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Answers is the second chapter of the fourth act of Gears of War 2.



Objective: Find Maria


This act begins with Marcus and Dom searching for the slave pens demarcated by the 7-like Locust icon, where Maria is being held. After searching for the icon on the terminals in first slave areas to no avail, a Locust patrol consisting of one Theron Sentinel, one Mauler, and an assortment of Drones is spotted Marcus and Dom, and the two must follow the patrol before they can proceed. The last slave pen they find is the one with the correct symbol. Marcus and Dom must then defend that section from a twin-pronged Locust assault including one Grinder, multiple Wretches, a few Drones, and two Bloodmounts while JACK scans the pods in order to find Maria.

Cut SceneEdit

After all the Locust are killed, a cinematic will play showing Maria as Dom remembers her emerging from the slave pod; pristine, unharmed, and smiling. However, Marcus calls Dom back into reality and Dom realizes that Maria, in reality, has been brutally abused and is no longer capable of recognizing Dom or capable of speech. Dom breaks down and tells her he is sorry for letting her be taken by the Locust, then presses a Boltok Pistol against her head and euthanizes her with it. As Marcus walks away, he hears the sound of a single shot being fired. Several moments later, a sympathetic Marcus offers Dom two options: to sneak into Nexus wearing Locust armor or to simply slaughter their way through, to which Dom, fueled with rage, chooses the latter.


  • Prisoner's Journal: If you see many pods ahead and there's a path on the left side, go there and you will find Jonathan Harper's Diary.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "There's a Time for Us" achievement.
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