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Armored Scions are Scions that lack as much as the protective crystals as their more common Scion brothers, and therefore, wore more armor to compensate for the lack of crystalline defences. In contrast to the more common Scions, Armored Scions are a bit more experienced and carry either a Dropshot Munitions Launcher or a Buzzkill, weapons that require far more precise handling than the simple Boomshot.


Origins and the Swarm War[]

Like all Scion varieties, Armored Scions were born from the crystalline shells that encased them following the detonation of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon and the ensuing metamorphosis of the entire Locust race. The strange crystals covering the Locust bodies were proven to be unbreakable and indestructible as there were little attempts of destroying them; instead, the COG committed to dumping thousands of dead Locust bodies in abandoned sites for mass burial sites and bury them underneath.

Little did humanity know, the countermeasure weapon never killed the Locusts; rather, it forced the Locusts to shut down for preservation, enhancing them and mutating them in states of prolonged metamorphosis. 25 years later, the Scions along with the rest of its brethren, emerged from their dormant shells and quickly waged a new war for survival against the newly reformed COG.[1]


Unlike regular Scions who are relatively easy to deal with due to the inaccurate shots of the Boomshot. Armored Scions are far more dangerous due to the weapons they wield. The Dropshot ensures that cover is all but useless and that constant strafing is needed to avoid the weapon's effects. This is a risk especially on higher difficulties since cover is also essential to avoid being downed. A counter to the Dropshot is to find an in-closed building/room where the Dropshot's drill would find trouble bypassing the room's windows. If no building/room is present then a constant strafe between cover is needed.

The other weapon a Armored Scion would use is a Buzzkill. Buzzkills are another weapon that could potentially bypass cover when ricocheting. Fortunately, they are slightly easier to handle as the Buzzkill's saws are not as capable in contrast to the Dropshot.

Despite the presence of their armor, Armored Scions are nearly identical to regular Scions in terms of their stats. Use heavy and explosive weapons to deal with them accordingly.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Armored Scions perform a similar role to the Savage Boomer due to the nature of their weapons.
  • Armored Scions seem to wear a similar armor to a Scion Elite.


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