"The fortress of Anvegad was called Anvil Gate because its impenetrable walls were forged in the fires of war. Huge cannons sat atop battlements that guarded sprawling walls running the line of the UIR borders. Marcus went there to find Hoffman, and they both thought that Anvil Gate would offer protection from the incoming forces of Locust and Lambent. They were wrong, and little remains other than the ruined shell of a once mighty fortress."
—Official description of Anvil

Anvil is a map in the Fenix Rising DLC. It is based off the fortress of Anvil Gate.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Anvil Gate is a difficult map for teams to keep in balance. One strategy would be to send two people to the grenades, so they can maintain it and tag up the area, or if you're feeling lucky, try and get some grenade kills. The rest of the team should go to Boom, to either try and get the weapon or to prevent the enemy team from obtaining it. Since the Boomshot spawn is overlooked by two cape like areas, where one or two people can give Lancer\Hammerburst support for the player rushing for Boom, or to harass the enemy's gunrunner. Players can also use the paths under the bridges to possibly flank.

Anvil Overhead Map (click to enlarge)

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