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This article is about the chapter in Gears of War 2. For the chapter in Gears of War 3, see Ascension (Gears of War 3).

Ascension is the fourth chapter of the third act of Gears of War 2.

Locust Outposts[]

Mount Kadar

When players reach Mount Kadar, they will take control of the Centaur Tank. Dom will use the weapon's systems (in single-player, the player is controlling this system as well) and Baird will repair the tank when damaged (indicated by billowing fire and smoke). If the tank takes too much damage, it will blow up, ending the game and making you start from the last checkpoint. There are two paths at the start, and both lead to the same path. Both contain various enemies in different areas, so feel free to pick which path you want.

As you fight through the outposts, which contain some Drones, a few Reavers once in a while and a few Boomers, you will reach a frozen lakebed. Nemacyst mortars smash down onto the lake beds to smash the ice. If you fall into the water, the tank will be destroyed and you will have to start from the beginning of the lake that you are on. Move slowly through the lake, and then you need to get past another lake again.

As you reach a curve on the road, you'll spot a few Seeders on a cliff ledge shooting Nemacyst at you. Dispose of them quickly and proceed to a final outpost. Deal with the enemies, which include a Boomer, a Troika turret, several Drones and a few Reavers. Collapse the large tower to destroy the gate, and you can proceed into the Hollows.

As you proceed through the Hollows, move slowly as there are usually some unexpected events that can potentially kill you. As you unintentionally drive off a cliff ledge, you crash and the Centaur gets disabled. Baird fixes it, and you'll find three Corpsers waiting in front of you. Shoot them quickly or they will destroy your tank. Now keep proceeding until you reach a large cavern area. Multiple Brumaks will start attacking you (around three). Destroy all of them to start the next chapter.


  • There are no collectibles in this chapter.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Tanks for the Memories" achievement.

Behind the Scenes[]

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