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"The man is nothing, the work is everything."
—Alexiy Desipich[1]

Alexiy Desipich was an uncompromising Socialist who created the concept of the Coalition before the Pendulum Wars. He based the coalition on an obscure, world-government philosophy revolving around eight guiding principles: Order, Diligence, Purity, Labor, Honor, Loyalty, Faith, and Humility that he referred to as the Austere Canon.[2]

A portrait of Alexiy writing the Austere Canon.


"We only achieve unity through order"
Nassar Embry, Allfather Prime of the COG, creating the COG

Years after Desipich's world-government philosophy was just a political theory, Nassar Embry and the Allfathers used his political ideals and created the Coalition of Ordered Governments. The COG would go on to become one of the two global superpowers and were in direct confrontation with the Union of Independent Republics during the Pendulum Wars. [3] However, the leadership of the COG would betray many elements of Desipich's Austere Canon with Chairman Monroe creating the New Hope Research Facility, Chairman Tomas Dalyell ordering the execution of any staffers in Aspho Point during Operation: Leveler,[4][5] and finally Chairman Richard Prescott's use of the Fortification Act along with the Hammer of Dawn strikes across Sera, although Prescott's actions were deemed legal.[6] By 14 A.E., COG's was being derisively viewed as fascist in the eyes of many Stranded. Some Gears, including Marcus Fenix and Damon Baird, note that sacrifices of freedom in the name of security manage to remain popular in the arena of public opinion.[7][8]

Behind the scenes[]

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