The Asp was an anti-air tank[1] that was used by the Union of Independent Republics and Ostri Republic armed forces at the Battle of Aspho Fields. Asps were heavily armed, equipped with anti-air guns, missile launchers, and self-protective machine guns. Their variety of powerful weapons allowed them to easily take down Petrels. The UIR APC used the same chassis as the Asp, but did not have a missile launcher installed.


Battle of Aspho FieldsEdit

During the Battle of Aspho Fields, at least two Asps were deployed by the Union of Independent Republics. One was destroyed when Major Helena Stroud dropped a bandolier of grenades down its hatch, but she was also killed when her webbing caught on its frame as she tried to jump off. Cpl. Marcus Fenix hijacked the remaining Asp and used it to demolish enemy vehicles and troops, allowing air support to reach the COG forces.

Mutiny at OZP-11Edit

A number of Asps were deployed by the UIR garrison at OZP-11 in Vasgar during the Mutiny at OZP-11 in the final weeks of the Pendulum Wars.[2]

Swarm WarEdit

Decades later, in 42 A.E., some of the derelict Asps, along with other abandoned UIR military vehicles, were stripped for parts by the Nomads.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Concept art from Gears of War concept designer Carlo Balassu showcased a UIR Anti-Air Vehicle that could be a nod to the Asp.[3]


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