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Lexigram boards were used as a form of simple communications between men and ape. It was also used as communication between humans and early Locusts.

An Ape were a species of primates on Sera. Apes are generally tailless primates which sets them apart from monkeys. They are generally larger and some will knuckle-walk.

They are intelligent animals, with primatologists making lexigram boards to allow some ape species to use symbols as a form of simple communication. [1]

In the earliest years of the Pendulum Wars in the secret facilities of Mount Kadar, some of these lexigram boards eventually made it to the first generation Locust specimens as a form of communication. After the Mount Kadar Laboratory Uprising, the Locust eventually appropriated these lexigram symbols as the Locust Runes.[2]

The human race is an example of an ape, along with the genetically engineered Locust Horde despite their reptilian appearances. A race of subterranean apes were biologically engineered into the Brumaks by the Locust Horde.[3]

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