small garrison and collapse the fortress, gaining access inside Mount Kadar.

Inside Mount Kadar[]

Once inside the caverns of Mount Kadar, Delta-One was met with many Hollow creatures guarding the way to Nexus. Three Corpsers and two Brumaks attacked the Centaur, but Delta-One was able to eliminate all the threats. The Centaur then approached the underground lake of Mount Kadar and encountered a Stranded group led by Chaps - as it was becoming popular for Stranded groups to camp underground due to the surface being constantly attacked by desperate Locust raids. Chaps then offered intelligence that Nexus was only across the lake, and Sgt. Marcus Fenix ordered Cpl. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole to evacuate the Stranded to the surface using the Centaur while he and Cpl. Dominic Santiago continued on foot.

Sgt. Fenix fighting a Leviathan.

Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole then evacuated the Stranded group on the surface where they were met by the remainder of the Coalition army. The Stranded group was then evacuated to Jacinto City while Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole awaited for the beacon's call. Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago were attacked by a patrolling Locust squad using gunboats on the lake. Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago managed to hijack one of the gunboats to cross the lake, but were attacked by a single Leviathan. Sgt. Fenix was successful in killing the creature by throwing a grenade down its throat. The two then continued down the lake and found a back road to the Nexus Highway.

Invasion of Kadar Valley[]



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