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"Tomorrow, Marcus. We've finally got a tomorrow!"
—Anya encouraging Marcus that, despite all of the losses they suffered, they have a guaranteed future.

First Minister Anya Stroud was the First Minister of the reestablished Coalition of Ordered Governments and a retired officer in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army during the Pendulum Wars and Locust War. Daughter of Major Helena Stroud, Anya joined the COG army to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Unlike her mother, however, she did not serve as a front-line Gear until 14 A.E. Instead, she became a communications officer and served in her mother's unit during the Pendulum Wars. There she met fellow soldier, Marcus Fenix, and fell deeply in love with him. She also became mutual friends with Gears Carlos and Dominic Santiago. She took part in the Battle of Aspho Fields, during which she witnessed the death of her mother.

Anya continued to serve as a controller in the CIC during the Locust War. She was in participation of the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, in which Chairman Richard Prescott scorched 90% of Sera's surface outside the Jacinto Plateau to stop the Locust in 1 A.E. Following the Fall of Ephyra in 10 A.E., Stroud and the rest of the Coalition relocated from Ephyra to Jacinto. Meanwhile, Sgt. Marcus Fenix was tried as a deserter during the battle while trying to rescue his father, Professor Adam Fenix, and sentenced to forty years in the Jacinto Maximum Security Prison. Four years later, however, Stroud and Fenix were reunited when Fenix was pardoned to participate in the Lightmass Offensive. Stroud operated as Delta Squad's controller during the Operation, helping them deploy the Lightmass Bomb. During Operation: Hollow Storm, she again guided Delta through their battles and escaped the Sinking of Jacinto. As the COG began to rebuild after the apparent victory over the Locust, Anya and Marcus grew closer and she began to train to become a front-line Gear, while still serving as a controller. However, when the Lambent emerged, Stroud fully embraced being in combat and fought alongside Sgt. Fenix in Delta Squad. Lt. Stroud fought until Victory Day, in which Professor Fenix launched the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon - vaprozing the Lambent and neutralizing the Locust in an Imulsion crystalline shells.

After the war, she married Sgt. Fenix and became the original First Minster of the reestablished Coalition of Ordered Governments. She led the people to rebuild New Ephyra and embraced reproductive programs to restore humanity. Taking part in the program herself, she conceived her son, James Dominic Fenix, as she was previously unable due to being barren, but later died in 27 A.E. from birthing complications of her second, unborn child.


Early life

Anya was the only daughter of Gear officer Major Helena Stroud. Her father wasn't present when she grew up, and as such, Helena raised her alone.[2] Despite Helena being the scion of the affluent Stroud Family, and had ownership of the Stroud Estate, she raised Anya within a small apartment in Jacinto City.

Pendulum Wars

Preparing for Operation Leveler

"Met forecast is for high winds and heavy seas, so timing is going to be critical."
—Anya, briefing C Company before Operation Leveler

Anya joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments army in the 75th year of the Pendulum Wars as a cadet officer,[3] but became a CIC controller instead of a frontline Gear like her mom. During the preparation for Operation Leveler, Anya was brought, along with another cadet, by Major Stroud to see her mother's company after a training session. Major Stroud lectured Anya and the other cadet on the virtues of getting out of the CIC, and seeing what Gears on the front line had to go through. Anya first met Marcus Fenix during this visit, and became attracted to him, and he to her.[4] Two days before the Operation began,[5] Anya boarded the CNV Kalona along with the rest of the cadets who would operate as controllers during the battle.[6] She later gave a briefing to the Gears on the weather conditions they would face during their landing, informing them that the weather would be difficult, and that timing would be critical.[7] When the Gears launched off on their landing craft toward Aspho Fields, Anya waved goodbye to her mother and gave her a thumbs up.[8]

Battle of Aspho Fields

"Kalona control to Pomeroy. Longstop is down, tango-four. I repeat, Longstop is down. Tango-four"
—Anya, reporting her mothers death to the command staff

During the battle, Anya operated as the main point of contact between C Company and the CIC aboard the Kalona. She informed her mother that the commandos infiltrating Aspho Point had possible enemy contact, and told Major Victor Hoffman that C Company was in position to assist them.[9] When Indie armor began to encircle Aspho Point, Anya was ordered by her mom to have the Petrels coming to assist them take out Peraspha Military Base, the location of the backup data on the Hammer of Dawn, first, so the UIR would not destroy Aspho Point.[10] Anya reported when the Petrels were in range, but they were taken out by enemy Asps. They Gears were out of Longspears to take out the Asps, and Anya informed her mother that the rest of the Petrels were not coming, and that the medevacs could not come in either. After pausing for a moment, Major Stroud told Anya that she was proud of her, and that she was doing a great job. Anya told her that she was also proud of her mom, and minutes later Major Stroud was killed in a suicide attack to take out one of the Asps. Sgt. Bernadette Mataki confirmed for Anya that her mom was dead, but amazingly, Anya continued to perform her duty, and reported her mother’s death to the CNV Pomeroy.[11] She informed Mataki that the Petrels were engaged with Indie fighters off the coast, and that the Sea Ravens were going to attempt a landing in five minutes to begin picking up the Gears.[12]

After the Battle

"No, sir. It's all I have left of her, and I won't let strangers stare at it. I've had enough of public bereavement."
—Anya, after Adam Fenix asked her if she would donate her mom’s Embry Star to the regimental museum

Five weeks after the battle, Anya was presented with her mother’s Embry Star. Both Marcus and Dominic Santiago, having developed a friendship with her, comforted Anya during the awards ceremony, and blocked the press from getting to her.[13] Anya later ate dinner with the two of them and their families. Professor Adam Fenix asked her if she was going to donate her mom's medal to the regimental museum, but she told him that she was going to keep it, not put it in a place where strangers would be staring at it all the time. After the dinner, she left to check her mom’s apartment, and Marcus went with her to make sure she was okay. Dom wanted the two of them to be able to get together, but Maria Santiago pointed out to him that since she was an officer and he was enlisted, both Anya and Marcus would wind up on charges. Out of a combination of grief, attraction and alcohol, the two had sex that night which developed into a secret relationship, despite violating several regulations. They continued this relationship for years, though Marcus would never stay the night as he had terrible nightmares and did not want to frighten her.[14] Though it was against regulations and was thus kept a secret, everyone seemed to know but no one cared.

Locust War

Anya with Hoffman and Kim on Emergence Day.

Emergence Day

"What the hell are those things?!"
—Anya, talking about the Locust

Lieutenant Stroud was in the capital city of Ephyra when the Locust Horde first emerged; a day that would come to be known as Emergence Day. She was a part of Colonel Victor Hoffman's convoy of commandeered civilian vehicles that was en route to the House of Sovereigns to rendezvous with Corporal Minh Young Kim. Nearing the House of Sovereigns, she was contacted by Kim, who advised her to divert the convoy because the House of Sovereigns was a red zone. Anya responded by saying that the whole city was a red zone. However, the convoy came under immediate attack as it arrived outside the House of Sovereigns, though Kim and his squad were able to assist in defeating the Locust. One of the Gears acquired the Hammer of Dawn from the convoy's van, killing a Corpser. After defeating the Locust incursion, Hoffman chose Kim to be his and Anya's escort. Anya then insisted they get inside quickly, and Kim unlocked the door to the entrance of the House of Sovereigns, following Hoffman and Stroud inside.[15]

Hammer of Dawn Strike

One year after Emergence Day, Anya was a controller in the CIC when Col. Victor Hoffman ordered the recall of all units to the Jacinto Plateau, which she found odd. She suspected something was going on, and became worried about Marcus and Dom's safety.[16] Minutes before the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, Anya informed Hoffman that there had been no sighting of his wife returning to the safe zone.[17]

Fall of Ephyra

Nine years later, Marcus was put on trial and sent to The Slab for abandoning his post to try and save his father during the Battle of Ephyra. He told Anya not to visit him, so she wrote to him twice a week for the four years he was in prison. In the letters, she admitted her love for Marcus. However, he never got more than a couple of the letters due to a guard burning the rest and his return letters. After a while, she started grieving for Marcus, believing him to be dead.[18] During this time, she never entered any kind of a relationship with another man due to her love for Marcus being so strong and supported Dom in his attempts to get Marcus free. She tells Dom that despite the regulations, all she wants is Marcus and shows worry that he had never openly returned her feelings or even stayed a whole night to which Dom tells her that Marcus loved her and never stayed to protect her from terrible nightmares he has. At one point, Chairman Prescott reveals to her that he knows of her relationship with Marcus and instead of charging her for having a relationship with an enlisted soldier, he offers her support and personally delivers a letter from her to Marcus which causes him to look into why they're not getting each other's letters. When the guard tells him the truth and calls Anya a "bitch," Marcus nearly beats him to death for insulting her and warns him not to do so again. When the Locust put the Slab under siege, Anya is the one who answers the senior warder's call and asks him to tell Marcus she loves him. The guard tells her Marcus asked him to tell her the same even though he really didn't, but Marcus, after learning of this when he laments not being able to tell her, thanks the guard for this.

Lightmass Offensive

Beginning of the Offensive
"Even the best of us do terrible things sometimes. And we don't know why."
—Anya to Hoffman, after learning he had allowed Dom to try and rescue Marcus from The Slab in an effort to make up for leaving him behind

In Gale of 14 A.E., the Locust began a major push on COG territory. While Anya was working in the new CIC in Wrightman Base, she overheard Prescott telling Hoffman that the Lightmass Bomb was ready for use, and asking what they were going to do about The Slab, which had been cut off from COG territory again. Prescott wanted to rescue and conscript the prisoners to help assist in the Lightmass Offensive, and ordered Anya to contact the closest platoon and order them to rescue the prisoners and arm any they saw fit to. Anya quickly contacted Lt.Schachter and gave her the orders, and shot Prescott a look of thanks for his efforts to keep Marcus alive. Hoffman then began issuing orders in preparation for their counterattack against the Locust, telling Anya to contact Lt.Minh Young Kim and set up an RV point for Hoffman and her to brief him on the Lightmass Bomb. Dr.Payne, the developer of the Lightmass Bomb, then sent Anya everything she needed to brief Kim. A few minutes later, Schachter contacted Anya, and she patched her through to Hoffman. Anya listened to Hoffman and Schachter talk about the situation at The Slab, and was horrified to learn that Marcus was not with the other inmates or warders when they had been rescued. Schachter wanted to return to the prison upon learning of Marcus' presence there, but Hoffman ordered her to fall back since her platoon would not be able to fight through an entire Locust battalion that was closing in on the prison. Anya did her best to keep calm as Hoffman asked her if the RV with Kim was set up, and asked if her tech data was ready. She refused to look at him as she informed him that it would take five more minutes for the data to print off. She followed him silently to the hanger bay once she gathered the necessary materials, and spotted Dom heading for Hoffman when they arrived. Hoffman ordered her to board KR-239, and she looked back to see Dom talking with Hoffman as she boarded the King Raven. She spent the next few minutes agonizing over what would happen to Marcus, but when Hoffman boarded the Raven, he casually remarked that Dom was a disobedient asshole. Anya was surprised and asked what he meant, and Hoffman informed her that Dom had just taken Jack, a spare set of armor, and an extra Lancer with him on a mission to The Slab, and that he would need to be given latrine duty for a week when the war was finished. He then patted Anya on her arm and remarked that he was not proud of himself for some of the things he had done, and she told him that the best of them did terrible things and did not know why. Hoffman agreed, causing Anya to tell him that she meant Marcus, not him, but Hoffman told her that he meant himself.[19]

Anya seeing Marcus for the first time in four years.

Guiding Delta Through Ephyra

After arriving at Embry Square aboard KR-239, Anya waited aboard the Raven while Hoffman greeted Delta-One as they arrived on KR Eight-Zero. Anya was surprised and excited to see Marcus again, with Dom having been successful in rescuing him from The Slab. They looked at each for the first time in four years, but their reunion was cut short when Locust forces attacked the Gears. To Marcus, this reunion meant a lot as her reaction told him she'd waited for him rather than move on like he'd insisted. After the first wave was defeated, Anya suggested to Hoffman that they leave before more Locust arrive. As Anya left with Hoffman in KR-239, she was tasked to provide support as Delta's controller. She was contacted by Kim after he and Delta located the bodies of three Gear soldiers, but they were unsure if it was Alpha, and informed her that there was no Sonic Resonator with them, which would be needed to map the Locust tunnels to provide firing data for the Lightmass Bomb.[20] She ordered them to head to the House of Sovereigns and investigate if Alpha was there.[21] Kim later contacted her and asked if any word had come from Alpha. She informed him that there had not been any.[22] Anya briefly lost contact with Delta due to Seeder interference, but after they killed two of them, she managed to get contact back.[23] After they killed a third Seeder, she managed to get them into contact with Alpha.[24] However, the next time Delta contacted her, it was Marcus informing her of Kim's death, and that they were trapped in the Tomb of the Unknowns with a Berserker. She was saddened by Kim's death, but quickly advised Marcus to get outside and kill the Berserker with the Hammer of Dawn. Once they killed the Berserker, Anya patched them through to Hoffman to receive new orders.[25]

Getting Help from the Stranded
"The Imulsion factory is ten klicks ahead. But be advised: you've got enemy units moving to your location. They definitely know where you are."
—Anya to Marcus, warning him about incoming Locust forces

After Delta exited the area around the Tomb, Anya contacted Marcus and told him the Hammer of Dawn was offline. She then informed him that the Lethia Imulsion Facility, where an entrance to the Hollow was located, was ten klicks away, and that Locust forces were converging on that region and his squads position.[26] After Delta reached the Stranded camp that had a Junker, their leader was willing to let them borrow, Marcus and Dom headed out to get it. They reported into Anya after they crossed the river, and she told them that the a Stranded checkpoint was just up ahead. Anya continued to give them directions as they made their way through the ruined city. Anya also detected Locust closing in on Baird and Cole's position, and informed them as well as Marcus and Dom.[27] After Marcus and Dom secured the vehicle, they contacted Anya, and she told them that Baird and Cole were under heavy attack and needed their help.[28]

Lethia Imulsion Facility

After rescuing Baird and Cole, Delta headed for the Lethia Imulsion Facility.[29] They later contacted Anya, and told her that their vehicle had broken down just outside of the facility. She informed them that the pumping stations lift was offline, and that they would need to enter through the mines inside the factory. When they arrived, they reported to Anya that they had spotted glowing Wretches, and she informed them of previous encounters with them, and that they explode. When they reached the entrance to the building, they reported that the door was locked, and Anya was unable to find another route in.[30] After Marcus and Dom entered the facility through a window, Anya directed them to find the Cart Control Room, so she could send them down into the Hollow in mine carts. She later reported to them that Baird and Cole were in the buildings sewer, and all three of them were extremely sympathetic.[31] After Delta regrouped and reached the control room, Anya took control of the mine carts, and guided Delta deeper into the facility. She then informed they only had a little ways to go before reaching the drilling platforms that led into the Hollow. When they arrived at the core room, Anya raised two platforms for them, and then sent them down into the Hollow.[32]

When Delta reached the Hollow, Anya warned them to deploy the resonator before dawn, so that they would be able to escape before the Kryll returned to the Hollow.[33] After Delta reported that they had deployed the resonator, Anya told them that King Ravens were en route to pick them up once they returned to the surface. However, she discovered that the resonator had barely mapped any of the Locust tunnels, leaving hem without enough targeting data for the Lightmass Bomb. Luckily, Baird discovered information from a geobot that indicated the location of a map of the Locust tunnels, and Anya determined the data had come from the Haldane Hall at the East Barricade Academy, which was where Marcus and his family had lived. She diverted the choppers there, and wished Marcus good luck.[34]

East Barricade Academy

When Delta arrived at the Academy, they were forced to land far away from the Fenix Estate after Nemacyst attacked their King Raven and shot down the other Raven they were with.[34] After they defeated the Locust at their landing zone, Marcus contacted Anya, and she informed them that there were survivors at KR Two-Five's crash site, and provided directions toward it. When they encountered a Seeder, she informed them that the Hammer of Dawn was online, and when it went offline. After they secured the crash site, Marcus reported to Anya that Baird and Cole were caring for the wounded and awaiting a pickup. She then informed them that the conservatory was clear, and was the best path to take to Hadlane Hall.[35] When the Hammer of Dawn came back online, she informed Marcus,[36] as well as when it went offline again.[37] When Marcus was fighting up the stairs toward the estate, Anya attempted to tell him something but was cut off. When they reached the courtyard, Anya informed them that she detected seismic activity inside the house.[38] After Delta reached the secret lab in the estate, Anya analyzed the data recovered, and discovered there was enough data to accurately deploy the Lightmass Bomb. Anya monitored JACK while he downloaded the data, and informed Delta when he was done.[39]

Stuck at the Timgad Bridge

After they escaped, Anya informed Delta that the Lightmass Bomb had been put on a train and was heading toward an Imulsion sinkhole. When Delta became stuck at the raised Timgad Bridge, Anya directed them to downed powerlines in an attempt to restore power to the bridge. However, she later saw that the park she had sent them to was crawling with Locust, and told them about an alternate route, but that they would have to backtrack. Marcus decided it would be easier to send Cole and Baird on the alternate route, since they were still at the APC, while he and Dom continued toward the park. Anya guided Cole and Baird along the alternate path.[40] Anya then received a report from the train commander that Locust were closing in on them. She passed this information along to Marcus, and requested a status update. He told her they were close to the powerlines, and she informed him that the train was speeding up to avoid capture, and that Delta needed to hurry up. Anya contacted them again, and attempted to tell them the train was under attack and being boarded, but a Seeder was disrupting the comm system.[41] After Delta killed the Seeder, Anya informed them that the Locust had boarded the train and were tossing the guards off onto the rails, and that the bridge still did not have enough power to be raised. She directed them to Timgad Central Energy, which she believed would have enough power to raise the bridge.[42] Anya was contacted a short while later, and informed by Marcus they had reached the power plant.[43] After they restored the power and lowered the bridge, Anya told Delta that they had lost control of the train, and that they would have to jump aboard at Timgad Station.[44]

Deploying the Lightmass Bomb

Anya informed Delta when the train was approaching the station, and told them when to jump aboard.[45] She then told Marcus and Dom that the Hammer of Dawn was offline, and told them that the bomb was at the front of the train, with many Locust between them and it. Anya told them a few minutes later that she had detected Nemacyst on the radar. When they reached a train car with chain guns on top, she told them they could take out the pursuing Reavers with them. When Wretches began sabotaging the train, Anya informed Delta of their location. As they approached the target, Anya informed them that the train was picking up speed, and that they were running out of time.[46] Luckily, Marcus was able to successfully deploy the Lightmass Bomb.[47]

After the Lightmass Offensive

"Sir- two more drone incursions. Delta are heading for Sovereign to RV with Echo Squad."
—Anya to Hoffman, reporting recent Locust activity a week after the Lightsmass Offensive

One week after the Lightmass Offensive,[48] Anya was on duty for eighteen hours to provide support to Delta-One. When Marcus called in to ask if there were any sniper teams south of Embry Square, she told him no. He informed then told her that an unknown sniper had assisted them in a battle against the Locust, but might not stay friendly. Anya thanked him for the information, and put out an advisory about the sniper.[49] She then contacted Hoffman and informed him of the encounter, and that Delta was now heading to assist Echo Squad, who had been ambushed by Locust at Sovereigns Boulevard. Hoffman thanked her for the update, and told her to get some sleep since she had been on duty for so long, and get Lt.Donneld Mathieson on duty. Anya promised that she would, but continued to remain on duty until Delta and Marcus were safe.[50] After Delta returned to Wrightman Base with Bernadette Mataki, Anya told Hoffman of her arrival. Hoffman was surprised and quickly left to see her, and Anya contacted Dom to let him know Hoffman was coming.[51]

Evacuation of North Gate

"You won't need to check for a pulse. Fragmented."
—Anya, reporting to Hoffman the deaths of Two-twenty-five's crew

After the COG learned that the Locust were attempting to cut off access to the North Gate Agricultural Depot, Anya provided information to the convoy that headed to evacuate it.[52] Once the convoy arrived at the depot, Marcus gave Anya control of JACK, and she used it to find a group of Locust heading toward the depot. She alerted Hoffman about them, and was going to send a Raven to take them out, but Hoffman had her divert the Raven to pick up him and the other Gears to take out the Locust themselves.[53] After they ambushed the Drones and returned to the depot, Anya continued to use JACK to search the route back to Jacinto.[54] After the convoy began to move out, Hoffman told Anya they were feeling vibrations, and she sent JACK to double back and see if they were under attack anywhere. After trucks Two-twenty-five and Two-twenty-six were ambushed and there crew killed, Anya directed Two-twenty-seven and the convoy behind it onto another route. She then spotted a group of thirty Drones moving on the ground, and informed the convoy of their position.[55] Anya continued to keep the Gears updated on the Locust movements and direct the convoy, and she realized that the Locust tactics were meant to draw out the Gears in order to kill them.[56] When comms were cut off, Anya was unable to contact any of the Gears. When they were restored, she learned that Cole, Bernie, and Baird's APC had been destroyed, but they had been picked up by Marcus, Dom, and Pvt.Federic Rojas. Gamma Squad was escorting the rest of the convoy in, but Hoffman and Pvt.Tai Kaliso were searching for any Gears that may have been wounded. She informed them that no Gears were stranded, and that the convoy was safe, so they began heading back to their APC. However, when they discovered a bomb on it, they cut off contact with Anya and the other so no one would come to their aid and get killed. Anya contacted Marcus and explained the situation to him, and he and Dom headed to assist after Anya gave them Hoffman and Tai's position.[57] After they were rescued, Anya sent JACK in to disarm the bomb.[58]

Mission to Tollen

"Yeah, that definitely goes on the weird shit form."
—Anya, after Delta reports the city of Tollen has become a lake

A few days later, Delta-One went on a recon mission to Tollen, where a distress signal had been detected coming from the Stranded, saying that the whole city was flooding. Marcus contacted Anya, and told her that the entire city had been sunk into the ground, leaving behind a lake, much to their shock and confusion.[59]

Anya and Marcus at the Rusty Nail.

Mission to Montevado

"I'm still looking for her, okay? Just so you know."
—Anya, letting Dom know she is still looking for Maria.

Seven weeks after the Evacuation of North Gate, Anya Was Delta-One's contact during their Mission to the Pirnah Badlands. Marcus reported to her that the only missing Gear they had been able to find in the Badlands was Cpl.Michael Barrick of Echo-Six.[60] Two days after that, Anya met with Dr.Polanski about upgrades he had made to the COGs bot units. She was impressed with them, and thanked him for his work. Anya was happy to see Dom had returned safely from the mission. Anya then met with Marcus at The Rusty Nail. When two tough guys tried to hit on her and would not leave, she punched one in the face, while Marcus took care of the other. Anya served once again as Delta-One's contact during their Mission to Montevado, and before they left, Anya told Dom that she was still looking for Maria.[61] After Marcus contacted her and requested extraction, Anya sent two King Ravens to retrieve Delta and a group of Stranded.[62]

Anya and Hoffman in the CIC during the Mission to Jilane.

Mission to Jilane

Two months later, before Delta-One, with the addition Cole, Baird, and Sgt.Alex Brand to the squad for additional firepower, went on its Mission to Jilane, Anya gave them a briefing on the fall of the city, and that a COG beacon had been detected in the city.[63] After Delta located survivors of the massacre, Marcus contacted Anya and informed her and Col.Hoffman about them. Anya then asked if they had located the beacon, and Marcus told her they were still looking.[64] She was later contacted by Baird, who told her that the mission was finished and asked for three Ravens to evac them from a combat zone. Anya told him they would be there in thirty-five minutes, but was concerned that Baird was contacting her and not Marcus. He assured her that Marcus would be fine, and to just get them out of there.[65]

Anya standing with Marcus and Dom outside of Jacinto Med.

Raid on Jacinto Med

"I'm sorry Dom. That's it."
—Anya, after telling Dom that the Jane Doe she had been looking for fit Maria's description, but that she had disappeared

During the two months after the mission to Jilane, Anya continued to help Dom look for his lost wife, Maria. There were no leads until she came across a Jane Doe patient at Jacinto Med matching Maria's description. Anya brought Dom and Marcus with her to check out the lead when coincidentally there was a raid on Pomeroy Depot, which was down just the road. Anya talked with Marcus and Dom outside of Jacinto Med, and discussed the recent Locust attacks on Jacinto. When Pvt.Benjamin Carmine arrived, Anya recommended that it was time to train the "rook", and left to check on a lead about Maria Santiago for Dom.[66] When the Locust attacked Jacinto Med, she made it out in time, and went back to the CIC. She informed Delta that Locust had made it inside the hospital, and restored power to the building when it went out. During the battle, she directed reinforcements to the hospital and the surrounding sector. She informed Delta that the Locust were outside the hospital and taking position in the streets, and that the Gears outside needed assistance. After the battle ended, she contacted Dom and told him that the lead on Maria had gone cold, and that she was sorry, sending Dom into a fitful rage.[67]

Operation: Hollow Storm

Assault on Landown
"Delta, this is Control, deploy now! I repeat, deploy now, we are taking too many casualties!"
—Anya, as the Grindlift drill zones come under heavy attack

After the raid in Jacinto, the COG decided to attack the Locust underground, hoping to find and destroy the Locust stronghold. When Operation: Hollow Storm began, Anya attended the speech given by Chairman Richard Prescott to the COG army before sending them on the mission. Anya's job was to direct the convoys of Assault Derricks, Centaurs, and King Ravens on the road to Landown, where the Gears would enter the Hollow. Delta reported in that they were aboard Rig 314. When the convoy came under attack, she directed King Ravens and Centaurs to assist where needed.[68] After Delta reached Landown, she guided them and other squads through the streets of the to their drill zones.[69] Once Delta and several other squads reached their drill zone, they came under heavy Locust attack, and took many casualties. Anya ordered Delta to deploy immediately, but they came under attack from Skorge, and Cpl.Tai Kaliso and Pvt.Dizzy Wallin were unable to follow the rest of Delta into the Inner Hollows.[70]

Anya talks to Delta-One via JACK's screen

Fighting through the Hollow
"Oh, and Marcus... be careful down there, all right?"
—Anya, wishing Marcus luck in the Inner Hollow

Anya lost contact with the Gears after they dropped into the Hollow, but once Alpha-One killed a Seeder, she reestablished contact. She warns Marcus and Dom to watch the ceiling for deploying lifts, and Marcus asks Anya if Tai and Dizzy are alright. She tells him the drill zone has gone dark, but that she would try to find them. She then has moment with Marcus by telling him to be careful. The first mission was to regroup with Carmine, who's lift went off course. After Delta regrouped with Carmine, Marcus contacted Anya to inform her that Echo-Five was down, and she gave them directions to continue deeper into the Hollow. After Delta assisted Omega-One, Anya contacts them, and informs them that there is seismic activity beneath Ilima City and they need to investigate it. Anya also tells Dom that Stranded groups have begun to hide in the Hollows from the dangers on the surface. Even though it's unlikely, Anya says that Maria could have fled done there as well. This message, however, was with static since Delta had moved deeper into the Hollow.[71] Soon after, Delta, encountered a Rock Worm, and Anya filled them in the COG's information about the creatures. As they got closer to Ilima, she told them the seismic activity was getting stronger. Soon after, she lost contact with Delta when they got too deep into the Hollow.[72]

Battle of Ilima
"I'm getting similar reports Marcus, it's horrible."
—Anya, after the discovery of the Locusts "processing"

Anya managed to regain contact with Delta after the Rift Worm sank Ilima, and Marcus informed her that the Locust have been sinking the cities and outposts with a giant worm. After Delta saw KR Five-Four get shot down, they informed Anya. She then guided Delta through the sunken city and, and informed them that Ilima was evacuated, but to watch for survivors and rescue them if they can. Later, Delta informed Anya that KR Five-Four and Charlie-Nine were KIA, but that they had regrouped with Cole and they were heading out to find Baird and Tanner. She informed them that additional squads were inbound to secure Ilima.[73] As the battle continued, Anya was informed by many squads, including Delta-One, that Gears and Stranded were being captured and tortured by the Locust. Anya asked Delta if they found Baird, and Marcus told her they found him, but that they also found Tai, but he that had not made it. Anya offered her sympathies to Marcus, and said that Tai was a good man. She later informed Delta that command had a new objective for them and a chopper awaited them on a building in the sinkhole. After a Locust attack, Delta managed to get on a chopper, but it was swallowed by the Rift Worm.[74] After they managed to kill the Rift Worm from the inside, Delta asked Anya for a pick up. However, Hoffman cut off Delta's contact with Anya and sent them a Centaur, informing Delta of a new objective to gather info from a abandoned COG outpost on the actual site of the Locust Stronghold and took over as their Command contact.[75] When Marcus tried to reach Anya later at the outpost, Hoffman informed him that she would not be their contact for this assignment, which alerted them to the classified nature of their mission and the location.[76]

Mount Kadar and the Assault on Nexus
"Roger Delta, keep me posted if you can."
—Anya, after Marcus comms her and says they have entered Mount Kadar

After Delta retrieved the info from the facility, the COG discovered that the Locust stronghold was under Mount Kadar. Anya gave Delta information on the path they would have to take up the mountain to reach the entrance. After they entered the mountain, Marcus contacted Anya and told her that they would likely be losing contact soon.[77] After Delta found Chaps and several other Stranded, Marcus and Dom send them up with Baird and Cole and contact Anya to tell her to evac the Stranded, and that they are proceeding on foot to Nexus. Anya informed them that Grindlifts were standing by to provide them reinforcements once they set off the JACK's beacon.[78] While assaulting Nexus, Delta hears an old message from Adam Fenix, stating that if the COG were to sink Jacinto before the Locust leave, it would flood the Hollow and Nexus, killing all of them, and would end the war. They transmit this data to Anya,[79] who begins to put together a plan with Chairman Prescott and Col.Hoffman.[80]

Anya plans the Sinking of Jacinto with Prescott, Marcus, and Dom.

Siege of Jacinto
"You've what?!"
—Anya, after learning Marcus and Dom have hijacked a Brumak

After Delta escaped the Hollow, Anya managed to contact them and informed them that Jacinto was under heavy attack.[81] When Delta arrived at Jacinto aboard Reavers, the CIC's guns shot at them until Anya managed to call them off. When they entered the CIC, Anya briefed them on the evacuation, and that they were close to finalizing a plan to sink the city. When Locust forces breached the area around the building, Anya directed the buildings defense, providing information to Delta, other Gear squads, and King Raven units on where the Locust forces were attacking. After the Locust attack was repulsed, Anya briefed Marcus and Dom on their mission to clear the target area, a massive Locust sinkhole, for the deployment of a Lightmass Bomb inside of it.[82] Anya guided the two of them toward the sinkhole, and they informed her of their progress as they got closer. When they got close to the sinkhole, Anya informed them that a large number of Locust were located there, and that the Hammer of Dawn was online.[83] As they made their way down the sinkhole, Anya requested status updates.[84] When they informed Anya that they had hijacked a Brumak, she was astonished, and Marcus said it would help them clear the area faster. Anya told them to carry on then. Once they cleared the target area, they contacted Anya, and she sent in the Ravens carrying the bomb.[85] However, the bomb was lost, but Marcus changed the target to the Brumak they had been riding, which had turned Lambent. By this time, only Anya, Hoffman, and Prescott were left in the CIC, and they watched over her shoulder as she locked onto the Brumak and detonated it.[86]

Anya shooting a Locust drone in the face twice.

Evacuating Jacinto

"And don't make me worry like that again- I thought something had happened to you."
—Anya to Cole, after he saved them from several Locust after being out of contact for several minutes

Anya then began running through the halls of the CIC with Hoffman and Prescott, heading for the exit. She tried to contact KR-471, which was supposed to be waiting to evacuate them, but the comms unit had gone down. Anya told them that the backup transmitter aboard the CNV Sovereign should activate soon, but Prescott told her not to worry, and that the pilot had been given instructions not to leave without them. When they reached the street, they found that the city was already sinking, and that their route to the Raven had been cut off. Hoffman said they would have to take a detour, and told Anya to stay close to him, and asked if she had her sidearm. She told him she never was without it, and the three of them began running down the street. Prescott stopped and asked if they heard a rumbling, and they turned around to see the street behind them cracking and falling into the ground. They ran as fast as they could and jumped onto a building's railings, and pulled themselves to safety. They looked down and saw water rushing through the crack, with both humans and Locust struggling to escape from the flood. Anya wondered how many people they had lost, but Prescott told her they had saved the majority, which was more than what they had been able to do the last time they had done something like this. They walked a few block more, and came within sight of their Raven. Anya continued to try and contact Cole or anyone else, but was unable to, and she began worrying about them. They began working their way through the flooding street and debris, but several Locust emerged in front of them. Anya took cover while Hoffman and Prescott engaged them, and Cole showed up and helped them finish them off. Anya moved to rejoin them, but another drone emerged from under the water right in front of her. She swiftly removed her Snub Pistol from her backpack and shot the Locust twice in the face, impressing Hoffman and Cole. Hoffman remarked that she was Helena's daughter all right, and Cole asked her if she had been practicing. She told him she was just surviving, and not to make her worry about him again, because she thought something might have happened to him. He laughed and said it would take more than this to stop him, and helped her into the Raven. Anya noted that that was the first time she had ever shot someone, but Cole told her that had not been a someone, only a grub. After they took off, Anya tried to raise the others, but was unable to.[86] She spent the next several minutes worried about Marcus, thinking that she had never gotten to tell him she loved him, and was happy to see Marcus and the rest of Delta alive on another Raven, and waved at him and put her hand on her heart. Once a backup comm system came online aboard the CNV Sovereign, she overheard Dom tell Cole that he had been forced to kill Maria down in the Hollow, horrifying her.[87] As the Raven headed for Port Farrall, Anya wondered if the Locust had ever spied on them, and Prescott asked why she had asked that. She said that Marcus had reported that the Locust Queen Myrrah had mentioned his father, and Anya wanted to know how the Queen had known her name. Prescott agreed that that was indeed interesting.[86]

Arrival to Port Farrall

"How many civilians did we lose? How many Gears?"
—Anya, wondering how bad the losses from the Sinking of Jacinto would be

After the Raven landed in Port Farrall, Anya joined fellow controller Lt.Donneld Mathieson in an APC, where she watched as refugees from Jacinto pour into the bitterly cold ruined city, and worried about Delta's safety. Mathieson told her that she should roster off and get some sleep before she came back on watch, but she told him that she would just feel like hell when she woke up. He returned to directing Gears to assignments, and Anya wondered how they were going to get the city habitable in a few days, and realized it would be impossible. Hoffman arrived, and told them that the CIC Truck was operational, and told Anya that she should get some sleep, but she insisted that she was fine, and asked for something to do. He told her that part of her job was to be rested enough in order to function properly, but she still refused. They were distracted by Pvt.Dizzy Wallin reuniting with his daughters, and Anya saw many people among the refugees looking for loved ones. Hoffman remarked that he was glad he did not have to handle trying to reunite families, and then ordered Anya to find Dom and find out what had gone on with his wife in the Hollow. Anya drove to the CIC Truck to drop Mathieson off, and deflected his interest in why Hoffman was interested in finding out about Dom, wanting to get the full story before she told anyone else what she had heard. After reaching the CIC and entering it with Mathieson, Anya made a mental note to talk to Baird about seeing if he could improve Mathieson's prosthetic legs. Anya listened in as the various leaders of divisions made reports to Prescott about the evacuation, and was horrified when she learned they were looking at about thirty percent losses in the civilian population. Prescott gave them all a speech about how they all faced a new and more complicated task now, and Anya was surprised to find herself being inspired by the speech. Hoffman arrived when Prescott finished, and took Anya aside to talk with her about Dom, and told her that he had heard the transmission as well, and asked if she knew what was going on. She told him she knew as much as he did, and he gave her permission to go looking for Delta, and told her to say hello to Bernie for him, which Anya took as meaning that he was glad she was alive. She asked Mathieson where Delta was, and he told her to look in Marshaling zone G. She drove there in the APC, and found Cole, Baird, and Bernie talking with each other. She asked where Dom was, and Cole told her that Marcus had gone looking for him, but none of them knew what was going on. Baird was freaked out by the thought that Dom had been forced to kill his wife, and commented that he had seemed fine when he and Cole had regrouped with him and Marcus in the Hollow. Bernie told them that Dom was in shock, and that they would need to head people off from asking him about his search for Maria, and give no details other than that she was dead. Anya agreed, and told Bernie that Hoffman had said he was glad she was alive. Bernie looked embarrassed, and said that she bet he had not said exactly that, and Anya told her she would tell Hoffman that Bernie was glad he was alive as well, and Bernie thanked her.[88]

Skirmish in Port Farrall

"Cole, let me in. Cole!"
—Anya, demanding Cole take her along to fight the Locust

After Marcus and Dom located a group of Locust stragglers, Anya forced Cole to take her along to fight them, driven by a need to take revenge on them. Bernie let her into the Armadillo Delta was taking, and Baird handed her a Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle, and asked if she knew how to use it. She told him that she had to requalify on it every year, and checked the safety and ammo clip, then powered up the chainsaw to make sure it worked. Cole warned her that she needed to be careful, and that there were hundreds Gears rushing to kill the few that had been spotted. As they rushed to the battlefield, Bernie asked if what she had heard about what the Locust had done to Tai was true, and Cole and Baird told it was. Anya was surprised by this, since Marcus had not mentioned anything about Tai being tortured when he had reported his death, and began trying to figure out what had been done to him. When they reached the battlefield, Bernie told Anya to take the Armadillo and man the gun to give them covering fire, since she was not equipped to enter an actual firefight in her command Gear. They saw a long line of civilians rushing past the battlefield along a road, and as Anya set herself up in the turret, she contacted Mathieson and told him that they needed crowd control to handle the civilians. Bernie told her to take PA-776 and herd the civilians if needed, but Anya stayed on the battlefield for the whole fight, providing covering fire for the rest of the Gears. After the battle ended, Anya drove all of Delta back to Port Farrall, and kept looking at Marcus, and he kept glancing at her, almost smiling.[89]

Mission to Merrenat Naval Base

"If you ever want to talk, Dom, you know I'm here."
—Anya, letting Dom know she is there for him

One week later,[90] she meet with Hoffman and the Emergency Management chief, Royston Sharle, where they looked over charts showing routes between the docks and the city. She had changed out of her normal CIC clothing and high heels into an outfit better suited for the winter weather. After the meeting she watched as Bernie gave a demonstration on how to prepare deer carcasses.[91] Three days later, Anya went to a meeting aboard the CNV Sovereign, where she met with Hoffman, Marcus, Dr. Isabel Hayman, and Commander Alisder Fyne to discuss sharing between the navy and land medical personnel. After the meeting, she, Marcus, and Hoffman went to meet Quentin Michaelson, an old friend of Hoffman's who had served in the navy at Aspho Fields. As they walked to where he was, Anya had a conversation in which she revealed her feelings for him, which he acknowledged. They then met with Michaelson, who gave them maps and information about Merrenat Naval Base.[92] Two days after this, she met up with Dom while he was on duty a Checkpoint Eight. She told him that Prescott and Hayman were pleased with what Delta had found at Merrenat, and that nobody blamed him for what he had done for Maria. She then headed back to the CIC.[93]

Mission to Vectes

"We'd all be dead without Delta, sir."
—Anya, setting Chairman Prescott straight after he doubted Delta

Five weeks later,[94] Anya met with Hoffman, Michaelson, and Prescott to decide what to do since Port Farrall was proving to inhospitable. They decided to see if any islands were inhabitable, and Michaelson recommended two: Vectes and Erevall. However, Vectes was the site of an old chemical weapons base, and was under quarantine, so he recommended Eravall. However, Prescott was insistent that they try Vectes. Anya and the others realized that Prescott had once again been keeping information secret from them when he revealed that there was no quarantine of Vectes. When Hoffman decided to send Delta, Prescott briefly doubted their ability until Anya set him straight. The three officers then left Prescott's office, and Anya made sure that Hoffman left first so he would get into an argument with Prescott. Anya requested that she be sent on the recon mission with Delta, since she felt she could be more useful in the field, and that Bernie had been teaching her frontline tactics. He told her she could go on the mission, and sent her to find Marcus to plan it. She commed him, and discovered he was in Sector Alpha-Three, and she was passing Sector Alpha-Two. Marcus told her he would come to her, and as she waited, she watched KR Eight-Zero and KR Three-Three killing a Corpser and several Boomers. As they walked back to the CIC, they talked about the Locust and the Lambent, and Anya told Marcus he could talk to her about finding recordings of his father’s voice in Nexus if needed to. He told her he was used to being confused about his father, but did not say anything else. She informed him they were heading on a scouting mission to Vectes, and the two of them arrived in the CIC to join Hoffman in planning the mission.[95]

One week later, Anya left Port Farrall aboard KR Eight-Zero with the rest of Delta-One, and was in command of the recon mission to Vectes. KR-239 followed them, carrying an APC. As they flew over the island, they found Vectes Naval Base in good condition, and discovered the fact that the island was still inhabited. Anya decided to have the King Ravens set down on a cliff outside of the settlement, and approach the inhabitants. She went forward with Marcus and Bernie, while the others hung back by the Ravens. A crowd of about thirty, led by two men with shotguns blocked their path, and one of the men fired over their heads and demanded they identify themselves. They introduced themselves, and they people were taken aback at the COG returning. Gavriel led the Gears down to the local bar, where Anya and Marcus explained the current state of the world. Anya broke the news as best she could to him that the COG wanted to move to Vectes, but he became shocked at the idea of all the dead, and at the idea that an entire city wanted to move onto an island. After he calmed down a bit, he told William Berenz to guide the Gears around Vectes Naval Base to find out if it was habitable, and told Anya about a group of Stranded living on the island. Anya waited with Lt.Mel Sorotki and Lt.Kevan Mitchell outside of the base, just in case Delta ran into anything. They played cards as they waited, and were startled when the base alarm went off, thinking that something had gone wrong. Anya contacted Delta, asking what was happening, and heard Cole laughing. Marcus reported they were just testing the alarm. An hour later, Delta and Berenz returned, and informed them that the base was perfect. Anya was relieved, and contacted Chairman Prescott. He was ecstatic at the news, and about the COG community at Pelruan. She then briefed Hoffman on the security situation, and she informed him of the large Stranded presence on the island.[96]

Stranded Insurgency

Visiting the Stranded

"Come on Bernie. I'll make coffee."
—Anya, inviting Bernie to come talk with her in private after Bernie told the squad about her rape

Anya and the rest of the Gears and Bernez flew to the Stranded settlement, in order to warn them to stay away from the COG and to fall in line. Anya covered the rest of the squad when a group of thirty armed Stranded confronted them. Marcus told the Stranded what was happening, and warned them to fall in line or leave the island. As the Gears prepared to leave, Bernie noticed a blue dinghy that set her off, and one of the Stranded touched her when she got to close, causing her to smash his face with her gun. Anya got into a firing position, as the Gears and Stranded all raised their guns and pointed them at each other. The Gears backed up slowly to the Raven and got aboard, and left the settlement. On the ride back, Anya and the others told Bernie that it was okay that she had lost it. Once they reached Pelruan, and were given quarters at the townhall. Anya drew up a watch roster for the Ravens. The Gears and Raven crews then began playing cards, until Cole worked up the courage to ask Bernie what had set her off at the Stranded settlement. She told them that she had been gang raped by Stranded on her journey back to the Jacinto Plateau. Anya was shocked by this revelation, and after the rest of the squad had offered their sympathies, Anya went with Bernie to another room to talk with her.[97]

Raid on Pelruan

"I'm... I'm fine, Dom. Just not trained for this."
—Anya, to Dom after killing several Stranded with an APC's turret

Shortly after this, Marcus spotted a light out on the water, and suspecting it was a Stranded boat, he sent Anya to tell Gavriel to keep everyone inside while they took care of it. Gavriel was not pleased, but told her that he would do his best. Anya then got into the Armadillo, and patrolled the land entrance to the town, while the rest of the squad fought off Stranded landing in boats along the beach.[98] She was covered by Sorotki in his Raven, and she used the Armadillo’s gun to take out three Stranded APC's with his help when they tried to approach the town. After the battle was over, the squad regrouped at Anya's position, where Baird complemented her on a great performance. She was pleased at first, but became somewhat upset when she saw the state some of the bodies were in. Dom comforted her, and Anya told him that she had not been trained for this and that it was the first time she had ever killed a human, but Baird told her that she still had not. After they finished moving the bodies to the side of the road, they returned to Pelruan in the APC.[99]

Meeting in the Town Hall

"Thank you. You have no idea what a lifeline this island is for everyone."
—Anya, after the citizens of Pelruan agreed to let the COG settle on Vectes.

Later that day, Anya waited in the crew bay of KR-239 with the rest of Delta for Col.Hoffman to contact them. Anya told Marcus not to blame himself for causing the Stranded to attack. Sorotki informed them that Hoffman was on the line. Anya listened as Marcus explained to Hoffman about the Stranded attack, and how the citizens of Pelruan were becoming upset about their way of life being disrupted. Hoffman informed them that the first of the Ravens would be arriving at Vectes in four hours. Anya then went with Marcus and Dom to meeting in Pelruan town hall that Gavriel had called. Anya was upset by the citizens scared reaction to Marcus. Gavriel spoke out in favor of allowing the COG to come to Vectes, and Marcus gave them a speech on why the COG was moving in, and that there was nothing they could do about it. The shocked crowd then began asking questions, with only a few of them supporting the idea completely. Dom eventually had enough, and Anya watched as he grabbed the loudest guy in the opposition, showing him the photos of all his loved ones who had died, and yelling at him that they had the room to let the COG come to the island. He returned to normal, and Marcus calmly led him out of the town hall. Gavriel broke up the meeting after they, most of them reluctantly, agreed to let the COG come. Anya thanked them for this, and as she left, an elderly man stopped her and remarked that the COG had shut the door on refugees with he Hammer of Dawn counterattack. Anya responded that the civilians from Jacinto were not responsible for that, and he decided that maybe if Vectes had been overrun by the Locust, they would see things differently, which Anya agreed with.[100]

Rebuilding on Vectes

"Because we've got to rebuild society now. Priorities are changing."
—Anya, telling Baird why they need to convince Pelruan's citizens it is a good thing the COG is moving to Vectes

The next day, Hoffman arrived on the island. Anya told him that Marcus and Bernie were on a tour of the farms, and about Bernie's rape as they walked around Pelruan. He was very upset to learn this, and had Anya tell him as much as she could. She then took him to meet with Gavriel in the town hall, where they discussed how to achieve integration between the Pelruan citizens and Jacinto's refugees. After the meeting, Anya and Hoffman continued walking through the town, with Hoffman inspecting everything. One of the children in the town approached them, and asked them questions about the Gears and the Locust. After this, Anya made several recommendations to Hoffman on how to keep the citizens of Pelruan happy, and let him borrow her Lancer so he could join Baird and Cole in working in the quay.[101] Two weeks later, she joined Hoffman and Bernie in using a bot to identify any Stranded who were joining the COG under Prescott's amnesty program as violent offenders. She gave Hoffman a document that promised trial or amnesty for the Stranded, much to her and Hoffman's annoyance. She then left to make sure the registration team was ready to start signing in the Stranded.[102]

Meeting on the High Seas and Merris Farm

"Seventeen years. And we're still at the stage where I never know if the relationship's on or not. And when it is, I'm wondering when he'll stay the whole night. I must be insane."
—Anya, contemplating her relationship with Marcus

One week later, Anya went on a mission aboard the CNV Falconer to hand Jonn Massy, the man who raped Bernie and had been captured by the COG, over to the Lesser Islands Free Trade Area in exchange for them to stop raiding COG shipping. However, the operation was a trap to have the submarine CNV Clement follow them back to their base so the COG could destroy it. As they approached the meeting point, Anya used binoculars to see that there were three ships waiting for them, instead of two as agreed. Michaelson decided to continue the mission, and ordered CPO Frank Muller to keep getting closer to the ships. She talked briefly with Sgt.Rory Andresen, who told her that Gears needed to begin training to operate in naval operations. She stood next to Marcus as she waited for the ship to reach the meeting spot, and he told her that she looked happier. Anya thought about their relationship, and her confusion as to whether it was on or not, and how conversations with Marcus were difficult, because she never knew what could make him close up. Anya joked that Michaelson would say that nothing would put roses in a girls cheeks like firing a broadside, and was disappointed to see Marcus close down again. She thought about what to say next, but was interrupted when Muller said that they should have a visual on the pirates soon, and Commander Garcia reported in from the Clement that they were picking up strange noises. As they continued to approach the pirate ships, they noticed that they were damaged, some with machine gun fire. Eventually, one man emerged and identified himself as Darrel Jacques, claiming to be from a rival gang who had taken out the LIFTA pirates, and who wanted Massy to repay him for stiffing them on a payment. Michaelson agreed, not caring what group of pirates he took out. After the handover, the Falconer began heading back to Vectes while the Clement followed Jacques ship, when suddenly Garcia reported he had detected a torpedo launch. Jacques ship was destroyed, and Anya joined the rest of the Gears in heading out to the railing to see what was going on. They were all shocked to discover that and UIR submarine, the Zephyr, had blown up the pirates, and that its commander, Miran Trescu, asked to discuss joining the COG. The Falconer and the other ships then returned to Vectes.[103] Four weeks later,[104] Anya attended the opening of the sergeants mess at VNB. When word came about the Stranded raid on Merris Farm, Anya directed the COG response from the CIC.[105]

Battle of Vectes

"Just as well Marcus kicked me off the hunting party."
—Anya, while working in the CIC during the Battle of Vectes

Several days later, Anya went out on patrol with Bernie and her dog, Mac, in Packhorse P-Twelve. As they drove by the Gorasni refugee camp, who had joined the COG after Trescu negotiated their entrance. Bernie asked Anya if the COG had anything to do with the missing Gorasni frigate. Anya doubted it, since Michaelson wanted every ship he could get his hands on. They then discussed if it was a good idea to allow the Stranded who had accepted amnesty full rights and the ability to roam the streets of New Jacinto. Bernie felt it would be best to wipe them all out, in order to prevent future divisions, but was unsure if she would be able to carry that out herself. Anya felt that there had to be a better solution, but was unable to think of one. They were then contacted by Pvt.Samantha Byrne, who informed Anya she had located a group of Stranded waiting to launch an ambush. Anya told her to hold position, and contacted Lt.Donneld Mathieson, and asked for backup. He told her that Sgt.Drew Rossi and his squad were nearby, and could assist. She and Bernie then planned out the ambush, and she ordered Sam and Echo into position. However, before they could arrive to assist in the ambush, they were hit by a roadside bomb, which flipped the Packhorse over. Anya was unharmed and was able to get out, and covered Bernie and Mac as they crawled out of the vehicle. She then contacted Mathieson for a pickup and told Bernie, who wanted to pursue a Stranded trail Mac had found, that she would be casevaced. KR-239 and Delta arrived to evacuate them, and they began taking all the supplies they could out of the wrecked Packhorse. Bernie refused to leave, and Marcus took advantage of Anya being the only one in the Raven to order Sorotki to take off. Anya was angry he had overrode her authority,[106] but returned to the CIC to direct the response to several attacks launched by the Stranded. When Andresen's squad was hit hard, she sent KR Three-Three to casevac them, including a severely wounded Andresen. She was contacted by Marcus, who asked her if she needed Delta to break off from the trail they were pursuing and help somewhere else. She told him no, and informed him that ten incidents were ongoing, and that if he needed air support he might have to wait. He told her it was not a problem, and to keep them updated on Andresen's condition.[107] As more attacks occurred, Anya was glad that Marcus had sent her back, since her talents were helping to coordinate a response to the Stranded campaign. When Dom and Cole arrived in the CIC to help man radio's, she directed them to one and told them to find Sigma-Two, who had yet to report in, and to keep a line open to Pelruan.[108] Later in the battle, she contacted Marcus and told him Andresen had died, and that KR-239 was heading back to his position with Dom and Cole. She also ordered him to capture live prisoners to bring back for interrogation.[109]

The Levanto Incident

"Oh, they know. The trawler fleet always stays in radio contact with Pelruan."
—Anya, after Hoffman asked her if Pelruan knew about the destruction of the Levento

The next day, Anya was working in the CIC, when report came in from Baird, who was out protecting the Pelruan trawler fleet. He informed her that one of the ships, the Levanto, had exploded under unknown circumstances. She contacted Hoffman and told him, and confirmed that the Pelruan citizens had been informed, since they were always in contact with the trawler fleet. He asked if Prescott knew, and she told him that she thought Hoffman had needed to know first, and would put together a briefing for him.[110] Hoffman later contacted her, and informed her that Trescu had shot and killed one of Stranded prisoners, and to tell Prescott. He also asked her to get Gavriel down to the base so he could speak with him, and she informed him he had contacted her and wanted to speak to Hoffman as well. She then sent an Armadillo to collect him.[111]

Lambent Pandemic

Return of the Lambent

"Thank you, sir. I won't let you down."
—Anya, to Hoffman after he appointed her commander of the Pelruan Garrison

A few days later, another vessel was sunk, this time with a confirmed cause: the Lambent. Anya began driving with Hoffman to Pelruan, but they stopped along the road when Prescott contacted them, and ordered them to keep the incident quiet. Both Anya and Hoffman were amazed thought Prescott thought that that was possible, and told him so. He decided to jam the civilian radios so the news would not spread, and relocate the Pelruan population to New Jacinto. Anya could not believe that Prescott thought that was possible, but Hoffman decided to humor the chairman. They then continued driving to Pelruan, and Hoffman told her to give the Pelruan civilians access to the COG comm channels for their own use, in order to comply with Prescott’s order. Anya approved, and then asked to be put back out on patrol. Hoffman refused, wanting her to liaise with the civilians instead, but she recommended that Bernie could do that instead, and that perhaps it was time to take her off frontline combat duties, even though Bernie would not take it well. Hoffman told her he would consider it, and they then arrived outside the townhall. Sgt.Drew Rossi was waiting for them with Gavriel and Bernez, along with a large group of other civilians. Anya joined Hoffman in telling the civilians about the Lambent, and he appointed her as the commander of the towns garrison, which she accepted. As they began driving back to New Jacinto, they found Pvt.Dizzy Wallin using his Rig to clear mines along the route. He informed them that Trescu and taken one of the prisoners out into the woods with his men, and was attacking insurgent camps. Hoffman became angered by Trescu ignoring his authority, and they continued onto the city. However, Anya was forced to stop again when a Gorasni roadblock prevented them from continuing on, and Hoffman got out, and ordered them to move the roadblock. When they did not, he had Anya move into the passenger’s seat, and drove through it. Anya complimented his handling of the situation, and then handed him a comm unit to talk to Mathieson, and listened as Hoffman ordered him to shut the Gorasnis comm net down.[112]

In Command of Pelruan

"Rossi's a safe pair of hands, so I haven't screwed up and started any riots yet."
—Anya, after her first few weeks of commanding the Pelruan garrison

After commanding the town for a few weeks, with Rossi helping her adjust to command, Anya had set up a defensive perimeter around the town. Bernie and Sam arrived at the town one night, and Anya informed them that a Lambent Leviathan had been spotted swimming around the island, so she had started to recall the fishing boats. She then told them they could bunk at the bar or Berenz's house, and Bernie told her they would get situated and met her at the signals office in half an hour.[113]

Battle of Pelruan

Leviathan Assault
"Okay Mel, poke the beehive."
—Anya, ordering Sorotki to attack the Lambent Leviathan

A few weeks later, a Lambent Leviathan was spotted approaching the town. Anya signaled the siren in the town, and the fishing crews brought their boats onto shore for safety. The Leviathan landed on the beach soon after, and began pouring Polyps into the town. Anya, Rossi, Bernie, Sam, and several other Gears and locals attacked the Polyps, and KR Three-Three arrived, and attacked the Leviathan. However, it was destroyed by the Leviathan, and the crew was killed. Anya and the others continued fighting, until all of the Polyps were dead. Rossi then told Anya they needed to find a way to kill the Leviathan before it landed more Polyps.[114] As they waited for the next attack, Mathieson contacted Anya and told her he as sending a Raven with a Gorasni squad. She and the others then began preparing defenses, and she wondered if they should evacuate the town. Rossi told her he did not think the civilians would go, but that it could not hurt to ask. She then told him that their reinforcements were going to be Gorasni, and Rossi knew that the tension between them and the Pelruan townspeople would make things difficult. Bernie volunteered to organize the Gorasni and townspeople, and Anya agreed. As KR-239 landed, Anya was approached by retired Cpl.Frederic Benten, who volunteered the help of himself and the other veteran Gears in the town in fighting the Lambent. Anya accepted, and ordered him to assist the Gorasni position. Benten was uncomfortable with that, but Anya ordered him to support them since they were willing to defend the town. She then gathered Bernie, Rossi, Sam, Sorotki, Mitchell, and Yanik Laas, the Gorasni squad leader, around her in order to form a plan of attack. Sorotki volunteered to use KR-239 to provoke the Leviathan into attacking when they wanted it to, and Anya agreed. She then sent them off to get started, as she and the others got into position, and fought the Polyps as the next wave came ashore.[115]

Finishing the Lambent
"Keep going! I'm on a roll!"
—Anya, to Bernie as she drove a Packhorse around the Polyps as Anya fired

As the battle continued, Anya and Bernie got a Packhorse, and along with Sam on her Rat-bike, raced around the Polyps, firing into them. Anya leaned out of the window as she fired, taking out Polyps with short controlled bursts, and directing Bernie on where to go to get the best angle. As they paused for a moment, Mitchell contacted them, and informed her that the Leviathan was dead. She asked him if he was sure it was not faking it, and as Sorotki got in close to check, it suddenly exploded. Anya was scared that the Raven had been destroyed, but as the light from the explosion faded away, she saw the Raven was still there. Anya then used the radio to order everyone to scout the town and make sure all of the Polyps were dead, and joined Sam in attacking the remaining Polyps on the beach, firing even after they were all dead. She was surprised at the state she had found herself in, but had no time to think about it as Rossi and Sam arrived. She and Bernie got out of the Packhorse, and reports came to her from the units around the town that it was clear of Polyps. She thanked everyone for the good job, and got back into the Packhorse with Bernie. She waited for a moment, and then asked Bernie if it was normal to lose control during battle. She assured Anya that it was, and Anya wished she had known that when her mom had been alive. She then contacted Hoffman and informed him the attack on Pelruan was over, and he ordered her to keep her forces there until the attack on New Jacinto was over, and then reassured her that Marcus was fine. Anya did not comment, but was extremely worried about him. She then joined Rossi in the signals office to monitor the radio.[116] The next day, Anya organized cleanup from the battle in Pelruan. She contacted Bernie, who had returned to VNB, and informed her that there was no sign of Mac, but that she would keep looking and contact her if she found anything.[117]

The Lambent Spread

"Already done, sir. I've had a few spare evenings to kill since the last polyps attack."
—Anya, after Hoffman asked her to prepare an evacuation plan for Pelruan

Eleven days after the Leviathan attack on Vectes, a stalk emerged in the middle of Vectes, and Delta engaged polyps that came out from under it. However, a civilian was killed when some polyps escaped onto a nearby farm, and Gettner contacted Anya so she could try to figure out who it was. Anya believed that it was Leon Whellan since the body was found on his land, and sent Gavriel to find his wife. Hoffman contacted her and she informed him of her findings. She set up a temporary morgue in a fishery store, and then drove to the landing area to meet KR-239 when it arrived with Hoffman, part of Delta, and Prescott. After greeting them, Prescott asked her what the mood in town was like, and she told him the citizens were still cooperative as always. Prescott then asked if Gavriel was back yet, and Anya told him she would radio him to find out. Hoffman then told her to draw up an evacuation plan for Pelruan for a worst case scenario, but Anya told him she had worked one up since the attack on Pelruan, and that Rossi was out organizing locals to serve as lookouts since they knew the area better. Hoffman complimented her good work, and she asked him how they were going to monitor the whole island for Lambent, since it was mostly uninhabited, and he told her they could not, but would do what little was possible before running out of fuel. Anya then spotted KR-80 coming in with Marcus, Dom, Bernie, and the farmers body. After the body was loaded into the Packhorse, Anya drove with Marcus to the makeshift morgue, with the others following on foot. However, Mrs.Whellan got into the vehicles path along with a crowd, forcing Anya to stop. She exited the vehicle, and Mrs.Whellan insisted on seeing the body. Anya tried to convince her to go inside to look at it, but she snapped at Anya that she wanted to see it now, and that this likely meant nothing to her or any of the other Gears. Marcus got the rest of the crowd to back off, and Anya and him led Mrs.Whellan to the backseat, but when she saw the body, she told them that it was Daniel, her husband's cousin, and began sobbing and wondering where Leon was. Anya caught her before she collapsed, and helped her sit down on a nearby porch. Delta headed back with Prescott and Hoffman to the Raven's, and Hoffman ordered Anya to contact him when Gavriel had a town meeting set up.[118]

Imulsion Discovery

"Then we'd better hope it slows down. Because unless my math is wrong, it'll be south of Pelruan in about fifteen days."
—Anya, while inspecting the dead zone with Cole, Baird, and Bernie

Several days later, Anya heard over the radio that Marcus, Dom, and the crew of KR-239 had found an imulsion field near a dead stalk while on a scouting mission, and that the Gorasni rig crew was en route to check it out. She contacted Bernie and asked her to meet her, and Anya met with Rossi outside the signals office, inspecting a map on the hood a Packhorse. They were joined by Bernie, and Rossi was pleased at the discovery, but Anya did not like the fact that it was located near several dead stalks. Their discussion was cut short when Gettner contacted Anya, saying that they had a situation twenty klicks east of the town, and that she was coming in to land to prepare to transmit recon images. They saw KR-80 landing as close to the signals office as possible, and Anya told the others to follow her. They encountered Cole and Barber running to meet them with a recon camera, and Barber informed her that they had a contaminated zone without stalks, and that all the life in the area was dead. Anya asked him if it was still centered on the fissures running across the island, and he told her it was, but if it was going to happen randomly, they had whole new problems. She went into the signals office with him to transmit the recon images he had taken to VNB, and Prescott ordered her to get soil samples from the dead zone. She went back outside and informed the others, and Bernie wondered what was wrong with him. She realized she had spoken out of turn and apologized, but wondered why he was so obsessed with getting samples. Anya suggested he might be having Hayman look at them, but Rossi pointed out she was just a doctor, not a biologist. Anya then cut the conversation short and told them to concentrate on what they could do, and ordered Rossi to plot the contaminated zones on the map and work out which farms they might need to evacuate first if the dead zones spread. She decided to go with Gettner to inspect the zone herself, and ordered Bernie to come along as well and bring Mac, who could serve as their radar. They landed nearby, and Anya led Baird, Cole, and Bernie to the zone and began scouting around it. Baird wondered if it was the result of weapons testing that had occurred at VNB during the Pendulum Wars, but Anya noted they would have likely seen something before now. Baird then began mumbling about how he needed to ask Prescott to his face what his big secret was, and Anya asked him what he meant. Bernie answered for him, and said that Prescott always seemed to have one. Anya began collecting dead leaves and soil, and wondered how much Prescott wanted. Baird thought he had had a breakdown, or wanted them to think he had had one. They then noticed that the dead zone had spread noticeably since they had arrived, and after examining it for a moment, Anya quickly did the math in her head, and determined that the dead zone would be south of Pelruan in fifteen days.[119]

Evacuating Pelruan

"I missed the place. And the company."
—Anya to Hoffman, after he said it would be good to have her back at VNB, and that Marcus might even cheer up

Due to the proximity of the dead zones, the COG offered to evacuate anyone from Pelruan who wished to leave. Five days after inspecting the dead zone, Anya and Marcus met with a group of Pelruan citizens outside of the town hall to discuss the situation, and reassure them that no one would force them to leave. One of the women, Miriam, refused to leave, saying that they would rather take their chances in Pelruan than live in tents. Dom and Rossi then arrived, and Rossi told her that SSgt.Lennard Parry believed he could dismantle the houses in Pelruan and put them up in VNB, but she pointed out if they had enough time to do that, why would they ask them to evacuate. Anya reassured her once more that nobody was forcing he to leave, but that they had no idea where a contamination zone might appear next. Miriam pointed out that it might reach the naval base first, and left with the other citizens. Anya wearily watched them leave, and Dom told her that she could not save everyone, and that the contaminated zones spread had slowed, so the citizens likely did not believe it would reach them. Anya told him that four hundred people had agreed to leave, and that she needed to help organize getting the trucks loaded.[120] Not long after this, Anya and other people in Pelruan began feeling tremors, and Marcus contacted all callsigns, reporting that they were getting tremors at the Edlar Farm. Anya told him they felt them too,[121] and a few dozen stalks emerged at the farm. After the polyps that emerged were defeated, Hoffman ordered a compulsory evacuation of Pelruan.[122] Anya and Rossi informed the neighborhood delegates outside of the town hall, who were scared and angry about the decision. Hoffman eventually arrived with Dr.Isabel Hayman, and Anya told him that they would be ready to start moving vulnerable individuals in a few hours, and that she was working with the delegates on how to prioritize supplies and personal possessions. As Rossi took Hayman to the town hall so she could treat anyone who had potential health issues, Anya told Hoffman that the delegates would go tell the rest of the town about the decision now. Hoffman told her that they could use some breathing room to get accommodations ready at VNB, and that he figured they had at least two weeks to evacuate the town. He then asked where Delta was, and she told him they were with Gavriel at the docks, talking with the fishermen. Hoffman decided to go meet with them, and told her it would be good to have her back at VNB, and that it might cheer Marcus up a bit. Anya was slightly embarrassed, but admitted that she missed being there with the others.[123]

Return to VNB

"Oh... God. Really? I better help you, then."
—Anya, after Hoffman told her that he and Marcus were looking for possible connections between the Lambent and VNB's old biological weapons research

A week later, Anya had returned to VNB as the evacuation of Pelruan finished, and was told by Bernie that she was going to organize a patrol for some lost livestock. Anya went to find Hoffman to report to him on the situation, and found him with Marcus in the archive vaults below VNB. She asked him if he was doing his own filing now, but he told her it was just desperation, and asked if there was a problem. She informed him that all the people had been moved out of Pelruan, and only livestock and food stores were left to move, and about Bernie planning a patrol to find the animals. Hoffman told her she had done a good job, and then said that they were down there for a reason, and asked if she wanted to know some information that could make it hard to look Prescott in the eye. She glanced at Marcus for a moment, and then told Hoffman that she worked better when she had all the facts. Hoffman told her that he had stolen an encrypted data disk from Prescott a few weeks back, and that he knew he had it, but could not figure out what was on it. Anya understood why he had kept it secret from her, and asked what they were looking for in the archives. He told her he had no idea, and were mostly looking for something that might tie the stalks in with the biological weapons research that had gone on at VNB. Anya was surprised by that, and told him that she better help them look then. As they looked through file after file, Hoffman was eventually called away by Mathieson to CIC, but Anya heard him comment that he had needed some good news. Before he left, Anya asked him what the good news was, and he told her that the oldest contaminated zones had stopped spreading. He then told them not to feel obliged to finish looking through the files that night, causing Anya to smile, since there were enough files to keep them busy for weeks, and she was just happy to spend time with Marcus.[124]

Second Battle of New Jacinto

"We're going to try using the Hammer before it gets any closer. But there could be more than one out there, so everybody stay sharp."
—Anay to Delta-One and the other Gears stationed along the fort wall

The next morning, Anya was awakened when the emergency siren sounded, and learned that a Leviathan had been detected approaching the island. They decided to use the Hammer of Dawn to try and kill it before it reached the base, and Anya found Marcus, Dom, and Cole on the shore with dozens of other Gears, telling them what the plan was, but to watch out in case there were more. Marcus asked if Commander Garcia had picked something else up in the CNV Clement, and she told him that he thought there might be something else out there, but it could just be a regular whale. Marcus pointed out it could be another submarine, but Anya told him that the Zephyr was closer inshore than the Clement was. She then told them she would head to the CIC in order to help Baird fire the Hammer, and told them to be ready in case it failed. Commander Alisder Fyne confirmed that the Leviathan was a Lambent one, and used a targeting laser to help Anya and Baird track the creature. However, their first attempt missed the monster, and the Hammer then went offline. Luckily, two Gorasni were able to distract the Leviathan with depth charges when it got close to shore, allowing Marcus to throw a grenade in its mouth, which killed it.[125]

Missing Livestock

"I'm not taking any chances, no matter how badly we need the meat and milk."
—Anya, after learning that the cows might have turned Lambent

The next day, Anya joined a patrol Bernie put together to look for Seb Edlar's missing animals. Sam and Sgt.Alex Brand also volunteered to assist in the search, and as they waited for Bernie at their Packhorse, Anya looked over recon images while Sam and Alex loaded supplies. After Bernie arrived and got in the driver’s seat, Anya took the front passenger seat, and noticed Bernie looking odd as they drove through the base. She asked her if she was alright, and Bernie remarked that she was just getting old. Anya told her that that was not true, and that her mom had always said Bernie was indestructible. Bernie said she was just good at survival, and had the badge to prove it.[126] They began their search in a nearby pasture, where Mac picked up the trail of the cows. Anya and Sam searched one side of the pasture while Bernie and Alex searched the other. While searching, Bernie received a report from Baird, and passed it on to Anya, informing her that the missing bull had turned up Lambent at the imulsion field and had killed Borusc Eugen. Anya asked her if there was any reason to stop searching for the cows, and Bernie told her that there was not, and if they were Lambent, it would be better to kill them than let them go free. Anya agreed, and once Mac found another trail of cow dung, they began following him. Anya asked Bernie if the dung meant if the cows were not Lambent, and Bernie told her she had no idea, but Baird's theory of Lambency being able to jump species was looking confirmed. Anya told her that they were not going to take any chances, and that they needed to get samples for Prescott if they had turned Lambent. A few minutes later, Anya spotted the two cows among a group of sheep, and Bernie volunteered to get close and inspect them. Anya warned her to be careful, and as Bernie got close, something spooked the cows and they began running towards her. Bernie shot them, but they did not explode, and they realized they were not Lambent. Bernie ran to the cows, and Anya, Sam, and Alex hurried to join her. Bernie was distraught she had shot two healthy cows, and shrugged off Anya and the others attempts to comfort her. They then wondered what had spooked them, and when Mac began barking at a spot on the ground, they realized they had stalks incoming.[127]

Anya ordered the others to get ready to kill anything that emerged and to spread out, backing away from the spot Mac had been barking at. They felt a small tremor and realized it would not be a large stalk, but when it emerged, they spotted pulsing blisters on the side. They wondered what they were, but then they split open and began dropping Lambent Dogs out, which charged at the Gears. Anya and the others fired and reloaded as quickly as they could, backing up to prevent the dogs from reaching them. One got close to Anya when it exploded, burning her hair, but she kept fighting until all of the Lambent dogs were dead. Anya commented that that was not something that they saw every day, and the Gears began examining the remains. Anya asked for theories, and Sam wondered if it was connected to the two missing farm dogs, and if the Lambent could create duplicates of creatures. This alarmed everyone, and Anya then noticed her singed hair. She attempted to pin it back, but found it would not stay, and angrily remarked that she would have to cut it now. Anya then told Bernie that they needed to call of the search since they now had bigger problems, but Bernie asked to call in a Raven to retrieve the cow carcasses, and Alex wanted to retrieve samples for Prescott. Mac brought back several large pieces of dog bone, and Anya told them that would do fine. They headed back to the Packhorse, and Anya drove them back to Vectes Naval Base.[128]

Prescott's Departure

"Oh, emotional girly stuff. I worked with the Chairman for years, and he leaves without a goodbye."
—Anya, after Hoffman asked her if she was okay

Four days later, Prescott resigned as Chairman and left Vectes with his bodyguards, disappearing mysteriously at sea. Anya and the rest of the Gears were summoned to the Vectes Naval Base gymnasium, where Hoffman, Michaelson, and Trescu announced that they were going to take joint command of the COG, and that they would address the civilians the next day. As the rest of the Gears left, Anya stayed behind with Delta and the three commanders, and they discussed where Prescott might have gone and why he took the Lambent samples with him. As the others tried to joke about the situation, Anya did not join in, and Hoffman asked her how she was doing. Anya told him she was not doing well, and that she had worked with the Chairman for years, and he had left without saying goodbye, which upset her.[129]

Third Battle of New Jacinto

"Come on, Dom. We've got a lot of casualties. Help me do some triage."
—Anya to Dom, after she noticed him looking lost after the battle

Three months after Prescotts departure, preparations were being made to leave Vectes. While the ships were being packed with supplies, tremors were detected along the north perimeter of New Jacinto. Anya and the other Gears headed to their preassigned positions, and when numerous Lambent Stalks emerged, Anya fought against a group of polyps and Lambent cats alongside Rossi and Cpl.Jace Stratton. They were joined by several armed civilians and an Armadillo, and held an intersection to prevent the Lambent from spreading outward into the rest of the city. Anya and the others were eventually joined by Marcus, Dom, and numerous other Gears, and killed the remaining Lambent. Anya noticed that Dom was looking terrible, and went over to him and ordered him to help her do triage to help with the casualties. Anya led Dom and many other Gears in looking for wounded soldiers and civilians to begin treating and transporting to the hospital while Marcus cleared an area for a King Raven to land and transport the wounded.[130]

Anya recording a history of the Locust War and Lambent Invasion.

Leaving Vectes

"I guess we're all Stranded now."
—Anya, at the end of her recording of a record of all that had happened to the COG

A week later, Anya met with Hoffman on the walls of VNB, and stared out at the docks with him, reminiscing about the past. Anya noticed that Dizzy and Sam were waiting to talk with Hoffman, and told them that it was okay to interrupt. She told Hoffman she would catch up with him later, and attempted to smile cheerfully to Dizzy and Sam as she passed, but they could tell it was forced.[131] A few days later, Anya gathered with Delta, Bernie, Hoffman, Michaelson, Trescu, and Gavriel on the deep-water berth of VNB to lower the flag and decommission the base. Anya and Delta stood at attention as Gavriel lowered the flag, and Hoffman proclaimed that the COG was dissolved and presented Trescu with a newly handmade Gorasni flag. Trescu told them that if they ever needed him and the Gorasni for anything, they could always contact them and ask. Anya then ordered Delta to fall in and board the CNV Sovereign.[132] After boarding the vessel, Anya went to a control room, and began recording a record of what had happened to Sera over the past fifteen years, recounting the emergence of the Locust, the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, the sinking of Jacinto, the move to Vectes, the Lambent attacks, Prescott leaving them, the dissolution of the COG, and how various outposts were going to be set up along the coast and deeper into the mainland. Anya also began decorating her Lancer, spray painting a crimson omen symbol onto it. When she finished, she activated the onboard comm system, and ordered all hands to prepare to leave harbor. Anya ended her recording by commenting to herself that she guessed they were all Stranded now.[133] After reaching Port Caval, Anya went ashore with the other members of Delta and said their farewells to Hoffman and Bernie, who were going to Anvil Gate with Rossi, Dizzy, several dozen other Gears, and the civilian population from Pelruan.[134]

Adjusting to Life at Sea

"We've got a visitor. He showed up on radar, and now he's on the radio. Lyle Ollivar."
—Anya, telling Marcus and Dom that Ollivar had returned

Four days later, the Sovereign and several other vessels from the fleet had stopped at a point along the southern Tyrus coast, and Anya was quickly adjusting to living on a ship. Anya received word from Anvil Gate that Padrick Salton had shown up there, accompanied by several Pesangas. She found Dom working in a greenhouse on the deck and told him the good news, which surprised him. Dom asked her if she could arrange for him to speak with Pad, and Anya told him she would see what she could do.[135] Anya headed for the bridge, and after reaching it, she learned that a boat had been detected on radar, and that Lyle Ollivar was contacting them and wanted to come aboard. Anya contacted Delta and told them to report to the bridge, and explained the situation to them. Anya, Baird, and Cole stood over Mathieson's shoulder to watch Ollivar's boat approach on the radar, and everyone began speculating that he was coming to offer them Prescott in trade for something. They were all disappointed to learn that Ollivar did not even know Prescott had gone missing, and just wanted to work out an agreement with them to help them set up coastal communities.[136]

Anya talking to Marcus while on the deck of the CNV Sovereign.

Battle of Gerrenhalt

"Mom would tell me to buck up and get on with it, but it's hard to imagine we're the last people left to rebuild society, Marcus."
—Anya, to Marcus after the failure of the rapid response force at Gerrenhalt

Two months after leaving Vectes, word arrived that the settlement at Gerrenhalt was under attack by Lambent. As Anya and the rest of Delta were working on growing crops on the deck, Mathieson informed them of the attack. They boarded KR Eight-Zero and headed to support the town. After twenty minutes passed, Anya told Gettner she was taking too long, but she told Anya that there was too much headwind. When they finally arrived, they found several Gears close to being overwhelmed. Anya wondered where the civilians were, and as they jumped off the Raven, the commanding officer told them that they had moved the civvies further up the road, but they had lost contact with the other Gear squad. Anya ordered Marcus, Dom, and Cole to assist the other Gears, and told Gettner to get an eye on the civilians. She and Baird joined the other Gears in defending the choke point. Once they were done, Anya and the other Gears rushed to find Marcus and the others, who were not answering their radio. They found them exiting a warehouse with several civilians, and he asked how many casualties there were. Anya told him that there were too many, and Marcus felt that the rapid response force had failed. Anya noted that they could not all live at sea, but Marcus noted that it was not safer there anyway. After returning to the Sovereign, Anya and Marcus met with Michaelson in his office, and Michaelson felt that they had failed. Anya recommended that they give the settlements the artillery and tanks since they could make better use of them. Michaelson agreed, and felt that it was an admission of failure on his part. Anya reassured him they would adapt as they went, and could still use the Ravens to defend the settlements. Michaelson wished they had another island to hide on, but Anya reasoned the Lambent would find them there too. After leaving the office, Anya told Marcus that she guessed they were on their own now. Marcus thought they would still survive, but Anya felt that they were no longer one nation. Marcus joked this could be their karma for looking down on the Stranded, and Anya guessed her mom would just tell her to buck up and get on with it. She admitted she found it hard to believe that they could be the last people left to rebuild society, and Marcus was surprised that she had not given up. Anya told him she was an optimist, and noted that she had waited for him.[137]

Anya with the rest of Delta when they receive Adam's message.

Victory Day

Prescott's Return

Over a year later, Prescott returned and gave Marcus a message from his father, which shocked Anya, Marcus, and the others. Marcus declared that they had to find him, but Lambent then attacked the ship. Anya helped defend the ship until it was destroyed in the destruction of a Lambent Leviathan. She and Jace defended the mortally wounded Prescott and after the rest of Delta arrived, warned Marcus that his chest was filling with blood and he could not talk much. Marcus still interrogated him and learned about the island of Azura where Adam was and that it had been captured by the Locust a few days earlier. Prescott died, but not before giving them the decryption disk for A2897 and commenting that Hoffman would be pissed. Anya watched the rest of Adam's message to Marcus about his Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon and after the area was cleared, stayed to help salvage what she could from the Sovereign's wreckage and rescue survivors.[138]

Anya and Sam fending off the Locust attack.

Battle at Anvil Gate

During the Battle of Anvil Gate, Anya arrived after the initial Locust attack was repelled and came under attack by the Locust along with Jace. She was rescued by Marcus and Dom and helped fight off the Lambent wave that arrived and the Lambent Berserker that made its way into the fort. Anya watched the decryption of A2897 and took part in the discussion that followed.[138]

Anya with the rest of Delta at Mercy turning on the fuel pumps.

Retrieving Fuel and a Submarine to Reach Azura

Anya joined Delta in their Mission to Mercy to retrieve fuel and helped battle the Lambent and was horrified by the presence of Formers, humans who had become Lambent. While Delta successfully activated the Imulsion pipeline, the fuel truck was too badly damaged to carry the necessary fuel and had to be abandoned. As Delta headed to hook up with Private Dizzy Wallin and Jace, they came under a massive Lambent and Locust attack. Dom ended up sacrificing himself to destroy the enemy forces and Anya prevented Marcus from charging into the flames to try to reach him. During the Mission to Char, Anya was worried about Marcus' state of mind after his best friend's death and aided in the attempt to retrieve the fuel for Aaron Griffin. Delta got the fuel, but as Griffin's entire Stranded encampment was slaughtered, he refused to give them the fuel they needed. Delta then traveled to the Endeavor Naval Shipyard where they retrieved a rotor and fuel for a submarine they found, allowing Dizzy to fix it and them to start their journey to Azura.

Battle of Azura

On the way to Azura, the submarine came under attack from Manglers, mines, torpedoes and a Leviathan and Anya manned one of the gun pods to defend it. Eventually the sub reached Azura and Anya headed out with the rest of Delta except Dizzy who remained with the sub to find Adam Fenix. The squad was guided by Adam to destroy the Maelstrom device so Cole and Baird could bring in reinforcements. When they succeeded, Anya was surprised to see that the reinforcements included the Gorasni led by Trescu. Anya fought through the Locust and Lambent on the island in Delta's attempt to reach Adam and the squad finally reached and rescued Adam. Adam explained to Anya and the others the parasitic nature of Imulsion and how his weapon would destroy anything sufficiently infected by Imulsion including the Lambent and the Locust. Anya and the rest of Delta escorted Adam to the roof of the Pinnacle Tower where they fought off the Lambent and the Locust, allowing Adam to access his weapon. As Adam activated the weapon, Queen Myrrah attacked the group in her Tempest and Anya helped fight it off until the Tempest was killed by the Hammer of Dawn. As Adam came outside as the weapon activated, Anya and the others were surrounded by Drudges, but the weapon killed them. Anya was horrified as Adam revealed he infected himself with Imulsion to test its lifecycle and thus would die when the weapon fully went off. Anya watched in horror as Adam died and was shocked when Myrrah emerged from the Tempest's remains, alive but hurt. Anya aimed her gun at Myrrah, but stopped when Marcus ordered her to lower her gun along with the others. Anya watched as Marcus killed Myrrah with Dom's commando knife in revenge for all the deaths Myrrah caused.

Marcus and Anya looking out over the ocean together.

War's End

Afterwards, Adam's weapon went off and destroyed the Lambent, the Locust and all Imulsion. As the rest of the Gears celebrated the end of the war, Anya noticed Marcus heading onto the beach, discarding his armor and do-rag. Following him to the shoreline, Marcus asked Anya what they had left to live for now and Anya reminded him that thanks to him and his father they now finally had a tomorrow to look forward to and that his father's last request was for him to live life. As the rest of Delta watched, Anya took Marcus' hand and looked out over the ocean.

Anya Stroud as First Minister of the re-constituted COG.

Interwar Period

Rebuilding the New COG

Following the end of the Locust War, Lt. Stroud was promoted to Major. In the months after the end of the war, the Locust bodies began to grow impenetrable crystal growths over their bodies. Unable to destroy the bodies, Major Anya Stroud oversaw the disposal of Locust bodies in numerous classified burial sites across Sera. Anya and Sgt. Marcus Fenix supervised the last burial at the Osmium Mine Bravo in Fort Reval on 17th of Storm, 18 A.E.

Soon after, Anya and Marcus solidified their affections by marrying. Anya later became the First Minister of the newly reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments. With the assistance of Damon Baird and his newly invented technology, the new Coalition set up camp in the ruins of Ephyra and began recylcing the rubble to build on top New Ephyra.

In the remaining Stranded camps in the city, First Minister Stroud met Mina Jinn, a young woman whose family was killed during the Hammer of Dawn Strikes. First Minister Stroud then convinced Mina to become her protégé. Despite the contribution of the Hammer of Dawn in winning the Pendulum Wars, Locust War, and Lambent Pandemic, First Minister Stroud forbade the recovery and rebuilding of the weapons, as she didn't want the horrific scenario of the Hammer of Dawn Strikes to ever happen again.

First Minister Stroud, pregnant with James, mentoring Minister Mina Jinn in 20 A.E.

Creating a Family

By 20 A.E., Mina Jinn was appointed Minister of Procreation, to rebuild the human population. Mina Jinn's ingenuity discovered the fertility program, which allowed barren and older women to procreate. First Minister Stroud, formerly barren, was among the first to undergo treatment in Minister Jinn's fertility program, which resulted in the successful pregnancy of her and Marcus Fenix's son, James Dominic Fenix, named after their late friend, Pvt. Dominic Santiago. Anya's treatment inspired the women of the new Coalition to also undergo treatment and help repopulate humanity.

Anya gave birth to James Dominic Fenix in the Stroud Estate. Continuing to act as First Minister, Anya spent most of her time in New Ephyra, while Marcus spent most of his time tending to the land and living at the Stroud Estate, as he not only retired but also had trust issues with the Coalition - despite his wife being in charge of the government. James spent most of his childhood in a boarding school in New Ephyra. It was there where he met Delmont Walker, a fellow student who was an orphan and ward to the state. The two began very close friends as the Fenix Family essentially acted as Del's family.

Anya with her son and Marcus on the Stroud Estate in 27 A.E.

During the summers, Anya and James, along with Del, would return to Stroud Estate to be with Marcus. When Anya and James returned in the summer of 27 A.E., Marcus had begun planting a tree in the front yard of the estate. Anya encouraged James to greet his father and help him with the gardening. James ran to his father and embraced him. Marcus then planted the tree and carved his son's initials into the tree: JDF. Anya then reunited with her husband and son after their private moment.

Anya Stroud's grave.


Later in 27 A.E., First Minister Stroud chose to have another child and went to Minister Jinn to undergo another fertility treatment. However, due to unknown causes, Anya died during the program. Instead of being buried with the Allfathers in New Ephyra, Marcus buried Anya on the land of Stroud Estate, much to Jinn's dismay as she wanted Anya to be the symbol of inspiration for the next generation. 

Portrait of First Minister Stroud in Jinn's office.


"Well, take good care of that armor, Kait."
" belonged to my mother.
Marcus Fenix and James Fenix to Kait Diaz as she took Lt. Stroud's armor.

Anya's death caused Marcus Fenix to go into a severe depression, isolating himself from his friends, including Damon Baird, Samantha Byrne, and Augustus Cole for over fifteen years. This also put a strain on his relationship with JD. Marcus was unable to process his grief with his son, causing JD to resent his father for not being there for him. JD continued to attend the boarding school in New Ephyra, where JD further resented his father and put deeper loyalty into his friend, Delmont. After JD graduated, he revealed to his father that he and Del would be joining the COG army. This caused Marcus to disown JD. However, after the Settlement 2 massacre, Marcus told his son and Del not to go Outsider when they came to him because the COG would hunt them down. JD and Del disregarded his warnings and left, joining Fort Umson under Chief Reyna Diaz.

After First Minister Anya Stroud's death, the COG began to favor authoritarian control over civic-minded rebuilding, which caused many citizens to permanently distrust and sever ties with the Coalition - joining the Outsiders. In addition, those still loyal to the Coalition also began to criticize the COG's rulings that went against the former First Minister's. In 41 A.E., those criticisms resulted in a large protest in Settlement 2. When Gears and DeeBees were sent to the scene, First Minister Jinn ordered them to open fire on the civilians, resulting in the Settlement 2 Protest Massacre. After this event, a political and social movement group published the The White Xiphium, named after Anya's favorite flower, a seditious pamphlet aimed at protesting the Coalition for their practices and government policies.

While a statue was erected in her honor in the Government House, her grave resides on the Stroud Estate. First Minister Mina Jinn continued offering to relocate Anya in New Ephyra with the Allfathers to give the citizens inspiration and hope, much to Marcus Fenix's disgust and anger - with Marcus reasoning she was his wife and didn't belong to anyone. Marcus also kept her armor preserved in the secret family vault within Stroud Estate, along with his armor and the armor JD and Del left behind after they abandoned the Coalition to become Outsiders following the Settlement 2 massacre. However, months later, JD and Del returned, along with daughter of Reyna Diaz, Kait Diaz. JD and Del believed the Locust had returned and kidnapped their village. Marcus agreed to check out a burial site and gave Anya's body armor to Kait Diaz. Kait continued to wear it but returned it to Marcus after the Evacuation of Settlement 2.

Personality and Traits

"Oh, I'm fine. That's the scary thing. I want to do it again. I'm not finished. And all this hilarity- I hear it all the time in Control. But now I've done it myself. Tell me it's normal. Tell me I've not got some terrible thing in me waiting to get out and kill and joke about it."
—Anya to Bernie, after fighting in her first large scale battle

Early in her life, Anya often felt overshadowed and in awe of her mother. Although very beautiful, Anya didn't seem to know she was considered to be such by others, but this wasn't the case as both Carlos Santiago and Marcus Fenix noticed her.[139] When her mother was killed, Anya became stronger, firmer and more independent.[140] When she eventually went frontline, she was described as becoming a lot like her mother.

Part of the reason why Anya is so dedicated to the military is, according to Damon Baird, she "can't have kids"[141] During the Battle of Pelruan, Anya showed great enthusiasm in fighting and enjoyed herself immensely. She became part of what she had always heard over the radio and admitted if she'd known it felt like it did, she would have gone frontline earlier and wished her mother had been there to see her. She ended up becoming a capable field officer, leading the Gears defending Pelruan and joining Delta Squad after the COG collapsed, though she deferred to Marcus' command rather than taking over as the ranking member.

Anya is in love with Marcus Fenix and vice versa ever since they met not long before the Battle of Aspho Fields. The relationship started the night Anya got her mother's Embry Star: Marcus took her home and a combination of grief, alcohol and a need for closeness caused the two to start a sexual relationship. Initially it was fun to sneak away for time together, but Anya grew to dislike this as she didn't want to be like her mother; a woman who slept around and never married and didn't seem to know who fathered her daughter as a result. Anya also disliked that Marcus never stayed a full night, but Dom Santiago explained to her it's because he had terrible nightmares and didn't want to frighten her.

Anya loved Marcus deeply and was annoyed by his lack of willingness to be open about their relationship, which was partially fear that she would be brought up on charges for being in a relationship with an enlisted man (there were regulations against fraternizing between officers and enlisted) and according to Dom, partially Marcus' upbringing. However, despite their endeavors to keep it a secret, several people knew by the time Marcus went to prison; including Colonel Victor Hoffman; Dominic Santiago, Chairman Richard Prescott and Adam Fenix. It's indicated that at some point the relationship became an open secret. Despite it being against regulations, no one tried to stop it, not even Chairman Prescott when he admitted his knowledge and the people who knew mostly encouraged Anya.

After Marcus got sent to prison for forty years, Anya refused to give up on him, willing to wait for the whole forty years if necessary despite Marcus repeatedly telling her to forget about him and move on with her life. She worked with Dom to get a legal appeal and expressed her frustrations over Marcus not responding to her letters and not being affectionate in public, but Dom assured her that Marcus did love her and never even looked at another woman. Despite not getting any response from Marcus; both to letters and phone calls, Anya still never gave up, not knowing that a vindictive guard burned all but a few of her letters and all of Marcus' return letters. She was also unaware that the thought of her was one of the few things keeping Marcus going in prison, and part of the reason he never answered her calls was fear that she had in fact moved on and he didn't want to remind her of their past while learning the painful truth. When Anya learned the Slab was under siege, she asked the senior warden to pass along the message to Marcus that she loved him, which the warden informed her Marcus asked him to say the same back about her. While Marcus didn't actually say this, he lamented not being able to return the favor and was grateful for the guard's actions.

Once the two were briefly reunited in Embry Square, Marcus realized just by her reaction to him that she hadn't given up on him and was relieved. Despite Marcus not being outwardly demonstrative usually, when he believed her dead when he sank Jacinto; he was clearly and openly devastated, but relieved when she was revealed to have survived. While briefly talking about her letters; Anya learned that Marcus didn't get more than a few, and she informed him that even after all that time, what she told him in them about her feelings hadn't changed. When the war was won; unfortunately with the loss of Adam Fenix and Dom, Anya comforted Marcus, who was unsure what to do now after so much loss. She reminded him that they finally had a future to look forward to, and his father had wanted him to experience it. When Anya took his hand, Marcus didn't reject her gesture despite the fact that a lot of people are watching and accepted her comfort and love.


"So this is how it ends? Today, the Coalition of Ordered Governments cease to exist. Chairman Prescott? He abandoned us some time ago. We can't pretend that we're a government any longer. It all began on Emergence Day, when the Locust emerged and overran us. We tried to stop them with the Hammer of Dawn, incinerating our own cities, killing millions of our own people. But the Locust kept coming. The survivors from the Hammer Strikes, the Stranded, didn't want anything to do with a government that sacrificed civilians. And after fifteen years of fighting, we even had to sacrifice the last Human stronghold, Jacinto. We sank the city and finally stopped the Locust Army. The war was finally over. Redueced to refugees, we found a remote island where we could start again. But somethings can never be rebuilt, the broken heart and the broken mind. Then a new enemy came after us, even worse than the last, the Lambent. Now they're spreading across Sera, killing everything in their path. We've held them off for as long as we can, we're out of options! Our only hope now is to abandon the island and split up. Some of us are going to live on the remaining ships. Others want to risk going back to the mainland, Godspeed, Colonel. This is the former Liuetenant. Anya Stroud, signing off."
—Anya Stroud recording the events of the past fifteen years after E-day, when the COG disbanded
"I guess we're all Stranded now."
—Anya on the remnants of the COG's situation

Behind the scenes

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Civilian Anya multiplayer skin.

  • Anya is voiced by Nan McNamara.
  • Anya means "mother" in the Hungarian language.
  • Anya was named after the character Anyanka from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Anya was based off of someone who broke Cliff Bleszinski's heart in the past.[142]
  • She makes her first debut as a combat soldier in Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant as a front-line Gear.
  • Anya is included in the Gears of War 3 HeroClix Toyline.


  • Anya is available for multiplayer in Gears of War 3.
  • A "Civilian Anya" multiplayer skin is unlocked at level 45.
  • In Gears of War: Judgment multiplayer, Anya Stroud can be unlocked through a pre-order code from Best Buy/Wal-Mart, among other retailers. She can be purchased from the xbox store for $1.99.
  • In Gears of War 4 multiplayer, Anya has six skins: Armored Anya, Civilian Anya, Day of the Dead Anya, E-Day Anya, Tomorrow Anya, and Vintage Anya. Her Civilian skin is only available by crafting scrap, though there was a chance of receiving her early in the Superstar Cole and Savage Locust Gear Packs, her Day of the Dead skin is only available in the Day of the Dead Gear Pack, her Tomorrow skin can only be unlocked via the Brothers to the End Elite Gear Pack players receive for pre-ordering the game, and her Vintage skin is only available by crafting scrap.



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