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The Artillery Battery

The Artillery Battery, also called C Battery was a UIR Artillery Battery that was constructed near the Train Bridge. It was built by the Union of Independent Republics on the Vasgari coast to protect OZP-11 which was the UIR's top-secret cosmodrome from the sea-based attacks. It was operated by a contingent of Furlin's Fourth Infantry which was the UIR's military unit that was sent to oversee the shutdown of OZP-11 in the final days of the Pendulum Wars.[1]


A view of the Train Bridge from the Artillery Battery

The Artillery Battery was used during the Mutiny at OZP-11. Garron Paduk and his Gorasni troops seized control of the RNV Borascu which was transporting them back home to Gorasnaya and turned back to OZP-11. Major Girek C. Toly learned about this after the ship's Captain broadcasted a distress call and immediately ordered the Artillery Battery to fire on the RNV Borascu. While many of those that are on board are killed by the shelling and when the ship sank, Paduk and at least 200 Gorasni soldiers survived and made it to shore where they launched attacks on OZP-11's facilities and instigated a doomed and three-day civil war.[2]

By 42 A.E., the Artillery Battery was chosen by a four-man Nomad scavenger team that was seeking to salvage anything that was valuable. The Nomads unexpectedly encountered a Snatcher that was nesting at the structure and are podded. Sometime later, Delta-One investigated the site and killed the Snatcher. All four of the Nomads are freed from their pods before they could be dissolved.[2]



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