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The Armadillo, nicknamed Dills, was a multi-seated, six-wheeled, heavily armored APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) used by Gears. It was the primary ground transport of the Coalition and was designed for both urban and all-terrain combat, with a heavily armored exterior to resist enemy fire, six wheel suspension, side and back mounted gun turrets and grenade launchers, a front end shovel, and a hefty engine.


Armadillo APC's were used constantly by the COG Army throughout the Locust War, used for general combat, assault operations, scouting, patrolling, transport and extraction. It was also used for the evacuation of civilians when the COG had to evacuate and abandon one of their cities.

Locust War[]

Evacuation of Ilima[]

During the Evacuation of Ilima, a large number of Dills were used to evacuate civilians out of Ilima as a massive Kryllstorm approached the city. During the evacuation, at the COG evacuation checkpoint, Tai Kaliso was giving reassurance and words of wisdom to a young boy as he was being evacuated out of Ilima in an Armadillo. Just a few seconds after leaving the evacuation checkpoint as the Dill was driving on the road, a Corpser burst out of the ground and flipped over the vehicle; the Corpser then reared up its huge claws and came down upon the Armadillo, dragging it deep underground. The Horde had begun its assault upon the city.[1]

After rescuing Jace Stratton, Zeta clears out several Seeders, allowing an evacuation convoy to come to pick him up. However, the convoy comes under attack by a Brumak which is quickly eliminated by the Gears. Jace departs with the Dills while Zeta heads to Ilima High School to find Dr. Gregory Wisen.[2] However, the school, which is an evacuation center, has been overrun by the Locust, including a Berserker.[3]

After Zeta reestablishes contact with Control, Walker agrees to redirect the last Dill to meet them at Wisen's orphanage for evacuation.[4] The Dill arrives shortly after the Gears carrying Jace. However, it is destroyed by General RAAM with his modified Reaver, forcing the survivors to be evacuated by KR Eighty-Four instead.[5]

Lightmass Offensive[]

"There's something else here too. An APC behind the house, now we can get out of this shithole!"
—Baird, telling the rest of Delta about APC-142

While Marcus and Dom investigated the Fenix Estate, Baird repaired an Armadillo for use during their exfiltration. When Marcus and Dom exited the estate, they ran to the Armadillo, narrowly avoiding a Brumak. Baird floored it from the estate, avoiding the missiles fired from the beast. It was later abandoned outside of Timgad Station as Delta prepared to board the Tyro Pillar.

Operation: Hollow Storm[]

Just before the commencement of the operation, the Locust attacked Jacinto Med. A few 'Dills in the grounds of the Hospital helped in its defense.

Later, many Armadillos escorted the battalions of Gears and Assault Derricks as they left Jacinto.

Lambent Pandemic[]

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The APC has two remotely operated, rotating side turrets armed with a modified COG Machine Gun. The machine guns are shorter than the normal variant and it is unknown if it is a different mark, but they are clearly visible in the opening cut scene to Act 5. Nothing else is known besides the general appearance of the guns. Below these main weapons on the turret are four mounted grenade launchers,[6] presumably used for defense, though they may be for deploying Smoke Grenades. In the rear of the vehicle, there is a single remotely-operated, rotational gun turret just above the JACK enclosure. There is also a retractable hatch on the top of the APC, in which a Gear could position himself/herself for a clear firing position.

A JACK pod.


Besides armor and weapons, the Armadillo APC has several distinct and important features that help increase its support and combat survival capabilities. It features four headlights in dual sets on either front-side of the vehicle, as well as one searchlight mounted on the forward hatch of the vehicle. These headlights help to visualize in the dark to increase combat survival, as well as to help itself and other vehicles or troops on the ground to see through the dark.

In addition, it features a huge front end shovel designed and used for a number of different roles and is considered to be a highly useful feature. It is capable of pushing aside debris to clear the area of blockage, as well as rolling over Locust, such as Drones, to clear the way of an offensive threat. It also features several antennae in the back of the vehicle for both short-range and long-range communications; for in-between Armadillo APC's, other vehicles, Gears and other personnel as well as communicating with High Command/Combat Information Center. It features a retractable front, which can open and act as a hatch for Gears and other personnel who are entering and leaving the vehicle.

The Armadillo also has two rear-side external cargo bays for carrying supplies and equipment. At the top of the vehicle is a retractable hatch in which a Gear can stand guard, to gain greater visibility of an area, and to gain a firing position from; a sixth searchlight is mounted at the forward part of the hatch.

A detailed overview of the Armadillo APC.

List of Known APCs[]

The Armadillo APC themed car as seen in the Xbox One Rocket League trailer.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Many Armadillo APC's have the number “142” emblazoned on their fronts (even Laverne, a stripped-down and reconfigured APC used by the Stranded, has this).
  • One which spawns in the Gears of War 3 multiplayer map Hotel is labeled "APC", as it is located adjacent to an Armadillo, which provides cover for players as they spawn.
  • In October 2012, Erector released a series of Gears of War action figures and vehicles, which included the Armadillo APC.[7][8]
  • On December 4th, 2015, it was announced that the Armadillo APC from the Gears of War franchise would be a usable themed car in the Xbox One version of Rocket League.[9]


  • Two Armadillo APCs are seen next to the main hotel in the Gears of War 3 multiplayer map, Hotel.[10]



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