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"Yeah, but I got a problem. Something's wrong with this thing. It keeps jamming. See?"
—Anthony's last words

Private Anthony Carmine was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army and a member of Delta Squad. He was a member of the Carmine Family and the brother of Benjamin Carmine, Clayton Carmine, and an unnamed fourth brother. In 14 A.E., Anthony was part of the mission to find and deploy the Resonator during Lightmass Offensive. He was killed just outside the House of Sovereigns by a Locust Sniper and was remembered as a hero by his family.


Early Life[]

Anthony Carmine was born and raised during the last years of the Pendulum Wars. He was the younger brother to Clayton and his second eldest brother. At a certain point, Anthony became the older brother to the youngest of the Carmine family: Benjamin.

Locust War[]

Emergence Day[]

"I used to have nightmares about these things when I was a kid."
—Anthony Carmine, about Emergence Holes.

Six weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars, a race of subterranean creatures called the Locust Horde emerged into every major city on Sera to slaughter all of humanity, known as Emergence Day, the start of the Locust War. During the first twenty-six hours, 25% of the world population was killed. Anthony, his brothers, and his mother survived the initial attack, while a relative, Will Carmine, was one of the first humans to die on Emergence Day. As a child, Anthony had nightmares about Locust Emergence Holes in the aftermath of Emergence Day and the beginning of the Locust War.[1]

Joining the Army[]

Anthony would later join the Coalition of Ordered Governments army, along with his three brothers. After graduating from the academy, he was voted "most likely to get shot".[2] However, he was also known as a major historical expert, as Anthony decided to model himself after the famed warriors of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, among them being Marcus Fenix who fought in the Battle of Aspho Fields.

Anthony meeting Marcus Fenix for the first time.

Lightmass Offensive[]

"Hey! Are you THE Marcus Fenix, the one who fought at Aspho Fields?"
—Anthony Carmine, upon meeting Marcus at the beginning of the Lightmass Offensive

Fourteen years after Emergence Day, Anthony was assigned to Delta Squad under the command of Lieutenant Kim during the Lightmass Offensive and was squad mate's with Private Fenix and Corporal Santiago, both Pendulum Wars heroes. While aboard KR Eight-Zero, Anthony fired his Lancer down at the Locust on the ground below, and had a brief conversation with Marcus. He asked him if he was the Marcus Fenix from the Battle of Aspho Fields, and was excited to discover he was.

After landing at Embry Square, Anthony and the other Gears fought off a group of Drones that attacked them, as Colonel Hoffman briefed Kim on Delta's mission to find Alpha Squad. After this, Anthony fought through the ruins of Ephyra alongside Delta Squad. They found a group of three dead Gears, but were unsure if they were from Alpha. As Kim contacted Command and Marcus and Dom talked, Anthony found and inspected a Geobot. Kim asked him if it was the Sonic Resonator, but Anthony told him it wasn't, and tossed the device into a sinkhole.[3]

With Delta unsure of Alpha's demise at Embry Square, Stroud ordered Kim and Delta to search for Alpha inside the House of Sovereigns. Delta was then immediately attacked by a Troika and squad of Locust Drones down the freeway. Fenix flanked the Locust on the other side and Carmine continued with Delta down to the circle drive. There, four Emergence Holes broke around the circle drive, forcing Delta to find refuge in the center fountain and fight from there. After neutralizing the threat, Carmine commented on how the Emergence Holes gave him nightmares as a child.

With the road to the House of Sovereigns blocked, Delta split up to traverse an office building in ruins. Carmine went with Fenix while Kim took Santiago. The four managed to defeat the Locust presence inside the building and garage, but were then met with another Emergence Hole. Carmine and Delta were able to repel the forces and continue through the back of the building to the delivery area, where across the street was the House of Sovereigns. While passing the street, a pair of Reavers briefly hopped along the path.

Arriving at the House of Sovereigns, they were met by an additional Troika and Grenadiers. Fenix was then ordered by Kim to flank inside the House of Sovereigns entrance, joined by Carmine. While an Emergence Hole appeared, Carmine and Fenix were able to eliminate the enemy threat at the entrance, but the main street in front of the House emerged more Locust troops. Using the Trokia, Fenix assisted Carmine, Kim, and Santiago in eliminating the remaining Locust. However, Carmine's chainsaw bayonet mechanic kept jamming his gun.

Carmine seconds before he is killed.


"Yeah, but I got a problem. Something's wrong with this thing. It keeps jamming. See?"
—Anthony Carmine, explaining to Kim that something was wrong with his Lancer after clearing out the courtyard

After the squad cleared the entrance of the House of Sovereigns, Carmine joined the rest of the squad in the courtyard. Kim asked everyone for a status report and Carmine showed him his jammed Lancer. He was killed instantly after being shot in the head by a Locust Sniper, which fled before the rest of the squad could retaliate.[4] While they briefly mourned his death, the surviving member's Delta Squad were forced to leave Anthony's body behind due to the importance of their mission.


"Carmine. Man."
"I know.
—Dom and Marcus's reaction after Anthony's death

During Operation: Hollow Storm, Anthony's brother, Benjamin Carmine, was also assigned to Delta Squad. Ben was also as enthusiastic as Anthony was, and he also had trouble reloading. When Dom is ticked off at Ben, who was gloating about the air filter in the COG-issued helmet, he remarks that he can see snipers better without it – referring to how Anthony had been killed by a sniper. Though in the Carmine family, Anthony's "sacrifice" brought great honor to his family.[5]

His brother Clayton Carmine immortalized him with a tattoo on his arm along with Benjamin Carmine.[6] Furthermore, Clayton has the words "Keep Your Head Down!" and "Practice Reloading", both of which contributed to Anthony's death.

Two years after the sinking of Jacinto, Marcus dreamed about the death of his father Adam Fenix during the Fall of Ephyra, and both Anthony and his brother Benjamin were part of that dream.[7]

Sometime after the Locust War had ended, Anthony's name was inscribed on a postwar memorial wall in the ruins of the Tomb of the Unknowns along with the names of other deceased Gears in honor of their service and sacrifice.

Anthony's burst helmet was rediscovered by Corporal Kait Diaz and his former squadmate Marcus Fenix in the ruins near the House of Sovereigns during the Battle of Old Ephyra. Marcus lamented the loss of Anthony twenty-seven years after his death, and saw it as one of the worst aspects of war. Kait later placed Anthony's helmet at the memorial wall in the Tomb of the Unknowns along with the items of other fallen Gears including his little brothers helmet.

Carmine holding a Geobot.

Personality and Traits[]

Anthony, like many new Gears, was considered "green". He was an enthusiastic soldier with a gung-ho attitude willing to rush into enemy fire. During his time with Delta Squad, Carmine fought bravely and did not falter while under fire. Though he had great respect for veteran Gears like Marcus Fenix, he held some ignorance towards the carnage of the Pendulum Wars and the battle for Aspho Fields, viewing them as "cool". Anthony, unlike the veteran Gears, preferred full armor, which some claim led to his death.

Appearance Gallery[]

Behind the scenes[]

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COG bulleye sticker on the back of Academy Anthony that his fellow trainees slapped on his armor

  • Anthony Carmine and his brothers were voiced by Michael Gough.
  • Anthony Carmine's first name was named by Joshua Ortega after one of his best friend's younger brothers.[8]
  • All the generic characters like: Anthony Carmine, Gyules and Jan Rojas in the original Gears of War game were all given names that related to the colour red to reference the fact that they were red shirts.
    • Carmine is the general term for some deep red colors.
  • In Gears of War: Ultimate Edition during the second half of the cutscene at the beginning of Trial By Fire just after Delta squad leave the Raven to meet Hoffman at Embry Square Carmine is never seen in the scene again. Unlike in the original where he was beside Dom and Marcus the entire time. The scene was changed in Ultimate Edition to put more focus on Marcus and Dom.[9]
  • In the original Gears of War a Grenadier kills Anthony Carmine with a Longshot while in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition a Sniper kills him.
  • A mistake regarding Anthony Carmine in the original Gears of War is that after he gets killed, the model for his corpse is shown to be wearing the second variation COG Combat Helmet.
  • In Gears of War 3 during Marcus' dream sequence, it is possible for the second/third helmet variation to generate on Anthony's character model.
  • If the player fails a reload sequence as Lizzie in Gears 5, she will sometimes say "I think I lost an uncle this way!". This is a reference to Anthony and the way he was killed.
  • Anthony made an appearance in Gears of War 3's Thrashball Cole promotional trailer
  • The Gears 5 Academy Anthony multiplayer skin has a small COG shaped bullseye sticker on his armor that his fellow trainees slapped on as a prank due to him getting voted "most likely to get shot" as a reference to his original Gears of War bio.[10]



  • Anthony is also a playable character for the COG team during multiplayer matches.
  • In Gears of War 2, Anthony is unlocked by having one of the "Completed Act 1" achievements in Gears of War 1 and signing successfully into Xbox Live.
  • In Gears of War 3, Anthony Carmine is an unlockable multiplayer character, available after reaching Level 75.
  • In Gears of War 4, Anthony Carmine is a playable multiplayer character, available in the Carmine Gear Pack. A Zombie skin can also be unlocked in the Zombie Carmines Gear Pack.
  • In Gears 5, Anthony Carmine is a playable multiplayer character, available as part of the Carmine bundle introduced in mid Operation 3.
  • Anthony does, however, share lines with Clay Carmine. Even saying: "This is for you, Anthony!" at the beginning of some matches.
  • Oddly enough, in Gears of War 3 matches if Anthony is downed, rather than saying it as usual in par with other characters he will say "Uh, a little help here?" via communications device.
  • Anthony's final words before his death in Gears of War, "Something's wrong with this thing. Ugh, it keeps jamming," are shared with both Benjamin and Clayton in multiplayer/Horde 2.0 in Gears of War 3 when the player fails an active reload. Anthony himself also says this line in GOW3's multiplayer/Horde 2.0.
  • Additionally, Anthony's quote "I used to have nightmares about those things when I was a kid" is also shared by Benjamin Carmine when spotting an enemy in Horde 2.0.
  • An error regarding Anthony Carmine is that in Gears of War 3, if you're playing Team Deathmatch, Execution, etc., when you look at his helmet portrait in the COG team symbol, it seems to be a COG Gear helmet.