"I've got more than eight thousand people on board. We don't need any more problems."
—Lieutenant Commander Alisder Fyne

Lieutenant Commander Alisder Fyne was the head of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy during and after the evacuation of Jacinto City.


Commander of the NavyEdit

Fyne was in charge of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy post Emergence Day. He kept the core fleet running during the fifteen-year war with the Locust. After the Sinking of Jacinto, Fyne put what remained of the fleet into the docks at Merrenat Naval Base, with the CNV Sovereign as his flagship. The navy's ships were stuffed full of refugees from Jacinto, which put a strain on Fyne's resources. Ten days after the sinking, Fyne met with Col. Victor Hoffman, Lt. Anya Stroud, Sgt. Marcus Fenix, and Dr. Isabel Hayman. They negotiated a solution to the medical staff problems, and Fyne informed Hoffman of Quentin Michaelson's survival.[1] Fyne was replaced as head of the navy by Michaelson six weeks after the evacuation of Jacinto.[2]

Second Battle of New JacintoEdit

"Control to all callsigns, we have confirmation- it's Lambent. Stand by for Hammer deployment in thirty seconds..."
—Fyne, preparing to fire the HoD at a Lambent Leviathan

Several months later, the COG had relocated to the island of Vectes, and Fyne was tasked with keeping the navy's vessels supplied and fueled. When a Leviathan was spotted approaching New Jacinto, Fyne went out on a Marlin with CPO Frank Muller to determine if it was Lambent. After discovering it was, Fyne targeted it with a Hammer of Dawn laser designation, and counted down thirty seconds till it fired, but the laser missed. Fyne tried again to get a target lock, but the laser missed a second time and the Hammer went offline, allowing the Leviathan to continue on its path toward the city, leaving Fyne and Muller behind in their Marlin.[3]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Fyne was an isolationist[4] who was very worried about disease control aboard the packed navy ships.[1] Hoffman held great respect for Fyne.[2]


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