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The Amphibious Assault Ship is a major amphibious combat vessel for the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy. These naval ships were crucial in amphibious beachhead assaults such as the Battle of Aspho Fields, and allowed significant COG reinforcements in times of need.


Pendulum Wars[]

Amphibious Assault Ships were common in COG amphibious invasions of UIR territory during the Pendulum Wars. These naval vessels allowed the COG to breach the coastal defenses of the UIR and create strategic opportunities for assaults and counterattacks.

The most famous of these vessels was the CNV Pomeroy, whose contribution allowed the 26 RTI Special Tactics Group to invade Aspho Fields and steal the Hammer of Dawn blueprints from the UIR during Operation Leveler.[1]

Locust War[]

A number of Amphibious Assault Ships was destroyed during the Emergence Day, as the COG Navy was taken aback by the Locust's ability to launch naval assaults through smaller and nimble vessels, such as the Locust Gunboat and the Assault Barque. The CNV Pomeroy was one such vessel that was harassed and beached.[2]


Amphibious Assault Ships were a form of Landing Platform/Dock (LPD) that engaged in beachhead assaults and amphibious invasions. These ships was surprisingly heavily armed for an amphibious assault vessel, often rivaling Battleships in firepower. With six triple-barrelled naval big-guns and dozens of flak gun turrets, ships such as the Pomeroy could easily defend itself from enemy naval combatants.

As a amphibious assault vessel, the Amphibious Assault Ship carried a single helicopter landing pad which housed either a King Raven or a Sea Raven for scouting and anti-submarine warfare purposes. It was capable of housing dozens of Marine contingents and other special forces as well as several Marlins.

Known Amphibious Assault Ships[]


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