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"You leave Marcus out of this. It’s a condition. If anything happens to him, I don’t care what happens to the rest of Sera."
—Adam Fenix's faustian bargain with Queen Myrrah[1]

Professor Adam Jonathon Fenix (COG tags CSID X17-47547-01)[2] was a retired Gear and devoted professor at the La Croix University, as well as a member of the Defense Research Agency. He was the husband of Doctor Elain Fenix and father of legendary war hero Marcus Fenix. A veteran of the Pendulum Wars, Fenix held the rank of Captain and was the commanding officer of Howerd Company, but later accepted a position designing weapons to try and end the war faster. He helped plan Operation: Leveler, and completed development on the captured Hammer of Dawn technology. When the war with the Locust began, Adam tried to find a peaceful way of ending it, and only reluctantly agreed to using the Hammer of Dawn to try and stop the Locust. After this failed, Adam continued trying to find a way to end the war, until his assumed death at the Battle of Ephyra. He was really kidnapped by Chairman Richard Prescott and held on Azura, but he would later manage to make contact with Marcus during the Lambent Pandemic. Adam ended up ending both the Pandemic and the Locust War with his Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon, but died in the process after reuniting with his son one last time.


Early Life

Adam Fenix was raised by his father in Fenix Estate, located within East Barricade Academy of Ephyra, Tyrus. As a child, he was taught not to yell, which his father considered fit only for the laboring classes and the battlefield. When he was little, and heard about stories with monsters like Romily, he would crawl under his bed at night to try and prove or disprove their existence, waiting with a flashlight and camera. Since they never showed up, he concluded that monsters didn't exist and were all fairy tales.

Pendulum Wars

Early Career

Adam Fenix studied physics and other varied sciences, military intelligence, and weapon design at La Croix University and East Barricade Academy. Becoming a professor and lecturing at such institutions, he also became Captain of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army. Sometime in his early career, he met and fell in love with Elain, a biologist. Professor Adam Fenix and Doctor Elain later became married. In 22 B.E., the two conceived Marcus Michael Fenix. The three resided in the Fenix Estate, which Adam had inherited after his father died, and Adam balanced his duties as a Captain in the 26th Royal Tyran infantry of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army with being a father and a researcher.[3]

Invasion of Kashkur


A picture of Elain and Marcus that Adam carried with him.

Preparing for Deployment

"It's my duty. I'm a soldier. A Gear. Soldiers have to go where they're sent, to protect everyone."
—Adam, explaining to Marcus why he had to leave

In the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars, Adam received orders to be deployed to the country of Kashkur in the Eastern Central Massif. He began packing for his deployment, taking care to prevent his family from seeing and getting upset. When he finished, he began looking for Elaine, and began walking the corridors of the Estate to find her. As he passed the lines of portraits of the several generations of the Fenix family, he felt uncomfortable under their blue-eyed gaze, and considered donating them to the Tyran National Gallery. He found Elain at her desk, writing, and she indicated to him to wait for a moment while she finished. Once she did, he asked her where Marcus was, and she told Adam he was in the library. Adam wondered why a four year old wasn't outside on a lovely day, but Elain told him that the maintenance people were working outside. She then showed him her research, and told him about discovering a new genus of creatures that appeared to have had traits similar to the creatures from the Romily story. Adam was amazed at the discovery, but also hurt that she had kept if from him for years. She told him that she hadn't wanted to tell anyone before she was positive. He asked where she had found the creatures, and she told them she had discovered them near the Hollow while walking with Marcus. Adam was horrified that she had been near the Hollow, which was restricted due to the ground being prone to subsidence, but Elain assured him she had not gone past the warning signs. They then went to the library, where they found Marcus reading a map book. Adam told him to come with them for a walk, but when Marcus got out of his chair he asked if Adam was going away again. He told Marcus he wasn't leaving until the next day, and Marcus asked why he had to go. Adam explained that he had a duty to his fellow Gears to fight alongside them, and protect his friends from being hurt by taking care of them on the battlefield. Marcus seemed to accept that explanation, and declared he would be a Gear too when he grew up. Adam told him he wouldn't need to be, and that he could become a scientist because the war would be over by then. Marcus seemed upset by this, and Adam worried that Marcus would never think that Adam considered being a father was a better job than being a Gear. He resisted the urge to contact the Defense Research Agency and accept the job they had offered him, deciding that he couldn't live with himself if he didn't fight alongside his fellow Gears. The three of them went to the garden, and Adam was impressed that Marcus could identify all the plants there. As Marcus played, Elain commented that she sometimes felt bad that they had never given him a sibling, and Adam commented that it was never too late, but she ignored that comment. After Marcus had gone to bed, Adam listened to the radio while studying a map of Kashkur. He heard on the news that President Ilim of neutral Vasgar, which shared a border with Kashkur, had resigned. Adam looked at the map, and decided if Vasgar didn't stay neutral, things would turn very bad for the COG in the area.[4]

Shutting Down the Imulsion Pipelines

"Just as well this isn't later in the year. I'd hate to see a Vasgar winter during fuel embargo."
—Adam, after being ordered to cut off fuel supplies to millions of neutral citizens

Adam took command of Howerd Company at Forward Operating Base Tyro when he arrived in western Kashkur. Col.James Choi arrived at the base to brief Adam on his mission, and mentioned that the Indies were running late in how the COG expected them to react. Adam examined the latest recon images from across the border in the Independent Republic of Furlin, and agreed that the Indies could have crossed the border a while ago. They both wondered what was going on, but Choi told him that they were going to let the UIR take Vasgar and focus all their forces on stopping an Indie advance through the city of Shavad. They then briefly discussed Lt.Helena Stroud, and Choi asked if she had revealed who the father of her child was yet, but Adam informed him she hadn't and it wasn't any of their business. Adam said he would get ready for the move to Shavad, but Choi told him his company had a different assignment first: they were to shut down the Imulsion pipelines at Borlaine and Ecian Ridge that went to Vasgar, and open the emergency pipeline at Gatka, and then move on to Shavad. Adam realized would prevent the UIR from using the Imulsion when they invaded, but would also leave millions of civilians without power, and bring him into conflict with the COG civilians operating the pipelines. Adam was uncomfortable with this, and escorted Choi to his Tern and saw him off, keeping his feelings to himself. Helena approached him and asked if she should get the NCO's ready for a briefing, and he told her about their new mission. She didn't feel uncomfortable with the mission, and gathered the staff for a briefing while Adam made quick phone calls and gathered some materials. He told the Gears about their new mission, and many of them reacted uneasily to the news. Carmelo, one of the engineers assigned to Adam's command, asked about Anvil Gate, a COG town and military base that was also supplied by those pipelines. Adam told them the land route to Anvil Gate would still be open, and they could get Imulsion by convoy, and pointed out the fact that the fort was largely self-sufficient, and that the Indies would have to be insane to try and take it. He ordered them to be ready to move out by sixteen hundred, and that he wanted to be at Borlaine in two hours, shutting it down. The meeting broke up, and the Adam and the others got to work on moving out.[5] When they arrived at the pipelines, Adam contacted Cpt.Ranald Sander's at Anvil Gate, and informed him of what was happening.[6]

Joining the Battle of Shavad

"I've just given the order to wipe out three thousand years of culture."
—Adam, after ordering the shelling of a museum in Gorlian Square

After shutting down the Imulsion pipelines, Adam and his company joined the battle raging in Shavad. They defended Gorlian Square, but took heavy casualties from entrenched Indie positions. Adam was distributed by the damage done to the city, and was scared the same could one day happen to Ephyra. He contacted Control to request an evac for his wounded Gears, many of whom were severely wounded, but they told him that they had other med-evacs going on, and fire in his area was too heavy to attempt an evac unless he did something. Adam suspected that Indie special forces who had infiltrated the country were responsible for most of the damage, and believed that the UIR may have even engineered the collapse of the Vasgari government. He requested a Behemoth to clear out routes to their north for land vehicles, and was told it would arrive in an hour. Adam then began heading for where the rest of his company was holed up, but was forced to move slowly due to the heavy enemy fire. He contacted Helena and told her the med-evac wasn't going to happen for a while, and she told him that she thought the Indies might have a spotter in a museum located in the square, along with a sniper. He told her to come up with a plan to get into the museum by the time he reached her, and she informed him that Sgt.Teale was dead as she signed off. Adam was dishearten, having now lost twenty-two out of ninety Gears in his company. When he got back to the dentist’s office the company was using as an HQ, he counted more than twenty wounded Gears. Adam found Cpl.Collins upstairs moving cabinets in front of windows to provide cover, and Collins told him that there were as many Indies behind them as there were in front, and that he believed a sniper was on the top floor of the museum, along with a forward operation post. With this information, Adam knew he had to call in an artillery strike on the museum, but felt terrible about having to. He contacted the Green FDC of the Sherrith Cavalry, and asked for fire on the museum. The controller acknowledged, and told him to wait a moment. Adam then found Helena with Sgt.Fraisen, and the two of them presented their plan to cross over into the museum by sliding a ladder from one of their building's windows into the museum and crossing it. Adam told them they would try that if the shelling didn't work, and he headed to inspect the wounded again. As he walked, he thought that there had to be a better way to wage war, and that most of the tactics were the same ones his grandfather had used. He also discovered he was bleeding from a head wound that no one had told him about. Once he reached the medics, Pvt.Kinnear told him that Vallory wasn't going to make it without further treatment, and requested that she attempt to drive him out of Shavad in an ATV. Adam denied her permission, saying it was too dangerous to risk. Green FDC then contacted him and told him that the Sherrith's shelling was about to start, and Adam watched with Helena as the museum began taking fire. He told her he could believe he had given the order to do that, but Helena told him that she was more concerned about the wounded Gears.[7]

Defending the Evac Choppers and Clearing the Museum

"What's going to happen to it all? Who's going to recover all this?"
—Adam, as he looks upon the wreckage of the museum

After several minutes of shelling, the case-evac Terns grew closer, and Adam ordered Helena to get the wounded Gears ready to move while he had the Sherrith's stop firing so the Tern's could land. Adam worried that if the Indie observer hadn't been killed, the Indie would emerge and fire on the helicopters once the shelling stopped. Adam realized it was a risk he had to take, and ordered the shelling stopped. He and the rest of the company watched the museum windows as the wounded Gears were loaded, with the first two taking off safely. However, as the last two were finishing loading, the Indie in the museum fired an RPG at them, but it missed. Adam and the rest of the company opened fire on the museum as the Tern's lifted off and Adam ordered the Sherrith's to resume their attack. Helena asked for permission to lead a squad and figure out if the Indie was still alive or not. Adam agreed, but told her he would be coming with her. He gestured for Collins and Rawlin to follow them, and they worked their way through the alleyways to the museum. When they entered, Adam was horrified by the damage done to everything inside. Collins and Rawlin covered the staircase while Adam took a defensive position in the middle of the room and Helena headed upstairs. She reported down to him that she saw where the Indie had been, and they then heard gunfire. Adam didn't hear anyone yell clear, and panicked that Helena had been killed. He ordered Collins and Rawlin to stay put, and rushed up after Helena, worrying that Anya had been orphaned. When he arrived, he found Helena taking cover on a corner, and then turning and firing, killing the Indie. They sorted through the equipment the women had had, taking some of the Intel and weapons. As they left the museum, Adam found a small silver horse statue, and thought briefly of taking it before looters got it, but couldn't bring himself to do it. When he got back to the rest of the company, he reorganized the remaining sixty Gears into two platoons, and prepared to move out towards the last remaining COG held bridge. He checked with the medical station at Lakar first, and was happy to hear that Vallory had made it, and then checked in with the CIC. He was told to fall back, and that the COG had lost the bridge. Adam was disheartened by the news, and told the rest of the Gears. They were stunned, but Helena managed to rally their spirts by telling them that they hadn't lost the bridge themselves, and they remained the Unvanquished. As the piled into their vehicles to fall back, Adam realized Helena was a better leader than him, and that he needed to take the job offer at the Defense Research Agency a lot more seriously.[8]


Adam with Helena at Lakar.

Burying the Dead and New Orders

"The war's just a habit we've fallen into."
—Adam's thoughts on the Pendulum Wars

They fell back to Lakar, and Adam began dealing with the casualties the company had taken. He turned off his radio and began burying Pvt.Hanson, who he felt he had let down by not keeping him alive to see his family again. Adam wondered if he could go back home and take the job at the DRA when Gears were dying on the frontline, and if the men under his command would understand. Helena arrived, and asked him if he had told his wife about his job offer at the DRA. Adam was surprised she knew, and told her he hadn't told Elain, and to come back when he was done with Hanson. She told him that Choi was attempting to contact him, but Adam told her the dead deserved his undivided attention. As they began to bury Hanson, Helena informed him that Choi wanted them to intercept some UIR vehicles at Ragani. Adam was annoyed, since Ragani was twenty klicks in the direction they had just come from, and felt that he needed to remind Choi that he had lost half his unit. Helena told him that Choi sounded just as annoyed with the orders as he did. As they finished burying Hanson, Adam mentioned his disgust with how the war was just going through the motions, and they both wondered if their children would have to fight in the war. Adam then contacted Choi, and asked for more information on the mission. Choi told him that they needed to stop a small convoy approaching Ragani and keep it open for the Andius Fusiliers Regiment to reach Lakar. Adam asked him what he was thinking sending a unit down to half strength for this mission, but Choi apologized to him and told him they all had their orders. Adam then told the rest of the company about their new mission, which also annoyed many of them.[9]


Adam is shot in the leg by an Indie gunner.

Battle of Ragani

"I know what I have to do, Private. But it isn't keeping this obsolete, primitive war going!"
—Adam, after Kinnear told him he had done what was had to in order to win

After arriving in Ragani, Adam and Howerd Company set up in several buildings along the cities edge, waiting for the Indies to arrive. Adam was impatient waiting for them, but used the time to evacuate what few civilians remained in the city. Soon after, they spotted four Indie APC's approaching, instead of the expected eight. Adam ordered Collins to open fire on them with his RPG, but the first shot missed and the Indies returned fire. Adam kept encouraging Collins to keep firing, and two of the APC's were taken out, with the last two fleeing. Adam contacted Choi to inform him of their victory, but Choi told him Intel had fouled up: that was just the scouting party, and twenty more vehicles were inbound, including tanks. Adam remarked that they didn't have the firepower to take out all of those vehicles, and Helena suggested they get inventive. Adam tried to start designing an improvised tank destroyer, but Helena told him that wasn't what she meant, and asked for some bottles. As night arrived, Adam continued to ponder whether or not to take the job at the DRA, and thought about being able to spend more time with Marcus. Helena arrived and suggested he take it so he could be with Marcus, and Adam said she could retire as well to be with Anya, but Helena said a time would come for that eventually, not now. He asked her if she thought he would be letting the regiment down by leaving, and Helena told him to follow his conscience and not worry about what others thought. Adam then asked if Anya's father took care of her while Helena was deployed, but Helena interrupted him, and told him that that was too personal, and that Anya's father was not around. Adam apologized, but a call suddenly went up that UIR forces were incoming. Both Adam and Helena recognized the approaching sound of a Pariah Tank. Helena showed Adam the Molotov Cocktail's she had made, and he ordered Collins to come with him to take out the tank with the Molotov's, while the rest of the company focused on destroying the lighter vehicles with the RPG's. Adam and Collins got to the bridge that the tank was on, and a rocket fired by Helena took out its treads, immobilizing it. The smoke made by all of the heavy weapons fire provided cover for them to get close to the tank, and they tossed their Molotov's into a vent on the back of the tank, burning the crew. As he tossed his in, Adam resolved to one day fix that flaw on the COG's tanks, and they started running back to their lines. However, Adam was shot in the leg by an Indie gunner. Collins dragged him to safety, and Kinnear was sent out to provide first aide to him. Adam raged against Choi for sending them on the mission, and when Kinnear arrived, he tried to get her to tell him how many more of his men had been killed. She told him at least ten, but that he had done what he had to do, however Adam did not believe that. Suddenly, the rest of the UIR vehicles were being destroyed, and Helena contacted him and told him that the Andius Fusiliers had arrived. Adam demanded to know how many of Gears were still standing, and Helena reluctantly told him only forty-eight. Adam continued to rage against the stupidity of the war and their tactics, but Helena told him to save it for later.[9]

Helena and Adam

Helena asking if Adam was going to take the job at the Defence Research Agency.

Aftermath and Returning Home

"There will be deterrents. There will be weapons that mean politicians stupid enough to carry on this war are going to face the same risk of dying as the men and women they send to fight it. I'm going to create those weapons. I'll make these ghastly little demagogues think twice."
—Adam, declaring his intention of ending the war to Elain

The company then returned to their vehicles and headed for Lakar. Along the way, Adam decided to take the job at the Defense Research Agency, and make a weapon that would force both the COG and UIR to end the war or risk worldwide devastation. Helena told him he could now take the job without having to worry about what his men thought since he had been wounded, but he told her he now thought he couldn't face them if he didn't take the job.[9] Several weeks later, Adam returned home to Ephyra. He hobbled out of his cab on crutches, but was determined to stand up straight to greet Marcus. Elain greeted him at the door to their estate, and they embraced, with Elain telling him she was so worried he had been among the members of the 26 RTI caught at Anvil Gate during its siege. He told her it had been Connaught Platoon, and felt sorry for them having to go through that siege. Marcus then rushed out of the house to greet him, and Adam bent down to pick him up, determined not to be like his father, cold and distant. However, Marcus slowed down and simply looked Adam in the eye, acting properly. Adam was disappointed, but straightened up and ruffled Marcus' hair, and told him he had missed him. Marcus asked if he had saved everyone, and Adam told him he had been unable to, but he was going to change things so he could save everyone in the future. They then moved into the house, and Elain sent Marcus to get a picture he had drawn at school to show to Adam. After he left, she told Adam that he had been doing good in school, but had developed a habit of making sure he knew where she was at all times, but that would pass now that Adam was back. She then asked when Adam was going back, and he told her of his decision to take the job of Deputy Director at the Defense Research Agency. He told her he would design a weapon to end the war and force the politicians to be put their own lives at risk when attempting to prolong the war or make it larger. Elain told him how proud she was of him, and he told her about he had been promoted to Major as well, but that that wouldn't stop him from retiring. 


The newly promoted Major Adam Fenix.


A message to Elain from Adam, sent on the reverse of his promotion portrait.

He showed her the newspaper, where the promotions were reported, and she was shocked by the number of Royal Tyrans. Helena had been promoted to Captain, and they both thought that she would rise all the way to General. Adam also noticed that Lt.Victor Hoffman had been promoted to Captain as well, for his defense of Anvil Gate, and wondered what Hoffman had gone through at that fort, and if he would ever meet him.[10]

Career in Defense Research Agency

Elain's Disappearance

"I rarely see Marcus most days. I just don't know who he is, and it's all my fault. I lied to him about what happened to Elain, and the longer I lie, the harder it is to come clean. Kids know when you're lying. Then their trust withers and dies."
—Adam Fenix, confiding in a friend about his son

Eight years later, Elain died while doing research in the Hollow. Her death was classified, and Adam lied to most people about it, telling them she had simply gone missing. When he first learned of her death, he called the Santiago household, where Marcus was visiting his friends Carlos and Dominic Santiago. He talked with Eva Santiago, telling her that Elain had gone missing, and that he needed to speak with Marcus. After telling him his mom was missing, Adam sent a cab to pick him up. Over the next few days, Marcus would ask for more details about his moms disappearance, but Adam did not tell him anymore, causing Marcus to suspect he was lying, and pulled further away from him, spending more time with the Santiago's.[11] Adam would later confide in a friend who knew the truth that the lie was killing his relationship with Marcus, but he couldn't figure out how to tell him the truth.[12] Adam later searched through Elain's study to find clues to her disappearance and discovered the existence of the Locust from her notes. He later found some remains of her in the Hollow, nothing more than a few bones and pieces of clothing, but it was enough for him to identify her.

Visting Vectes Naval Base

While working for the Defense Research Agency, Adam would sometimes visit the island of Vectes to inspect the bio-weapons program at Vectes Naval Base.[13] In 5 B.E., Adam visited the island, and met with Major Sharman.[14]

Marcus Joins the Army

"Okay, I can't stop you. And if I try, I'll lose you completely, won't I?"
—Adam, after trying to convince Marcus not join the army.

Five years after Elain's death, Marcus had been talking about joining the army as a regular Gear soldier. Adam was very worried about this, as he was determined that Marcus would not have to fight like he did. While preparing for a speech at LaCroix University, he found Marcus waiting for him with Carlos in the front hall of the estate. He greeted them, and asked Carlos when he was shipping out to basic training. Carlos told him he was leaving next week, but Marcus interrupted and told Adam they needed talk, and that he had made a decision. Adam knew what was coming next, and asked if this was about joining the army. Marcus told him he was enlisting, and after a few moments of silence, Adam told him that was fine, and that he could still take an engineering course at the academy, and a military education was as good as a civilian one. Marcus told him that he was misunderstanding, and that he was going to enlist as a regular Gear, and that he already had his letter to report to the recruiting office. Adam told him they at least had to talk about this, and that he was throwing away a great career. Marcus told him he had to do it, and that it was going to be the only thing that made him feel alive. Adam asked Carlos if he could take any sense into Marcus, since he was the only person he listened to, but Carlos told him the only thing he could do was make sure Marcus came back in one piece. Adam realized it was no use arguing, and told Marcus that he couldn't stop him, and if he tried, he would lose him completely. Marcus told him not to worry about him, and that he would be back for dinner later, but Adam told him that he had to give a talk at the university. Both men were upset by this, but did not say so, and Marcus left with Carlos, telling Adam he would see him later then.[15]

Speech at La Croix University

"We've got to be more flexible to be ready for whatever the future might throw at us. Because the next enemy may not think like us."
—Adam, encouraging greater variety in COG forces

Adam later gave a speech to Defense Procurement executives during a seminar at La Croix University. He criticized the COG's reliance on simply building bigger guns and putting them on bigger vehicles, and said they needed to start thinking smarter and more strategically, since they had grown too comfortable with the war. Adam suggested developing maritime and air assets independently from the ground forces, and start taking over some of the duties of the Intel division so they could collect better intel from the Gears on the ground. He maintained that they needed to make these changes so they could be more flexible in the future, because the next enemy they fought might think differently than they did.[16]

The Hammer of Dawn

"I've been working on the Hammer of Dawn for nearly thirteen years. If I didn't believe it could stop the war, I'd have stayed in the army."
—Adam, talking about the HoD project with Nevil

Adam and Nevil looking at the Hammer of Dawn plans.

In 4 B.E., Adam was continuing his work on developing the Hammer of Dawn, working at the DRA offices in Jacinto City. Before Marcus left on his first deployment, Adam sent him a letter. When arriving at his office one day, his assistant Dr.Nevil Estrom told him that Gen.Bardry Salaman had called, and Adam became fearful that something had happened to Marcus. Nevil assured him that Salaman hadn't sounded like it was bad news, but Adam was still fearful as he called Salaman. The General told him he was just letting him know that Marcus had been deployed with C Company of the 26th RTI to the Acastu Imulsion Fields in Dushin. Adam thanked him for notifying him, and Salaman told him that it was no problem. After hanging up, Adam told Nevil that it was Marcus' first tour of duty, and that he had never wanted him to join the army. Nevil remarked that he wished that he could join the army, but Adam told him that it was weapons development that won wars, and they were doing important work. He then remarked that he would never have worked on the Hammer of Dawn for thirteen years and left the army if he hadn't thought it would work. Nevil pointed out they were no closer to getting it working yet, but Adam told him their only problem was beam alignment, and they would crack the problem. Two days later, Adam returned to the Fenix Estate, and said goodnight to his housekeeper, Mrs.Ross. He went to his study and began reading the newest issue of Engineering Today, and noticed an article by Ostrini scientist Dr.Mauris Ivo, and how super-pure crystals could help with satellite accuracy. Adam realized that the UIR must be working on orbital platforms as well, and realized that they were closer than the COG to making a weapons platform. The next day, Adam showed the article to Nevil, and he agreed that it was worrying, and wondered why COG Intel had not picked up on this. Adam speculated that he might not have given them enough information to know what to watch for, and decided to talk about Agent Louise Settile about it. Adam turned on the radio, and heard a report about a raid on the Acastu Imulsion Fields, and that one Gear had been killed. Adam was upset by this, but Nevil told him that it couldn't be Marcus, because Salaman would have called him. Adam told him it was still a someone else’s son or daughter, and then headed to run more tests on the HoD technology. The test beams were not accurate enough to converge, and Adam ordered his team to start over again on the problem, but thanked them for their work. As they left, Nevil wondered how they would hide the Hammer once they had launched it, but Adam told him that they didn't want to hide it, and that they needed to show the UIR they meant business. Nine days later, Marcus called Adam, and he asked Marcus if everything was alright. Marcus assured him he and Carlos were fine, but that they had lost a couple of guys, and he knew how it was. Adam told him he did, and told him he was sorry. Marcus asked him how his project was going, and Adam told him that they would get there, and that he knew how it was.[17]

Discovery of the Locust Horde

Retracing Elain's Steps

In 5 B.E., unable to find closure over his wife's disappearance and apparent death, Adam finally investigated Elain's belongings to retrace her steps and discover what happened to her. Among her journals, Adam Fenix found that Elain had discovered an underground race of intelligent humanoids known as the Locust Horde. She wrote that she planned to continue observing them before revealing her findings to the public. With this knowledge, Adam Fenix ventured into the Hollow.

Meeting the Locust and Myrrah

In an attempt to uncover Elain's fate, Adam found the Locust Horde. It was then revealed that Elain had been found by the Locust while observing them and had been executed in the Hollow. Instead of being killed, however, Adam was brought to the Royal Palace of their capitol city, Nexus, and met their leader: Queen Myrrah, a human. Adam's intellect and resources led Myrrah to believe that he could be of use to her and her people.

Queen Myrrah revealed to Adam that the Locust were the product of genetic experimentation. Children of Imulsion miners sick with Rustlung were brought to the New Hope Research Facility during the early Pendulum-era to study the effects of Imulsion and to find a cure. The director of the facility, Dr. Niles Samson, went mad and mutated the sick children with the DNA of indigenous creatures of the Hollow, resulting in the Sires. Myrrah was one of the children brought to New Hope, and exhibited complete genetic immunity to Imulsion and Rustlung. Her embryonic stem-cells were then combined with Sire DNA to create the Locust Horde. Myrrah led the Locust to independence following the supposed death of her daughter, Reyna, and created civilization underneath Mount Kadar.

Myrrah then requested Adam's assistance, as her people were engaged in a conflict with their own brethren who had become possessed by the Imulsion, which she called Lambent. She needed Adam to find a solution to cure or kill the Lambent without harming the Locust Horde, as they were genetically tied to Imulsion. The ultimatum was, however, that Myrrah would launch a global attack and conflict if Adam would not be successful in curing the Lambent - in order to escape them and colonize the surface. Adam agreed to assist them.

Operation Leveler

Planning Operation Leveler

"If this is an exercise in logic, Major, you've won, but I still don't like the idea of executing civilians for having dangerous knowledge."
—Adam, during the argument about whether or not to kill the Hammer of Dawn scientists

A year after Marcus joined the army, Adam joined the planning team for Operation Leveler, which was to raid the Indie base of Aspho Point in the Ostri Republic to capture the data on the Indie weapons satellite project, the Hammer of Dawn. He met with the rest of the planning team in the briefing room in the House of Sovereigns, and met Victor Hoffman, who told him that his son was a natural born Gear. Adam thanked him, and Hoffman asked if he had told his son, who would be part of the operation, about his involvement, but Adam told him he hadn't since it was classified. They were joined by the rest of the briefing staff, Agent Louise Settile, General Jolyon Iver, and Captain Quentin Michaelson. Iver told them that the Indie's had increased the defenses in the surrounding area, so they must be getting close to completing the project. Adam was asked what they would need to take during the raid, and looked over the information had gotten from phone taps. He told them that they would need bots to capture the information from the Indie mainframe, and once that was done, they could destroy the site and the original data. Michaelson and Settile asked if they still needed to capture the scientists, or if they needed to be killed to prevent them from restarting the project. Adam was uneasy with this question, but Settile forced him to answer. He told them that yes, given time, the scientists could restart the project. They argued for several minutes about if it was right to shoot the scientists, with Iver and Michaelson staying out of it and Hoffman and Settile questioning why it made Adam uneasy. He told them he didn't like the idea of executing civilians, but Settile shot back that he didn't have to worry about that, and that they would be the ones doing that while he built weapons to kill soldiers and the uneducated. Adam didn't react to this, and Iver stepped in to end the argument and brought the focus back to how they would attack the base. After deciding to launch a diversionary attack on the city on Berephus, the meeting drew to a close, and Adam gathered his materials to leave. Settile stopped him, and informed him that the information did not leave that building, and if he needed to look at it again he would have to come by her office. Adam understood, and gave her the information back and left the briefing room.[18]

Directing the Operation

Two days before the operation began, Adam went to Fesor Naval Base, where the fleet taking part in the operation was docked. He joined the Santiagos and other Gear's families on the pier to see the Gears off. He spotted Marcus on the CNV Kalona, and waved goodbye to him, and Marcus waved back.[19] Shortly before the operation began, Adam and Settile arrived on the CNV Pomeroy to help coordinate the assault and instantly process the data captured. They set up shop in a briefing room, and were joined by Hoffman and Michaelson for last minute planning. They discussed if they should postpone the operation due to the weather, but Adam was against it, believing that given enough time, the Indies would figure out the COG knew about the Hammer of Dawn. The others agreed, and Adam inquired if C Company, Marcus' unit, would be returning to the Kalona after the mission. After learning it would, he requested that he be able to cross over and see his son afterwards. Hoffman said he would talk to the CO's of the vessels and see if they could arrange it.[20]

Aftermath of Aspho Fields

During the operation, the COG forces took heavy casualties, including Carlos and Adam's old friend Helena Stroud. Marcus and Dom were awarded the Embry Star for their actions during the battle, and after the award ceremony, Adam invited the Santiago and Helena's daughter Anya to eat dinner with him. They dinner was very uncomfortable, and Dom's parents left halfway through it to relieve the babysitter of Dom and his wife, Maria, kids. Adam broke the silence when he asked Dom if he was going to donate Carlos' Embry Star to the regimental museum, but he told him that he was going to give it to his parents. Adam also asked Anya what she was going to do with Helena's Embry Star, and she told him she was going to keep with her, not put it where a bunch of strangers could just come and look at it. Adam apologized for being crass in asking that question. Soon after the dinner ended, and Marcus took Anya home while Dom and Maria went home.[21]

Hammer of Dawn Test

Adam looking at the result of the HoD test with several others.

Ending the War

Finishing the Hammer

"It'll end this war. I can't speak for... the future."
—Adam, after Salaman said he didn't look happy for a man that had just ended the Pendulum Wars

With the capture of the data from Aspho Point, Adam worked on perfecting the Hammer of Dawn with his team for the next three years. Eventually the day came to test it out, and Adam travelled with Dr.Nevil Estrom, Gen.Bardry Salaman, and several others to the Garadaner Test Ranges on an island to the northeast of Tyrus. Adam was nervous before the test began, but Nevil assured him that it would work this time, and Adam told him that after seventeen years it had to. The two low-powered beams converged on the test site, the beams converged and successfully wiped out the mock town. Adam was relieved it worked, but was saddened it had taken so long to get working. Nevil told him that he had done it, but Adam responded that they had done it together. They got out of their Packhorse and looked at the burning test site, and Salaman joined them, remarking that Adam didn't look pleased for a man who had just given them the means to end the war. Adam told him that it would end this war, but it didn't guarantee them the future. Nevil asked him if he was alright, and Adam told him that it was just his usual caution. Adam then returned to Jacinto with Salaman, and went to the House of Sovereigns to meet with Chairman Tomas Dalyell to discuss how to use the Hammer. He assured Dalyell that the Hammer could hit any target, moving or static, and asked if they were going to warn the UIR before using the Hammer. Salaman said that he wanted to have the element of surprise, but Adam told him that the UIR couldn't avoid it anyway, so the right thing to do would be to warn them. Dalyell agreed, and promised Adam they would try to convince the UIR to surrender.[22]


Tomas Dalyell awarding Adam the Octus Medal.

Peace Arrives

"Should I tell Dalyell what's coming? No. I can still stop it happening. I can avoid more bloodshed. I'm the only one who can."
—Adam, thinking about some unknown threat after being told the Pendulum Wars were ending

However, Premier Yori Deschenko of the UIR didn't take the threat seriously, so the Hammer was used to sink a large portion of the UIR Third Fleet at the Battle of Bonbourg. Deschenko decided to surrender before the Hammer was used on UIR cities, and Nevil brought the news to Adam in his office at the DRA, telling him that Dalyell was looking for him to congratulate. Adam was glad, but was preoccupied with thinking about some unknown threat, and trying to decide if he should tell Dalyell. Nevil noticed that he wasn't celebrating, and asked him why not, and Adam told him that he was just thinking about what came next. He decided not to tell Dalyell, believing only he could stop whatever was coming next without bloodshed. Five days later, the surrender of the UIR was scheduled to officially take place the next day at noon, and Adam was being hailed as a hero of the COG for designing the Hammer and ending the war. Dalyell stopped by his office and told him to stop working, and that he should contact Marcus and celebrate. Adam told him that there was always another project that needed his attention. Dalyell dismissed that, telling him he was a hero, and should be happy and get some sleep. Adam told him that he would let history judge him, and that it might not be so kind as him. The next day, Adam walked the street of Jacinto as the surrender took effect and the celebrations began. However, his thoughts were focused on the unknown threat, and how he hoped it would stay where it was now that the war was over, and that he just needed more time.[22] Adam was awarded the Octus Medal by Dalyell not long after in commendation for ending the war.[23]

Locust War

Hammer of Dawn Counterattack

Meeting with Prescott

"We can't move millions of people in three days. They'll die. They'll all die."
—Adam, after being told about the Hammer of Dawn counterattack

The peace was short lived, as six weeks after the war ended, the Locust emerged and began slaughtering everybody on Sera. One year after Emergence Day, Adam was summoned to a meeting with Chairman Richard Prescott, and arrived to find Hoffman, General Bardry Salaman, and Attorney General Milon Audley in Prescott's office. Prescott told them he was reinforcing the Fortification Act, and asked for their appraisal of how long Tyrus was going to last against the Locust. Salaman told them that they would last about a month with the refugees pouring in and the casualties they were taking. Hoffman agreed with Salaman's view of the situation, and Prescott announced that the was going to use the Hammer of Dawn to destroy all areas of Sera outside the Jacinto Plateau in an effort to stop the Locust. Adam thought that he was only suggesting its use, and told him that it was not a tactical weapon that could be used in the places they were fighting. However, he soon realized what Prescott was truly suggesting when he asked for conformation that all of Sera couldn't be hit at once, and that they would have to do it in stages. Adam demanded to know what would happen to all of the people who were not on the Jacinto Plateau, and Prescott told him that three days before the strike, a warning would be issued for an evacuation to the Plateau. Adam began breaking down, angrily telling him that barely anyone would be able to make it back in time, and that they would slaughter millions of their own people. When the others began talking about it being the most ethical way of defeating the Locust, Adam told them there was nothing right about it. Hoffman snapped at him, asking him what he thought the Hammer would be used for. Adam told him that he had envisioned it as a deterrent, but Prescott told him that it was also for extreme scenarios like the one they found themselves in now. He asked if Adam could think of any other possible way to defeat the Locust in what little time they had left, and Adam reluctantly told him that he couldn't. Prescott thanked him for his honesty, but Adam also pointed out that the Jacinto Plateau wouldn't be able to hold all the refugees that could arrive. Prescott acknowledged this, and told him it was their job to save who they could to keep humanity alive. Adam questioned what kind of world would come from this, and Prescott told him it would be one that was fit to survive. With everyone agreed that this was the only way, Prescott asked Salaman and Hoffman to show their activation keys, surprising Adam, who had been unaware Hoffman was one of the key holders. Assured that the keys were safe, Prescott asked Adam for a timetable in the next three to four weeks for the deployment of the Hammer, and if he didn’t cooperate, his staff would be forced to. Adam told him that the Hammer was his project and responsibility, and he would pass it off to someone else. Prescott said he would inform his Cabinet about the strike shortly before the public announcement, and told Adam and the others that the information about the strike was classified until the announcement. Adam, dejected, acknowledged this and left Prescott's office with the others.[24]

Preparing for the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack

"My only son's a Gear. And he should have been back at base by now. He isn't. I know what's easy and what isn't, Minister."
—Adam, to Justice Secretary Janeen Maruis

Over the next few days, Adam made progress in programing the attack pattern into the Hammer of Dawn satellites, and kept Prescott up to date on his efforts.[25] Four days before the counterattack, Adam met with the rest of Prescott's cabinet in the House of Sovereigns, and felt ashamed that his actions were about to be revealed. Prescott told them about the plan to use the Hammer of Dawn, provoking horrified reactions from them. Adam told them that it was the only option to defeat the Locust, but Justice Secretary Janeen Mauris claimed that it was easy for him to say that, since he didn't have family outside of the Jacinto Plateau. Adam countered that his son was supposed to be back to base by now, and the fact that he wasn't meant he was still in the danger zone, so he knew quite well what was or wasn't easy. Prescott left the meeting after this, ordering them to keep quite about the Hammer strike until the announcement tomorrow. Adam followed him to his office ten miniutes later, and told him he might have another solution to defeat the Locust. Prescott asked him to explain, and Adam told him they could use the Hammer of Dawn to sink key costal areas and flood the Hollow, but it would still result in a large loss of life, and might not kill all of the Locust. Prescott recognized the logistical and time problems with the plan as well, and said that they couldn't risk it and would have to carry out the Hammer strike. Adam agreed, and Prescott asked him if his hesitation about the strike was due to his son not having returned yet. Adam admitted it worried him, and Prescott offered to have him located and brought back to Jacinto. Adam thanked him, but asked that Marcus not be told he had agreed to this, since he rejected any special treatment given to him.[26]

The Three Day Wait for Armageddon

"We just ran out of time. I've tried every damn way to find... alternatives, but it's all that's left now."
—Adam, telling Marcus that they had no options left besides the Hammer of Dawn

After the announcement was made on the 30th day of Bloom that the Hammer of Dawn would be used to scorch all areas of Sera outside the Jacinto Plateau, Adam sent a car to pick up Maria Santiago, worrying about what the announcement would do to her fragile state of mind since her children had died. Forty-seven hours before the strike, Marcus and Dom arrived back in Ephyra, and became worried when they could not find Maria. Marcus called Adam, and he told him that he had had Maria picked up and brought to the estate. He then sent a car to pick them up and bring them there. He greeted them at the door, and asked how their deployment had gone. Marcus told him the blade on his bayonet broke again, and suggested a powered saw of some kind to try and cut through the Locust's thick hide. Adam said he would think about that, and apologized to Dom for worrying him about Maria. After they ate breakfast, Adam asked Marcus to come with him so that they could speak privately. They sat on the main stairs of the house, and Adam told Marcus that he didn't make the decision to go along with the use of the Hammer lightly, and Marcus told him he understood. He asked Marcus to forgive him, but Marcus told Adam there wasn't anything to forgive. Adam responded by saying that there was a lot. Marcus remained quiet for a moment, and told Adam to simply do the best he could, and that that was the best anyone could manage.[27]


The Hammer of Dawn counterattack.

Carrying out the Counterattack

"If you prefer, Victor, give me the key. I'll do it. Like you said, it's my bomb."
—Adam, offering to turn Hoffman's key for him so he wouldn't be activating the weapon that would kill his wife

Two hours before the attack was to be carried out, Adam went to Prescott's office to give him one last update. He was taken aback when Prescott asked him if he had any miracles, telling him he just had data. Prescott told him that would have to do, and mentioned that Marcus had just gotten back again from deployment on convoy escort duty, despite Prescott's efforts to keep him safe. Adam was surprised, but realized that Marcus would never accept any special privilege ever given to him, which is what made him special. Adam told Prescott that people thought he was bluffing, but Prescott pointed out that there was no one to bluff. They both stared at the sky, and Adam acknowledged that he was right, but that people were so scared they were not thinking rationally. Prescott told him that he knew how deeply conflicted Adam was over the counterattack, and Adam told him that he had no idea how conflicted he really was. Prescott said that after today, he would either be the monster who doomed mankind, or the one who saved it, and that he had given them their last hope to defeat the Locust. Adam responded that he had failed in his duty as a scientist to find a peaceful solution to the war, but Prescott assured him he had done the best he could. They then left Prescott’s office to get to the CIC room. Along the way, they stopped at the security station and saw on the TV that a reporter was in Gerrenhalt, a city outside of the Jacinto Plateau, reporting on the strike. After reaching the CIC with sixteen minutes to the strike, Adam asked Hoffman how he was doing, since he didn't look all right. Hoffman responded that he couldn't pretend everything was alright with what they had to do. Adam asked how Hoffman's wife, Margaret, was handling the situation, and Hoffman informed him that she was missing after having left to try and rescue her sister from Corren. Adam was shocked, and told Hoffman how sorry he was, and that he was sure she would make it back. Hoffman told him he had all the checkpoints looking for her, and with nine minutes to go, there had been no sign. When the time came to turn the keys and activate the satellites, Adam offered to do Hoffman's for him, so he wouldn't be turning on the weapon that killed his own wife. Hoffman thanked him, but told him that he had to do it himself. Adam watched as Hoffman, Salaman, and Prescott turned their keys, and Prescott activated the Hammers, beginning the strike.[28]

Viewing the Destruction

"I don't know how to deal with them now, other than destruction. But I'm not someone who has the energy to hate anything, I'm afraid."
—Adam, after Prescott noted that he didn't seem to hate the Locust

Nearly two weeks after the Hammer strike, Adam went out with Prescott on KR Four-Two to survey the damage done near the Jacinto Plateau. He was devastated by what he saw, but told Prescott that the strike had been successful in denying the Locust supplies around the planet, but it had also forced the COG to fall back on what reserves they had on the Jacinto Plateau. He also warned him about contamination being blown across the planet, and that the water might not be safe for a while. Adam was also worried about the environmental damage, and noted how it had already become much cooler due to sunlight being blocked by the dust in the atmosphere, and the consequences would likely last decades or centuries. Prescott responded that it was all a necessary consequence of possibly having defeated the Locust, and asked Adam how Marcus was doing. Adam told him that Marcus had gone out on the first patrol after the Hammer strike, and described it as walking through dark gray snow. As the Raven headed back to Ephyra, Prescott asked if any Locust had been spotted yet. Adam told him there hadn't been, but that they could not have possibly wiped them out, since they lived underground. Prescott hoped the pollution runoff might kill more of them, and Adam said it might, and that the water sources would have been poisoned as well, and that might kill more of them. Prescott noted that he always seem more bewildered than hostile in regards to the Locust, and Adam told him he didn't know how to deal with them other than by destroying them, which worried him, and that he did not have it in him to hate anything.[29]

The Fall of Ephyra

Battle of Ephyra

Unfortuantly, the Locust were not stopped by the Hammer strike. In the 10th year of the war, the Locust attacked Ephyra. During the battle, Adam had sent a distress call to Marcus, telling him he had something of great importance to the COG to be retrived.[30] Marcus, despite being in the middle of a battle and playing a key role for COG forces against the Locust, defied orders and deserted his post, rushing to his father's aid. Unfortunately, Marcus was too late. A burning helicopter hit the tower causing it to land on top of Adam, supposedly killing him and leaving Marcus and Dom to escape the place. This act cost Marcus his career and four years of his life in prison, and cost the COG a large portion of Jacinto Plateau and the lives of many Gears.[31] However, Adam did not die, and was in fact "rescued" by the Onyx Guard to Prescott and taken to the island of Azura, where he was held prisoner and forced to work with other scientists on several different projects. For years, Adam tried to contact Marcus but couldn't ever since Prescott had him kidnapped.[32][33]

Research Aiding the War

"This is Adam Fenix. Is anyone out there? Can you hear me? This is Adam Fenix. Can you hear me? What have you done?!"
—A transmission from Adam, heard after the sinking of Jacinto

Four years later, Delta Squad, led by Marcus, who had been freed from prison, went to the Fenix Estate to recover data on the maps of the Hollow in order to detonate a Lightmass Bomb in them. Pursued heavily by the Locust, Delta succeeded in their mission. Marcus believed he had avenged his father by using Adam's maps to deliver a crushing blow against the Locust.[34] Six months later, Delta was part of a force laying siege to the Locust capital of Nexus. They discovered recordings made by Adam on the Locust computers detailing his plan to end the war by sinking Jacinto in order to flood the Hollow. While Delta Squad are shocked by this plan and Adam's research being in Nexus, they realized that the Queen Myrrah was planning to do the same. When they found her, she inquired if Marcus was truly Adam's son. When Marcus inquired about her request, she revealed he spoke highly of Marcus, much to their shock and confusion. After the sinking of Jacinto by COG forces and the flooding of the Hollow, a transmission was heard by Adam Fenix asking what they had done.[35] In the time since the conception of his idea to sink Jacinto and flood the Hollow, he came to reject the idea due to its implications of losing humanity's last refuge and spreading the Lambent contagion through the seawater, accelerating the Lambent.


Adam and Prescott inspecting the remains of a Lambent creature.

Researching at Azura

"I don't think we have much time, Chairman."
—Adam to Prescott, after the Chairman arrived on Azura

While at Azura, Adam's primary task was finding a solution to the Lambent. He communicated with Prescott via a secure radio channel, and several months after Jacinto sank, he was contacted by him again. Prescott informed him that the Lambent was spreading faster now, and Adam told him he needed to see actual samples instead of just images. Prescott told him he couldn't ship him them or leave Vectes yet, and Adam suggested he just tell the others. Prescott doubted that would work, and asked what exactly he wanted him to tell the others, and if it included the fact that Adam had known about the Locust and Lambent since before Emergence Day, and what he wanted him to tell Marcus. Adam agreed, and he noted that he had a lot to explain, and he figured it would be best to do so in person. A few months later, Prescott decided he couldn't hold out any longer, and left Vectes with the samples that he had gathered and joined Adam on Azura. Adam met him and his bodyguards on the landing platform at Pinnacle Tower, and noted that the new extreme mutations were not good news. Prescott handed him the samples, and as they headed for his lab, Adam asked how things were on Azura. Prescott told him that Marcus was fine but angry at Prescott's departure, and that he hated having to abandon the others, but thought that Hoffman would be able to hold things together. Adam began inspecting the samples, and told Prescott that he suspected they didn't have much time left, and explained to him some of his conclusions about the Lambent, and his suspicion that it was a parasite. Prescott asked him if they could stop it before it killed all of them, and Adam told him that he would know more once he had finished analyzing the new samples, but that he was a dead man anyway, having previously injected himself with Imulsion to study it.[36]

Adam injecing himself

Adam injecting himself.

Running Out of Time

"I know you disapprove, Richard. But needs must. Self-experimentation. Fine old scientific tradition."
—Adam's inner thoughts as he injects himself with more of the Lambent parasite

Two months later, Adam was working in the lab when Prescott arrived and informed him that Hoffman had evacuated Vectes, and that Marcus, Dom, and Anya were fine. Adam wondered how he had heard that, since the island was radio-shielded, and Prescott informed him that the Onyx Guard had tapped into the Stranded bush telegraph system. He then asked if any progress had been made on finding a solution, and Adam told him that it was a good thing that he had brought back so many samples, and that it had allowed him to create a timeline of the Lambent's evolution. He informed Prescott that it was evolving fast, and that they had three years at the most before every living creature on Sera had been colonized by the parasite. He noted it was resisting everything they had thrown at it, and Prescott berated him for waiting so long to involve biologists in trying to kill it. Adam cut him off, claiming that biological countermeasures would not work, as the Lambent adapted to all of them quickly. He revealed he was working on a targeted radiation weapon that could kill the Lambent, and asked Prescott to trust him, since he was staking his life on this, but Prescott noted that everyone else's lives were at stake as well. The next day, Adam secluded himself in his office to inject himself with more of the Lambent parasite, but was interrupted by a phone call from Prescott, who asked why he was not in the lab. Adam told him he was working on a critical test, and that they would talk later, knowing how much Prescott disapproved of his injections.[37]

Lambent Pandemic


Adam's Fenix message.

The Fall of Azura

"Marcus, if you get this message... if you're still alive... I need your help. This time I really am asking for your help. Please listen, it's complicated and I don't have much time. I'm being held prisoner by the Locust, and I've developed a solution for the Lambent problem. They think they can use it to kill Humans as well, but they don't realize that it won't save the Locust. Sera's dying, Marcus. The whole planet's infected. It's the Imulsion that's killing it. It was always the Imulsion, you see, and I can stop it. I understand it all now. I've tried contacting you over the years, but I've been held prisoner at Azura since Prescott abducted me from the Estate. Keep your mind on the Imulsion countermeasure, that's all that matters..."
—Adam's message to his son eighteen months after the Sinking of Jacinto

Around eighteen months after the Sinking of Jacinto, Azura was overrun by the Locust, with Myrrah leading them in the assault. The civilians and defenders of the island were all quickly killed, except for Adam, who Myrrah wanted to finish working on the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon and make the Locust immune. Prescott also escaped with his two bodyguards, but before he had left, Adam gave him a data disc for Marcus, which would explain everything that had happened. Prescott agreed to find Marcus and give it him, and Adam was left at the mercy of the Locust, trapped in his lab to work on the weapon.[33]


Adam looking at Marcus over the monitor.

Retaking Azura

"It's... good to see you again. Is Dom with you? Wait, how did you get that scar?"
—Adam, upon seeing Marcus for the first time in six years

A few weeks after Azura fell, Adam was working in his lab when he picked up Lt. Anya Stroud attempting to contact Pvt.Augustus Cole over the comms. Adam was surprised, and quickly contacted her and asked if she could hear him. She said she could, and Adam expressed relief that Prescott had found them. He asked her if she could see a security camera from where she was. Anya found it, and she and the other Gears with her moved into its viewing area. Adam noted that she was wearing Gear armor now, and remarked that she had changed. He asked if Marcus was with her, and Marcus moved into the viewing area and said he was here, and they were going to get Adam out. Adam was relieved to see Marcus again, and asked if Dom was with him, but then noticed the scars on his face and asked how he had gotten them. Marcus told that could wait, and asked him where he was. Adam told him he was locked in his laboratory in Pinnacle Tower, and he needed to be freed so he could active the countermeasure, and that there wasn't much time left. Marcus said they would deal with the Locust, but Adam told him he meant with the Imulsion, and that the Lambent organism was going to reach a critical stage in its lifecycle soon, and they needed to destroy it before it wiped out all life on Sera. Marcus and the others were confused, and Adam explained how he had discovered that Imulsion was actually a parasitic organism that turned everything Lambent, and that Myrrah wanted him to find a way to kill the Lambent without also killing the Locust, but that there was no more time for that. Marcus said they needed to shut down the Maelstrom device first, and asked they could get there. Since the train tunnel was blocked, Adam directed them to a maintenance tunnel nearby, which Adam opened for them, and told them that they needed to reach the beach, from which they could see the Maelstrom device.[38]

Adam Fenix in his office

Marcus informing Adam that the way was blocked.

Directing Delta to the Maelstrom

"Don't Marcus, please. I'm the one who needs some forgiveness. I've cost you everything. I can see it."
—Adam, after Marcus apologized to him for not saving him earlier

As Delta proceeded into the tunnel, Adam asked who else was with him and Anya. Marcus told him that Cpl.Jace Stratton and Pvt.Samantha Byrne were with them as well, and that he would meet them soon. Since there were only four of them, Adam directed him to try and find a Silverback, since the island was heavily guarded. When they reached the door to the Maelstrom, Marcus contacted Adam and informed him that the Locust had blocked it off, and asked if there was another way in. Adam examined a map of the island, and informed him that there wasn't one listed. A moment later, Anya informed him that they had found a way in, since the Locust had tunneled into the train tunnel.[38] Adam continued to guide Delta through the tunnels until they reached the building with the Maelstrom device. Adam informed them that they had three generators to shut down, and that they were all located in the basement. When they reached a control room, Adam told them that there were three switches to use, and that there were Locust waiting for them. Marcus then apologized to him, saying he should have save him from this, and that he had tried. Adam told Marcus that he didn't need to apologize, and that Adam was the one who needed forgiveness, seeing that he had cost Marcus everything. Marcus then informed him that Dom was dead, and Adam told him that he wished he could bring him back, but that all he could do was make sure he and the others still had a future, and that he would not fail this time. They shut down all the switches, but Adam informed them that the Maelstrom was still working. He discovered that the Locust had set up a backup supply. Adam suggested they cut off the coolant, but warned them that that would cause an explosion, and they would need to leave the building quickly after doing so. They managed to cut off the coolant, and ran quickly through the building to escape. When the Maelstrom building exploded, Adam desperately called out and asked if they were alright. Marcus said they were, and told him to standby. COG reinforcements began landing all over the island from waiting ships, and the battle to retake Azura began.[39]

Retaking Pinnacle Tower

As the assault progressed, Adam was contacted by Marcus again, who informed him that the Locust had killed everyone else. Adam said he thought that he was the only human the Locust needed alive, and that he could explain about Myrrah. Marcus told him it could wait, and asked where he and the others were. Adam located them and said they were near the hydroelectric dam, and were still some distance from Pinnacle Tower. After they cleared the dam, Marcus asked Adam what they needed to do to activate the weapon once he was free. Adam told him he had the command keys to activate it, and Cpl.Damon Baird came on the comm and asked how the weapon worked. Adam remembered Prescott mentioning Baird, and told him to think of it as a neutron bomb without the blast, which would kill the Lambent cells in everything on the planet.[40] When Delta reached the base of the tower, Marcus contacted Adam and said they would reach him soon. Adam said he could hear the fighting, and warned Marcus that Myrrah was tracking them. Marcus told him that she had been hounding them the whole way to Azura. As Delta entered the building, Baird began wondering if the countermeasure would kill them too, since Adam believed that everyone was infected. Adam reassured him that he had tested it, and that it would work.[41] Marcus then asked Adam where his lab was, and Adam informed him it was on the top floor, and to watch out for Myrrah, saying she was desperate. Marcus asked him what Myrrah was up to, and that he had mentioned in his message that she didn't know Adam could not save the Locust. Adam told him that it was a last stand for the Locust on Azura, as the countermeasure would kill Lambent and Locust alike. Baird said he didn't see a downside to that, but Adam remarked that he had needed more time, just like E-Day. Marcus cut him off, and said they would talk about that later. A short while later, Adam contacted Marcus and told him he was responsible for so many deaths, and he could put things right now. Marcus told him he didn't start the war, but was ending it, but Adam replied back that there was a time he had thought they could talk their way out of it. Baird then asked him what would happen to them when the countermeasure was set off, and if they would feel anything. Adam said it would depend on how far the Imulsion parasite had colonized his cells, and said that if he didn't have a fever or muscle pain, he would be fine. As they worked their way up the building, Marcus asked Adam what the Locust were doing on the top floor. Adam told him the Locust were setting up position outside his door, and were waiting on Delta to show up. When he heard a loud crash from below, Adam asked them what had happened. Marcus told them they had encountered Myrrah, but had solved that problem and were on their way back up now. Adam asked if solved meant dead, and Marcus said that was the idea, and not to waste his sympathy. Adam told him the Locust were still outside his lab, and to try and find a service hatch along the elevator lift so they could flank them. Delta launched an assault on the Locust outside of Adam's lab, and shut down the generators that were powering the laser grid keeping him inside.[42]

Tumblr m5qukieqHc1r94oflo2 1280

Adam telling Marcus and Anya he was glad to see them again.

Reuniting with Marcus

"I've had years to think things over, Marcus. You and Anya, all of you, live your lives to the fullest when this is over. Promise me you'll all do that. No regrets. No looking back."
—Adam to Delta, before they left to activate the countermeasure

Adam his behind the desk in his office when he heard someone enter, but when he saw it was Delta, he emerged. He told Marcus and Anya it was good to see them again, and that he never thought he would, and that he was sorry about Dom. Marcus said it was hard to know where to begin, and Adam agreed, saying that he had wondered what he would say to Marcus if he had ever gotten to see him again, but that they had run out of time for talking. He went to his desk and grabbed the command key for the countermeasure, saying it was the same failsafe he had used for the Hammer of Dawn, and that he appeared to be an old hand at mass destruction. Adam then asked all of them to live their lives to the fullest after the war, and never look back and have regrets. Marcus said that they would, and Adam then said that if the Imulsion hadn't gotten so advanced, he might have found a way to save the Locust so they could go back underground. Marcus asked if he felt sorry for them, but Adam told him that he felt responsible, and explained that it was his fault they had invaded when he failed to stop the spread of the Lambent. Baird cut him off, and demanded to know if the government had known E-Day was coming but hadn't warned them. Adam told him it had just been him, and that even Prescott didn't find out what he knew until much later, and that Adam had just run out of ideas. Marcus told him to stop it, and come with them to activate the weapon, but Baird stopped him, and said he wanted to know what else they didn't know. Adam handed him a data disc, and told him to look at it later and try to understand what he had tried and what he had to do. Pvt.Augustus Cole then said that it was time to get going, and the five of them entered the hallway and engaged the Lambent that had entered the building. Adam remarked that they Lambent had evolved so much since he had last seen them, but Marcus ordered him to keep his head down. After killing the Lambent, they entered the elevator and headed up to the roof of the tower, where the countermeasure was located.[42]

Activating the Imulsion Countermeasure

They arrived to find the Locust and Lambent engaged outside the control room, and Adam told Marcus it would take a while for the weapon to charge up and activate. Marcus assured him they could hold them off, and they cleared out the enemy forces outside the control room, with air support from Clayton Carmine in a King Raven. Adam entered the control room and sealed it, and began activating the weapon. Myrrah arrived aboard her Tempest, which shot down the King Raven. Delta engaged the Queen, and Marcus asked Adam how long it would take. Adam told him he had to increase the output by stages, and that it would take a while. Once the device began powering up, Adam activated a nearby armory, giving Marcus access to a Hammer of Dawn targeting laser, and told him that would be the only thing that could kill the Tempest. Myrrah began yelling at Adam, telling him to stop the device or she would kill Marcus, but Marcus told him to ignore her and keep the device going. When the device was reaching full speed, Adam told Marcus to hold Myrrah off just a little bit longer. She then attacked the device with the Tempest, and Adam told Marcus to stop her before she destroyed it. Myrrah yelled at him to accept that his species would die, but Delta managed to drive the Tempest off the tower and drop the Hammer on it again, killing it. It fell to the ground outside the device, and many stalks popped up around the device. However, it had reached full power and began to activate, and Adam joined the others outside.


"I'm glad I was able to see you again Marcus. Now go, and live, for me."
—Adam's last words to Marcus, before the countermeasure disintegrated his body.

Marcus kneeling over Adam's ashes.

Baird asked Adam how he had tested the countermeasure, and Adam revealed he had tested it on himself, having injected himself with the parasite to see how it developed over its life-cycle. The others were horrified, and Marcus told him they had seen what the Imulsion had done to humans in Mercy. Lambent then dropped down all around them, but the device activated and killed them instantly, along with the stalks. Marcus told him they needed to get off the tower, as it had become too unstable, but Adam apologized and that it was too late for him, as Adam had forced the parasite to develop faster in him. When the next pulse activated, Adam's veins began to glow with the Lambent infection. He told them that all the cells in his body were breaking down. Marcus told him he couldn't lose him again, but Adam told him he was glad he had been able to see him again, and asked him to go and live for him. The next pulse activated, and Adam's body crumbled to ashes.[43]


"Hubris! Ah so pious and moral! Even now! Your father always thought he had all the answers, but he had none! Nothing but clever ways to kill! The Hammer of Dawn, Jacinto, and now this! And his arrogance finally killed him!"
—Queen Myyrah last words to Marcus Fenix before he stabbed her in the heart

Myrrah survived the Tempest's crash, but Marcus stabbed her to death when she began ranting against Adam and his building of weapons of mass destruction and that all his ideas ever did was kill. The countermeasure device sent its pulse waves all over Sera, wiping out all traces of the Imulsion parasite, killing all Lambent lifeforms, as well as all non-mutated creatures that were infected beyond a certain degree including the Locust, driving them to extinction. Adam's weapon and sacrifice saved Sera and the human race from extinction.[43] Unknown to Adam, the Locust were never killed by the weapon, instead, it formed a crystallized cocoon on the bodies, and after 25 years, the first Locusts that broke free from their shells became Scions of the Swarm, making his sacrifice in vain as he accidentally created a new enemy for the humanity to fear once again though he did succeed in stopping the Lambent for good. Despite this, his initial intention to save the Locust race ironically succeeded after all. At some point after the war, Adam's name was the last to be inscribed on a postwar memorial wall outside the ruins of the Tomb of the Unknowns along with the names of other fallen Gears in honor of their memory and sacrifice.

Over the next 25 years, Damon Baird honored Adam's request and spent countless hours going through the information on Adam's data disk, eighty-seven percent of which had been authored by Adam himself. The data Adam gave Baird proved to be so immense that even after twenty-five years of research, Baird had barely scratched the surface of all it had to offer him. After the outbreak of the Swarm War, Baird returned to Adam's disk to look for clues on how to reactivate the Hammer of Dawn, hoping that Adam might be able to help once again through his data. With the help of his AI assistant IRIS, Baird found a reference pointing to Azura[44] and the Abandoned Research Facility there where the Hammer of Dawn had been constructed and launched, leading to a mission there to launch a prototype satellite as a first step in restoring the network.[45] Upon arrival, Adam's grandson James Dominic Fenix found and collected Adam's eyeglasses which were later placed in the memorial by Kait Diaz along with the items of other fallen Gears.

Personality and Traits


Adam reflecting if he should leave the army.

"Man you sounded just like your old man back there."
"Yeah well screw my old man. He thought he could prevent this war and look what happened!"
"Yeah, well his mapping data will help end it.
—Dom Santiago and Marcus Fenix

[46] Adam was a caring yet distant father. This pushed his son Marcus further away from him and towards the Santiago family. Adam tried to save his son's feelings by not telling him that his mother disappeared, but in fact died in the Hollows. This pushed Marcus even farther away from him when he sensed that Adam was not telling him everything. When Marcus told Adam that he was joining the army, Adam tried in vain stop him from becoming a Gear, out of fear he might get hurt. Adam used his influence to try and keep Marcus safe, including attempting to try and have him evacuated by King Raven before the Hammer of Dawn counterattack. After Prescott forced Adam to go to Azura, Adam refused to do anything unless Marcus' safety was guaranteed, doing the same with the Locust when Myrrah had planned to capture him. Adam's influence resulted in Prescott getting his sentence commuted to forty years instead of death and every possible protection put in place for Marcus in prison. Adam demanded weekly updates and tried to get Prescott to bring Marcus to Azura. Adam also displayed knowledge of Marcus' relationship with Anya Stroud and only lamented the fact that Marcus could never have children with her as she was infertile and believed that his influence may have been partially responsible for that and regretted that Marcus never approached him about it as he could've easily used his influence to get the regulations keeping them from having an open relationship dropped. After reuniting with Marcus on Azura, he expressed his regret over Dom's death and before he died himself, told Marcus it was good to see him again and asked him to live for him. Marcus, who is generally emotionless, was shown to be deeply affected by Adam's death despite their distant relationship and wondered what to do next until Anya reminded him that they finally had a future and that Adam had wanted him to enjoy it.

During his military service as a Gear Captain, Adam had a great sense of responsibility for the men and women under his command. Although the men in his company knew he was a professor, they still respected him as a leader. He took every death personally and doubted how the Pendulum Wars were being fought. He'd argued for expanding the navy and having fixed wing aircrafts along with satellite based weapons in order to stop war. When the Locust War erupted, Adam theorized destroying coastal cities that would flood the Hollow, but Chairman Prescott went with destroying 90% of Sera instead in hopes of saving Ephyra. Adam was devastated he could not find a way to peacefully resolve the war or find an alternate solution. Despite having a chance to bring his ideas to reality with a job offer in developing military weapons, Adam was deeply conflicted with making a decision as he felt he was being given a pass to go home while his men didn't. He would often confide in his friend and fellow Gear Helena Stroud about his doubts on the war and at times about Marcus.

Adam's eyes often betrayed how he felt about something. He normally had an unnerving stare, but when he was angry or upset, his eyes would begin to blink, with the severity of the situation determining how fast he blinked. Hoffman and Prescott often watched his eyes to determine how he really felt about something.[47]

After the sinking of Jacinto, Adam Fenix was viewed as a traitor from some of the Gears and citizens inside Port Farrall, due to his recording being found in a Locust computer.[48]

Sometime before his son Marcus was 18 and after Elaine had pass away, Adam wrote a new will outlying that Marcus would inherited the Fenix Estate.[49]

Notable Technological Inventions


"There appears to be only one way to end this war, but I fear the cost may be too great. If we were to sink Jacinto, it would flood the Hollow with sea water, nothing below would survive. We could end the war today. But only, if we sacrifice our last possible refuge."
—Adam Fenix stating his plan to end the Locust War
"And now we go and do it all over again. Another pointless battle. Another bereaved family. Another year of war. And the UIR does exactly the same. Someone has to break the cycle. Someone has to create weapons so powerful that if politicians want to wage war, they'll face the same death as the men and women send to fight it. A deterrent. A damn big deterrent. I can build a deterrent that'll bring governments to their sense. An orbital weapons system. That's my duty now."
—Captain Fenix envisioning the Hammer of Dawn
"My goodness, the Lambent, they've evolved since I last saw them!"
—Adam Fenix, upon seeing the new Lambent Drones and Drudges

Behind the Scenes

Crimson Omen
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Adam Fenix

Concept art of Adam Fenix's original appearance.

Soldier Adam-752x1024

Adam Fenix mulitplayer model.


  • Adam is available for multiplayer by use of a code given in the Limited Edition, Epic Editions, and limited edition console of Gears of War 3.[52]



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