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Annex is a multiplayer mode first released as an update for Gears of War and stock in Gears of War 2.

Rules and Regulations[]

In this mode there are two teams, the COG and the Locust. If a player gets killed, he will automatically respawn up to 14 seconds later. The respawn time is in intervals. The objective of this mode is to get the appointed score faster than the opposing team. If you have the score you need, you win a round. The team with the most rounds won, wins. To get this score, you need to stand in a circle surrounding a weapon. You can leave the circle once you have claimed it and still be able to score points. The circle will change after a certain amount of time to another weapon on the map. You can only get points if you 'activate' the circle or 'deactivate' the circle from the other team. It doesn't matter how many kills you have, for you receive only 2 points for every kill.


  • "Annex" is closely related to the Halo series' multiplayer mode "Territories" and is almost identical to Call of Duty's "Headquarters" multiplayer mode.
  • The map pack Hidden Fronts was said to be made around the gametype "Annex".
  • The most number of points needed to win a round is 480, with the points revolving around 60 point marks.
  • On the side of the mechanical part (where the light of the ring is stemming from) of the rings found in the Annex mode in Gears of War, there is the engraving of a COG Gear.
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