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Private Valera was Alicia Valera's younger brother.


Locust War[]

A photo of Alicia while off duty with her younger brother.

Evacuation of Ilima[]

Alicia Valera told Michael Barrick that she had a younger brother, and that at the time he was one year too young to join the COG Army. She then told him that she's worried that he has to join the army during the Locust War, but Barrick assured her that he would be fine because he had his older sister to watch over him.[2] Unfortunately, Alicia was murdered by Locust General RAAM, preventing her from living to see her brother become a Gear.

Operation: Hollow Storm[]

Five years after Alicia's death, her brother was part of Operation: Hollow Storm, which commanded thousands of Gears to Kadar Valley and use Grindlifts to burrow underground into the heart of the Locust stronghold, Nexus.

Alicia's brother corpse inside one of the wrecked COG train cars in Kadar valley.


Alicia's brother was either wounded or stranded during the Assault of Mount Kadar, taking shelter inside a train car within Kadar Valley. He either died of blood loss or exposure. The last thing Alicia's brother was doing was looking at a picture of him and his older sister before dying.


His body was found by Cpl. Kait Diaz inside the train car. Cpl. Diaz then took the picture of him and his sister and placed it on the memorial wall of the Tomb of the Unknowns in Old Ephyra during the Battle of Old Ephyra.



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