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Model in Exibit.

Armored Sharks are bizarre and savage looking sharks that delved in the Twilight Zone within the Serano Ocean. They are one of the largest marine predators of Sera save for the Leviathan. These sharks, unlike most cartilaginous fish, had hard, armored, bony plates like those from the Armored Fish, making them both dangerous and hard to kill.

Unlike most sharks or vertebrates for that matter, Armored Sharks have a strange maw adaptation, similar to the Serano Blowfish. Its mandible has been split in two and its orifices became overly enlarged and lined with teeth. This adaptation allows the shark to swallow its prey whole through suction feeding, whilst its mandible acts as pincers to ensure the prey doesn't escape.[1]

As the fish lived in areas with low light, energy conservation would become essential for survival amongst most marine animals at that depth. As such, the streamline body of the shark combined with its overly-evolved suction feeding means that this animal has been adapted for speed and take advantage of their prey's slow metabolism.

Taxidermed models of these fishes are found in the aquariums of the Natural History Museum.[2]



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