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The armored fish was a species of Placoderms found extensively throughout the Serano Ocean. These fish had a hard external bony plate which gave them ample protection against the myriad of predators found in the waters of Sera.

These fish has both normal teeth and an armored beak, providing a formidable bite. They form a symbiotic relationship with barnacles, with the barnacle getting rid of parasites and the fish giving the barnacle a free ride for more food sources. Their armor is plated like chain mail which gives them flexibility and mobility in water.

The only predators were those with a bite force that could crush the fish's armor such as the Serano Shark or the Armored Shark. Taxidermed models of these fishes are found in the aquariums of the Natural History Museum.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • These fishes are placoderms, which were real-life armored fish that lived during the Silurian to Devonian periods.


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