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"Anvegad's like a movie set. The buildings are straight out of a history book and there's even a street bazaar. But God, it's harsh up here."
—Lieutenant Victor Hoffman[1]

Anvegad was a Silver Era city and had a fort located in a pass on the border of Kashkur and Vasgar. The city had not been taken in its entire history, and nobody had attempted an assault since the Age of Horse and Cannon. However, during its siege in 17 B.E., Anvegad's commander, Lieutenant Victor Hoffman, faked a surrender in order to ambush the besieging UIR forces.

Anvegad consists of two major sections - the city and the military fort. Most of the old city was built from timber and plaster - very flammable materials - and eventually the COG would use them in their favour during the battle for the city. The fort and new section of the city was built from stone.

Since it was connected to a continuously flowing underground river, and had vast underground water storage cisterns, Anvegad could hold out virtually forever in the face of an assault. However, UIR engineers managed to seal off the river, depriving Anvegad of its water supply. Subsequently, any remaining water had to be rationed, and the city smelled worse of sewage.

Anvegad was where Anvil Gate got its name. The name was Kashkur, so the COG forces stationed at the fort called it Anvil Gate.

Around fifteen years after E-Day, and 18 months after the destruction of the Hollows and the sinking of Jacinto, Anvegad was the site of a minor three-way battle between Locust, COG and Lambent forces. The besieged COG forces eventually prevailed, and under Colonel Hoffman's leadership eventually survived the last days of the war as the Locust Horde and the Lambent were eventually destroyed.