"Prescott decided we needed to do some crazy last-ditch assault on the Hollow...finish the grubs off for good. Everyone got called in, didn't matter if you were sick or not."
— Sgt. Jonathan Harper

The Assault on Landown was a major battle during the Locust War, and marked the beginning of Operation: Hollow Storm. After enduring a persistent Locust siege of their territories on the Jacinto Plateau, Coalition forces launched a counterattack aimed at recapturing the town of Landown as a launching pad for an assault on the Inner Hollows themselves.

Order of BattleEdit


"We must, now, take this fight to the Locust."
Chairman Richard Prescott, during his speech

After another failed Locust raid on Jacinto, this time directed at the local hospital, the failure of the Lightmass Bomb to wipe out all the Locust, as well as the sinking of the cities of Tollen and Montevado, COG High Command decided that if humanity was to survive, then the impossible would have to be accomplished: an all-out attack on the Locust's home turf, the Hollow. It was decided that the abandoned mountain community of Landown would be the staging ground for this offensive, as it was the only place on the Jacinto Plateau that was suitable to dig through. The plan was for a massive column of Derricks carrying numerous squads of Gears and supported by large numbers of fighting vehicles to assault the town and establish a foothold upon which the Gears could drill down to reach the Inner Hollow, and destroy the Locust breeding grounds; and hopefully their Queen. The COG massed thousands of Gears, ranging from fresh recruits, conscripts and former prisoners to hardened veterans. For Chairman Prescott and the COG leadership, this was humanity's last stand. After fifteen years of being locked in a brutal war of attrition, soon humanity would not have the strength to defend Jacinto any longer, thus the Coalition was desperate to finish the war for good.

The Road to LandownEdit


The Road to Landown


South Landown

After COG forces left the staging area, they began Operation: Hollow Storm. Immediately after leaving COG-controlled territory, the columns came under heavy attack from Locust air units and mortars, taking heavy casualties, including many of their King Ravens and Assault Derricks. Despite these initial losses, the COG task force pressed on, destroying all Locust opposition they encountered. Derricks, like Rig 314, broke down and were forced to stop and repair, slowing the human advance and leaving them vulnerable to mortar attacks and Locust ambushes. Many of the columns, such
Brumak (1)

A Brumak rams an assault derrick en route to Landown.

as Rig Group 3 suffered such assaults from the Locust forces hiding in the now burning woods and from Emergence Holes. The Derricks then rolled in onto a Locust staging area with dozens of sink holes, and Locust Drones began capturing Derricks (including Rig G53) with grappling hooks, and tried to use them to destroy the remaining COG forces, even as Brumaks attempted to prevent the Gears from crossing the bridge. Still, the COG forces endured, carving their way through the enemy ranks, and moved on until the Locust reinforcements just south of Landown brought in numerous Brumaks and Corpsers with them. After a bloody battle, COG forces finally reached Landown, having suffering significant casualties for their efforts, yet having broken through the enemy lines and left thousands of dead Drones and dozens of larger Locust creatures slain in their wake.

Street by Street, House by HouseEdit

Gears of War 2 - Landown

Urban warfare in the streets of Landown.


Locust forces made several attempts to stop the COG advance in Landown.

With the main lines of Locust defenses now broken, the Gears began the unenviable task of clearing Tickers and Locust troops from the city. Spearheaded by Delta Squad, the humans started clearing each street and the many ruined buildings of enemy resistance, escorting their Assault Derricks to the drill zone. At the same time, a COG convoy of Derricks and Centaur Tanks were moving up the main street on a more direct path to the Town Monument. Flights of Nemacyst prevented their King Ravens from providing air cover, so Delta Squad, after being pinned down at a gas station, eliminated the airborne pests, giving the COG greater control over the battlefield. Even within the city limits, Locust resistance was fearsome. Delta Squad's experience was a typical one, as the unit was forced to eliminate entire swarms of Tickers and several Locust mortar positions in order to clear a path for their rig, even facing off against Reavers and a Brumak before they could reach their destination. Though losses were again considerable, the Gears succeeded in clearing out the Locust forces from Landown and securing the drilling zone; an old cemetery next to a monument commemorating the heroic sacrifice of COG forces during the Pendulum Wars. With the entire task force now gathered and the Grindlifts warming up, the big push straight into the heart of the Locust territories could begin.

Locust CounterattackEdit

After aligning the Derricks and establishing defenses, E-Holes appeared from underneath the graves of soldiers that had died in the Pendulum Wars and Locust troops began a massive assault, hoping to eliminate the Gears before they could deploy into the Hollow. Many Drones began to set up mortars, while thousands more Drones assaulted the Derricks directly, assisted by dozens of Boomers and air support from Reavers, pinning down many Gears on their Rigs. The humans put up a tough resistance, with some Gears manning the Chain Guns, and hundreds of Locust died within the first few minutes of the fighting. However, the Gears took casualties too, and several Derricks along with their squads perished under the onslaught before the combined firepower of the humans drove the enemy off. After a short but heavy battle, Delta and the other Gears were able to enter their Grindlifts. At that moment, Locust reinforcements, led by Skorge, leader of the Kantus priests, proceeded to assault the COG staging area, killing several Gears and destroying a Centaur Tank. In the end, Delta and many other Gears successfully deployed into the Hollows, but at the cost of the drill zone.

Outcome and AftermathEdit

"The Landown assault, in which we engaged the enemy within their own tunnels, resulted in major losses and failed to stop the Locust advance."
— Excerpt from Col.Hoffman's report on reasoning for the Sinking of Jacinto.[5]

The Assault on Landown was a considerable strategic advantaged for the Coalition of Ordered Governments, as the success of the engagement allowed the Gears to take the offensive against the Locust for the first time in many years, but in the with despite sustaining heavy losses the COG was not able to stop the Locust forces from advancing on Jacinto's city. Forcing the COG to sink their last stronghold and flood the Hollows. The COG was able to evacuate large portions of their army from the tunnels.


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